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Elite Seeds was one of the first seed banks who early on understood the importance of cannabinoids, the active ingredient in cannabis strains. They are always undergoing great effort in bringing us the best strains with an optimal cannabinoid content and are constantly striving to accustom every user and their individual needs and preferences for cannabis.

Elite Seeds Classic CBD cannabis strains are highly stable feminized premium strains that are excellent for medicinal users who prefer a smoke with a balanced THC and CBD content, with their Ultra-Fast CBD range of cannabis seeds, Elite Seeds managed to significantly shorter flowering times of some of the most-legendary strains of today and combined them with the medicinal advantages of a bold richness in CBD.

La Rica Classic THC (Elite Seeds) feminized

La Rica Classic THC by Elite Seeds is a typical Indica that won’t disappoint. A sweet melon aroma and her superb Indica high that is deeply relaxing make for a very satisfying smoke experience. She’s easy to grow too which adds to the good impression of this fabulous strain.

Llimonet Haze Classic THC (Elite Seeds) feminized

Llimonet Haze Classic THC by Elite Seeds is a wonderfully tasting Sativa dominant strain that beautifully blends fruity notes with oriental spice notes into a superply eclectic flavour profile. With 19% of THC, this Sativa makes for a potent, cerebral and uplifting effect. Growers will love her natural resistance to pests and cannabis diseases.

Caprichosa Thai (Elite Seeds) feminized

Caprichosa Thai by Elite Seeds is a splendid Thai that is all about a very cheerful and pleasant smoking experience. With an aroma that is spicy and fresh and a more moderate effect compared to strains with more THC, this is a strain that you can enjoy over and over!

Mota Khan Afghana (Elite Seeds) feminized

With Mota Khan Afghana by Elite Seeds, the Spanish expert breeders bring us all the goodies of a genuine first-grade Afghani for an extremely satisfying smoke that only a true Afghani can deliver. With a sweet and spicy flavour profile like that of the world’s best hash and an awesome effect, Mota Khan Afghana sure won’t disappoint!

Bestial Skunk (Elite Seeds) feminized

Bestial Skunk by Elite Seeds is a fabulous Skunk that impresses with an awesomely refreshing citrus taste and high potency. Despite her being a true first-class Skunk that can fully deliver, she is very easy to grow even for less experienced cannabis cultivars!

Meganuska (Elite Seeds) feminized

Meganuska by Elite Seeds combines a Skunk from sun-drenched California with a Tundra 2002 from Alaska making for a wonderful Indica with excellent taste and potency. Her fast flowering time, good production and easiness to grow her make Meganuska a superb choice for cash croppers and cannabis connoisseurs alike!

Banana Joint (Elite Seeds) feminized

When the experts at Elite Seeds in Spain set out to create their Banana Joint, they had several big goals in mind: To make a fantastically tasting hybrid with excellent production and a short flowering time. Given their experience in creating first-quality cannabis, it’s not surprising that their Banana Joint came out yet another spectacular new creation that’s absolutely worth growing.

Blue Elite Indica (Elite Seeds) feminized

The expert breeders at Elite Seeds in Spain created something truly special with their Blue Elite Indica. This strain with an ancestry of some of the best Kushes shines with several qualities including an excellent taste, impressive production and a powerful and long-lasting Indica high.

Elite 47 (Elite Seeds) feminized

How can you make a classic all-time favourite like good ol’ AK-47 even better? Easy: You take two of them! The breeders at Elite Seeds selected two outstanding and especially powerful AK-47 varieties to bring us this spectacular new AK-47 that shows us once again why this cannabis legend is still considered the best among many cannabis lovers!

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Information about Élite Seeds

Elite Seeds was founded in 2007 with the aim of creating new cannabis varieties carrying the most sought after characteristics, effects, and aromas. Today, this seed bank is known for the scientific analytical methods used in breeding its strains, leading to consistent amounts of cannabinoids and other natural active components in all its genetics.


The Elite Seeds breeders soon understood the importance of certifying the exact potential quantity of cannabinoids for each different genetic. Their own process of breeding and cross-breeding strains has always been focused on obtaining precise and consistent levels of active compounds.

As a consequence of Elite Seeds’ working method, its selection of cannabis seeds is split into two families: the THC varieties with their very strong psychoactive effects and the CDB strains with a lucid, tolerable, and medicinal effect. Therefore, the customer is able not just to choose between a citrus sativa, or a sweet indica, but also to decide how the effects should manifest.

Elite Seeds specialists conduct research and analysis on the cannabinoid content in their strains using HPLC technologies in their laboratory at the University of Valencia. This method guarantees on a scientific basis the content quantity and stability of all distributed varieties.


Elite Seeds’ products are packed in original metal boxes with keychain. This packaging is really cool, and their opacity provides the ideal protection for an optimal conservation of seeds over time.


La Rica THC

This strain has received numerous awards. It is exceptionally flavourful and has a unique fruity aroma. A combination of melon and strawberry flavour anticipates its strong indica effect. This is a strain that relaxes the body and pleases the mind. Its large trichomes have huge heads and are very resinous. It is a medium size plant, wide and branched with hard and compact buds. Its THC content reaches 20%.

