eleven roses strain

Eleven Roses (Delicious Seeds) Feminized

Delicious Seeds claims that their latest creation Eleven Roses is possibly one of their best, and who would disagree? This undemanding indica shines with fast growth, a phenomenal taste and aroma, and some monster yields. Her delicious smoke contains up to a whopping 25% THC, making for an awesome indica stone that will last for a long time. Simply a dream for indica lovers!

Eleven Roses (Delicious Seeds) Feminized
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Eleven Roses – Delicious Seeds: Easy-Growing, High-THC Indica

Delicious Seeds started developing Eleven Roses three years ago. They had a whole team of breeders working on their “Project-11” with the goal of doing something that appeared impossible: to improve their multi-award-winning Sugar Black Rose even more.

After lots of research and scouring for the best genetics, Delicious Seeds found one outstanding male in an Appalachian Kush. Suddenly, the already awesome Sugar Black Rose got an all-new set of colours, as well as extraordinary tastes and aromas. In short, they managed the impossible; Eleven Roses was born!


On the growing side of things, Eleven Roses won’t disappoint. Quite in contrast to the outstanding quality of her bud, this strain is amazingly low-maintenance. As if that was not enough, she also has a very short flowering time of only 55-60 days.

Eleven Roses is an ideal indoor plant since she grows rather short and doesn’t develop many branches. This results in dense and uniform buds. You can expect decent yields of 600g/m² in a typical indoor grow. Outdoors, Eleven Roses will really show you what she has to offer. When she can enjoy plenty of sun, she develops more branches and reaches heights up to 1.5m. She then has the capacity to yield up to a whopping 1kg/plant, with some crazy plants even reaching 2kg/plant under near-perfect conditions.

Furthermore, she also scores high with a natural resistance to mould and common cannabis pests.


During flowering, Eleven Roses will reward you with the exceptional beauty of her dazzling leaves. Shades or orange, red, and purple will remind you of an autumn day. When you have the pleasure to enjoy Eleven Roses, you will likely notice the Kush-like taste that she unquestionably received from her male parent. This flavour then makes way for some sweeter and fruitier notes blended with earthy tones.

But Eleven Roses doesn’t just taste awesome; measuring a sky-high 24-25% THC in her smoke, she will deliver a uniquely powerful indica effect. Make no mistake, this lady induces one fast-hitting, heavy, and long-lasting indica stone that won’t disappoint. Say hello to incredibly deep relaxation and maximum stress relief!

Eleven Roses has already won several awards, including 1st prize in the BHO category at the Cannabis Cup in Lanzarote 2017, 1st prize BHO at Copa del Castillo Tenerife, 1st prize BHO at Biomenor Cannabis in Menorca, and 3rd prize BHO at Copa Volcanna II in Lanzarote.

Eleven Roses is a truly spectacular strain and a must-grow for any indica lover. Just try her, and you will understand why Delicious Seeds calls this specimen one of their very best!

Eleven Roses by Delicious Seeds is an award-winning indica with a spectacular flavour and a powerful, super-relaxing high.