dutch passion blueberry review

Dutch passion blueberry review

Welcome one more week to grow report to this variety of cannabis Blueberry Dutch Passion , powerful indica, with great vigor and wonderful flowering. Compact resin full of flowers, gives off a scent very special sweet to blueberries. This week we got to the week 5 of flowering about 70 days to germinated seeds, The flowers continue to evolve, growing in size and seem to be dipped in sugar, abundant resin, this plant is a good choice if you love extractions.

DAY 64 – WATER (2000ml / plant) (Ec – 0.4 pH – 6.2)
(2000mL / Plant) (Ec – 1580us, Ph – 6.3)

Some pictures to view the development this week.

Welcome to this new delivery of the follow we are doing in Trichome World the famous cannabis strain Blueberry Dutch Passion grow report. This week we got

Dutch Passion Blueberry Grow and smoke report w/pics!

Auto Warrior

SeedBank :
Dutch Passion


Outdoor soil in ground

3 wheelbarrow’s well rotted horse manure for veg. Foxfarm tiger and supplement trio for bloom.

Full Sun

How Long in Veg?
4 months

From 12/12 to harvest date:
April 1st start to Oct 1st harvest.(very stable finish times on 2 separate plants 2 different years)

Dry Yield:
Incredibly both plants yielded the exact amounts 2p 9z + 1p of under formed bud.

High/Effect Duration: Smoking through a vape its very nice potent smoke. Though both plants were different(one had giant thick colas, and the other had a million smaller buds with just a hint of purple colour) both plants were very potent and tasty. Both had a typical indica buzz that will knock you on your arse!

Medical effect if applicable: Smoked through the vape this is the best strain I have found for chronic pain so far. Smoke enough and it works okay as a sleep inducer.

RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good
**** – looks pretty fine. Buds could be a little denser on one of the two plants I grew.

***** -though I slightly overwatered one plant once in her youth they both grew into monster plants. The biggest bud pheno forked every way just before flower and whipped out some fantastic colas. The thinner branched pheno had around 100,000 smaller branches..haha. it was ridiculous. It was almost as if it was more sativa than indica in that pheno(as its listed as 80indica/20sativa why not right?)

**** – Nice berry smell. I never put it together myself, but I read in anothers review smell is blueberry muffins. that’s it!

THE SMOKE: ***** – great smoke whether in joints of in the vape. Both phenos were very similar in smoke.

THE HIGH: ***** – very potent smoke! Definitely not for lightweights unless they only want a couple of tokes. Both phenos excellent.

Last note – This is listed as an indoor strain why? Truly a pleasure to grow this indoor listed plant outside. Very minimal mold problems compared to some other strains outdoors in the same location. Highly, highly recommended!!

SeedBank : Dutch Passion Strain: Blueberry Soil/hydro: Outdoor soil in ground Nutes: 3 wheelbarrow's well rotted horse manure for veg. Foxfarm tiger…