Llimonet Haze THC

This strain is a treat for the senses with its incense and citrus flavours, and its buds full of sticky resin. Llimonet Haze grows strong and vigorous outdoor, encouraging the use of netting techniques, pruning or weights on the branches to reduce its size. It is highly resistant to all kinds of pests, especially to powdery mildew, botrytis and other fungi. This strain has a THC content of 19%.

Mota Khan Afghana

This is an exceptional Afghan indica, full of flavour from the region of Mazar-e Sharif. It has a sweet, spicy flavour with a touch of liquor. When smoked, it leaves a white, thick and heavy trace just as the best hash does. Mota Khan Afghana has a relaxing effect which helps recover from physical stress and fatigue, and it also increases sensitivity to music and digression. This plant has a very wide structure, woody branches and a short intermodal distance. Its THC content reaches 18,5%

La Katana

This strain is a new cross between Critical and Llimonet. Its buds are hard and incredibly thick, reaching the size of a 2-litre bottle. Growers often show pictures of enormous buds wondering whether this size was normal for this genetic. The answer is yes, it is normal. La Katana is not just about her size, anyway. Her delicious Haze and lemon flavour, and her nice 18,5% THC will satisfy the most demanding stoner.

Banana Joint

Its name comes from a banana flavour that floods the palate and remains in the mouth for a long time. This strain has been created for connoisseurs and will delight smokers with a “sweet tooth”. Its calming indica effect is similar to hash, placing a smile on the user’s face. Banana Joint has an average yield, but its excellent taste and its respectable 17% THC make up for it.


Llimonet Haze – Classic CBD

This CBD strain has thick flowers developing a special aroma of citrus and incense. It is highly resistant to pests, diseases and fungi such as powdery mildew. People who wish to enjoy a stimulating effect without altering their perception will find this strain perfect to perform all kinds of activities. The main difference between this variety and its THC version stays in the extreme lucidity of its effect, while preserving the feeling of euphoria inherited for the sativa genetics. CBD 9% – THC 9%.

La Rica – Autoflowering CBD

This is the autoflowering, high-CBD version of the famous La Rica genetics, with all her fruity aromas and taste. It’s a medium-sized plant with a wide structure and thick, woody branches. Its buds are very voluminous, hard and compact. La Rica – Autoflowering CBD has a fast life cycle and it can be ready for harvest in about eight weeks from germination. A tasty and quick CBD strain with CBD up to 11% and THC at 9%.

Llimonet Haze – Autoflowering CBD

This autoflowering, high CBD version can quickly grow to a medium or tall size, and it takes just nine weeks to complete its life cycle. It is resistant to pests and diseases, and it has shown to be very strong at low temperatures. This autoflowering strain preserves all the aromas and taste of the classic Llimonet, producing up to 8% CBD and 7% THC.

Amnesia Ultra CBD

An awarded high-THC Amnesia strain had its bloom time shortenedand was then crossed with a CBD strain. The result is a high CBD photoperiodic variety with no hallucinogen or tachycardic effect. A high yielding sativa with a scent of classic Haze that is ready for harvest in September. Its CBD content reaches 11%, while THC is up to 9,5%.

Elite Seeds Offers Premium Cannabis Seeds Of The Highest Quality For Medicinal and Recreational Users.

Elite Seeds

Elite Seeds was founded in 2007 by a team of Spanish university graduates qualified in such subjects as plant genetics and breeding, agricultural science and biotechnology. With its own laboratory in the University of Valencia Science Park Elite Seeds is ideally positioned to pursue its particular interest to breed strains of cannabis that emphasise certain cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, THCV and CBDV which all have specific medicinal properties.

The scientific methods employed are underpinned by the founders’ long-held dedication to cannabis especially with respect to cultivation, having opened Valencia’s very first grow-shop, Kanopia, in 1999. The knowledge and understanding of its founders has resulted in the ability to create strains with specific cannabinoid profiles, some with high-THC for a potent psycho-active effect, high-CBD low-THC strains with no such effect or those with a balance of each to deliver a more calm and lucid effect.

High-THC strains include La Rica THC, Llimonet Haze THC, Mota Khan Afghani and Banana Joint. CBD-rich strains include Llimonet Classical CBD, La Rica CBD Auto, Llimonet Haze CBD Auto and Amnesia Ultra CBD.

Furthermore Elite Seeds is the first seed bank to develop strains with pretty much only CBD (Solodiol photoperiod and autos), a strain with high THCV and THC only (Novarine), one with only CBDV and CBD (Sedativa) and finally a strain with near equal ratios of THCV, THC, CBDV and CBD (Quatrovarin). With these exciting developments its medical marijuana programme is second to none.

All Elite Seeds come packed in attractive, collectable key-chain tins with various designs which are perfect for transporting and for storage as well as making excellent stash tins.

Elite Seeds is a cannabis breeder chosen specifically by Seedsman for the quality of their marijuana seeds. Buy your seeds online here.