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Since 1995, the mission of Emerald Seed Company has been to supply our customers with a consistent source of high quality vegetable seeds. We offer seeds of proven open pollinated and hybrid varieties, both proprie-tary and public selections.


We have extensive expertise in seed production and varietal development, making us especially qualified to meet your company’s particular needs as you provide your customers with the best seed selection.

Emerald Seed Company is strictly a wholesale vegetable seed breeder and producer. We partner with a network of seed distributors throughout the world to serve professional vegetable growers.

We may have distributorships available in your marketing area and we welcome your inquiries regarding our vegetable seeds. For information on how to contact an Emerald Seed distributor nearest to you, please email us.

Current wholesale price lists are available to Emerald Seed distributors and seed dealers by either e-mail or fax. Please email your request for our most recent price list.

Hybrid vegetable seeds.

Emerald Triangle Seeds

Emerald Triangle Seedbank team has over 20 years of experience of cannabis breeding.

During these years, they have invested a lot of time and energy collecting quality genetics from all over the globe. They have used all of their collective knowledge and experience to create the perfect seeds for you.

They are focused on providing meticulous care to their strains and always ensure genetic stability; they do this through regular breeding.

They guarantee that this maintains long-term stability so that you end up with the perfect seed. All of their seeds are tried and tested by themselves and peers to ensure perfection.

At Emerald Triangle they specialize in many varieties of seeds consisting of both Regular which are bred in California and Feminized which are bred in Europe.

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