drying weed outside

Drying weed outside

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    Blog Grow Question: Can You Dry Cannabis Outdoors?

Grow Question: Can You Dry Cannabis Outdoors?

Published: November 10th, 2015
Categories: Cannabis Cultivation

Guerrilla and garden cannabis growers often ask us if it is OK to dry their crop outdoors, so we thought we would put together a quick answer for everyone. It is not an unusual question really, to ask whether the crop you have lovingly taken from seed to harvest in the great outdoors can remain there while it dries. You could not be faulted for thinking it is probably OK. It is a question we get asked a lot, especially by guerrilla growers who do not want to take their cannabis plant back to their house before the bud is ready to be stored in airtight containers – for many, it is a matter of discretion. Well, while cannabis can be dried outdoors, it is not recommended. This is for a couple of reasons. First, once your cannabis has been harvested, the THC content held within will rapidly degrade when exposed to light. This means if you dry your cannabis where the sun can get to it, the potency of your bud is going to take a huge hit. Secondly, it is near impossible to control drying conditions outdoors. If the weather is too hot and dry, it can cause your cannabis to dry out too quickly, leaving behind excess chlorophyll and sugar, which in turn will make it taste bitter. If it is wet and humid, it could cause mould. The best way to dry cannabis is in a cool, dark place that you can control. This allows the cannabis to dry out slowly, without any direct light or heat interfering. You can also add in an oscillating fan to the drying area. This will help keep air moving, reducing the likelihood of mould – just make sure it doesn’t directly blow onto the cannabis. In roughly 10-14 days, the cannabis should be dry enough to begin the curing process.

Many a guerrilla has wondered about drying outdoors, so here are some of the facts. Read more at Zativo.

Top Tips To Dry Your Marijuana Plants Outdoors

Once your Marijuana plants have already been harvested, the next step would be to dry them. This is because once being harvested, they are already drained of their internal resources to go on and produce more cannabinoids and resins. After they have been harvested, their potency and quality is bound to wear out over time, but carrying out good drying of the harvest can help slow down this process. Most of the weight of the plant after harvesting is water weight and the drying process we involve the plants into would go on to allow this stored water to evaporate. This would then let the Marijuana to burn equally and smoke off well.

Common problems encountered with drying Marijuana

One common problem everyone goes through is impatience. If you are not patient enough to wait and let it dry off well, you would realise that it would be burning pretty poorly. This would happen if you rush to cut your Marijuana plants, quickly dry them and smoke them soon after your harvest is done. It burns really poorly because as mentioned before, most of the weight of the plant is made up of water (around 60% of its weight) and most of it probably is still retained in your Marijuana produce, preventing the flames from burning through the leaves well.

The bigger problem with this is that it would not give you the required therapeutic effect as well. The drying process not just evaporates the water off your leaves to make them burn well but it also activates the cannabinoids in your Marijuana produce. This is the main reason why drying the Marijuana plants fully allows you to achieve the full therapeutic benefit of your produce. So next time, do not mistakenly assume that leaving some retained weight in your Marijuana adds to its bulk to improve the therapeutic benefit you reclaim!

Down to the facts: How to dry your Marijuana plants?

There are a couple of methods for you to dry your Marijuana plants. These methods vary from being very quick and easy, but not too effective, to quite arduous but very effective methods. The first method would involve the following:

• Hang the Marijuana buds upside down in a dark but secure place

• Good places to hang would be in a closet or a room with closed windows and a good draft

• Remember to allow the air to be able to circulate around the room while the Marijuana is being dried

• This method involves some problem of stinking up your room or drying space, and it also requires careful handling of the Marijuana buds

• However this method is the slowest and the most effective method out of all tried and tested

• This method also successfully seals the aroma of the Marijuana plants and the taste of the plants on your buds

Some extra precautions to consider

Remember the part about letting the air circulate around the room when you are drying your Marijuana plants. Keep a fan in the room to allow the air to move around. Also remember to keep the plants in a distance away from each other or else your plants might stick together and form a mold.

Keep these other points in mind while drying your Marijuana plant:

• Remove the large green leaves and the Marijuana stems away from each other. This would speed up the drying procedure. This is because these parts contain the most water out of all the plant parts, so they need a large surface area to be exposed so as to dry quicker.

• Make sure you do not dry the Marijuana plants under direct sunlight because this would dry up the plant too much, and it will damage them and make them lose their potency. They will also lose their colour and taste.

• Direct sunlight involvement also makes the Marijuana plant to become brittle and they would smoke off very harshly.

• Ventilation is particularly important when the general climate is more humid causing the room to contain more moisture than usual. This is when your buds risk of growing a mold. Ensure good ventilation and stay extra alert to enable this to happen.

• The total drying time should be about ten days to two weeks in total. So be patient!

Other things about growing and drying Marijuana could be easily obtained from online sources or some books. Yet again patience is emphasised as the most important factor in order to achieve a good harvest and a well dried produce. Be sure to dry your Marijuana properly so that all your effort to grow and harvest the plant does not go to waste with a poorly burning and less therapeutic produce. For more information on how to grow medical Marijuana, contact us at Grow Legally today!

Top Tips To Dry Your Marijuana Plants Outdoors Once your Marijuana plants have already been harvested, the next step would be to dry them. This is because once being harvested, they are already