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Everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Z weed concentrates

Hearing Dragon Ball Z likely brings to mind the era of Pokémon and several other anime characters we watched and loved as children. What’s neat is that Dragon Ball Seed Weed Balls resemble the small, ever elusive orbs from the show but are completely transparent. Kind of like a crystal fortune teller’s ball with a yellow tinge. Dragon Ball weed isn’t a strain of its own and precisely what type of marijuana strain is being used to make dragon ball hash oil and Dragon Ball Z balls is a very well-kept secret.

How is Dragon Ball hash oil made?

Much like the lack of information available on the specific strain used, there is very little for specifics provided for how Dragon Ball hash oil is made. What we can say is that the extraction process used removes 99% of the THC content and leave behind absolutely no impurities while still preserving all the beneficial terpenes that provide the taste and smell when it is smoked or vaporized. It also includes using CO2 and winterizing to reach the purity they are.

How are Dragon Balls made?

The oil is amazing, but nothing beats the incredibly breathtaking appearance of a giant THC ball that nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand. Dragon Ball Z weed balls are made by taking the hash oil that’s been extracted from selectively bred cannabis plants and pouring it while it is still hot into a hot glass orb. Dragon Ball contents are 99% pure THC and weight a total of 3000 grams.

How to use Dragon Ball hash oil

There are four different methods of consumption that can be used when using Dragon Ball hash oil. You can vape it, eat it, smoke it, or dab it. Dragon Balls are essentially just an orb filled with some incredibly potent Dragon Ball hash oil and can be ingested in the very same way you would almost any other oil.

Joints– Dragon Ball hash oil can be spread across almost any kind of rolling paper to provide a concentrated addition to your dried herb.

Dab Rigs– Dragon ball dabs are touted as some of the best in the world due to the sheer amount of terpenes that are extracted alongside the THC producing a clean, potent taste and smell. Dabbing is the most efficient way to smoke Dragon Ball hash oil due to the high temperatures needed to burn it properly.

Vaporizer– Dragon Ball hash oil can be vaporized. However, it is the least effective way of ingesting this concentrate. That is because most vaporizers do not reach temperatures high enough to allow to user to fully benefit from the terpenes as they do not completely burn the concentrate.

Edibles– While this concentrate may be incredibly expensive, some may prefer to ingest it without the aid of any paraphernalia, smoke, or heating elements. For them, the oil contained inside of the orb can be mixed into almost any recipe. Just make sure that for every teaspoon you add you remove a teaspoon of liquid to even the mixture. Also remember, this stuff is potent so start with a small dose and work your way up.

How much is a Dragon Ball dab?

You will likely never have the ability to purchase only one dab of Dragon Ball hash oil, but you can find it in smaller quantities then what comes in a ball. The average cost for one gram of Dragon Ball hash oil concentrate is anywhere from $50-$100. The number of dabs you can manage from one gram is up to the user.

How much is a THC Dragon Ball?

THC Dragon Balls haven’t quite hit the regular market yet mostly due to their incredibly high cost. An entire dragon ball consists of 3000 grams of 90% THC content and is valued at somewhere around $150 000 USD each.

Hearing Dragon Ball Z likely brings to mind the era of Pokémon and several other anime characters we watched and loved as children.

Searching for Dragon Ballz: How High-End Cannabis Concentrates Are Made

The High Times team recently met up with our resident-in-dope Malcolm Mirage (@malcolmmirage) in San Francisco to learn more about the process of cannabis concentrate extraction. Malcolm brought us to the lab of one of the city’s premier extraction companies, Level Blends (@trylevel), who were gracious enough to give us behind-the-scenes access of their facility. So it’s only right we laced them up with some of our finest official High Times gear.

Below, check out Malcom’s step-by-step account of Level Blend’s extraction process, and visit for the freshest official High Times merchandise.

Since the recent ‘Dawn of the Dab,’ Northern California and San Francisco specifically have been an industry leader in the cannabis concentrate community. In converted warehouses, garages and basements, there’s an underground race to create the most advanced cannabis extraction refinement techniques. The leaders are Ph.D chemists, bio-pharmaceutical techs, rocket scientists and D.I.Y average joes with a yen for potent-ass concentrate.

The holy grail is the creation of a solvent-free 99 percent plus THC distillate, AKA “White” AKA “Clear,” AKA “Dab N a Pen.” The search for understanding how to make the Lamborghini of concentrate tanks is comparable to the quest for a 5 Star ‘Dragon Ball,’ many will come, few will be chosen.

The beginning of the quest starts with one of San Francisco’s leaders, Level Blends (@trylevel) located in the heart of downtown.

Chief scientist Chris, sporting a High Times Navy Logo Coaches Jacket, is the brains behind Level Blends. Armed with a degree in molecular biology from Stanford, Chris is a believer in using cannabis extractions and polypharmacy to modulate the moods and behaviors of cannabis concentrate users.

Level Blends adheres to the philosophy “quality-in, quality-out” with respect to concentrate manufacturing. This means ONLY the highest grade mold- and pesticide-free trim and popcorn buds are used throughout the entire process. No leaves, no old brown product. In the image below, a winterized batch of concentrate awaits further refinement. Winterization is the process in which plant waxes and fats are isolated through an extraction machine.

For Extraction: Popcorn buds only…no bullshit!

After winterizing, some of the remaining lipids and fats still have to be removed from the cannabis concentrate for further refinement. That’s where the “Roto Vape” comes into play. A Roto Vape machine vacuums off all residual undesirable elements, pictured below.

The Roto-Vape Machine vacuums leftover residuals in the concentrate ball.

Handling product this precious demands the utmost focus, as Chris prepares winterized concentrate for the “Roto Vape.” High Times Navy Logo Coaches Jacket.

Malcolm watches Level Blends’ proprietary fractional distillation machine break the cannabis concentrate down into its primary cannabinoid elements. Weed Cream Grim Reefer Tee

Heaven comes in double passed 90%+ concentrated THC form. Taking a wiff, it’s impossible to know what kind of weed birthed this maple syrup of the gods. All cannabis terpenes, or “terps,” have been evaporated off and must be re-introduced.

After the extraction and distillation processes, higher-end cannabis concentrate companies separate themselves from the pack by re-introducing freshly-concentrated cannabinoid extractions like CBG and THCV, as well as additional terpenes, into their final products.

One pound of top quality trim will run $500 and delivers you 3 ml of terpenes. Which means you’re looking at $1500 dollars of explosively fragrant Jack Herer in this shot. That amount of liquid could fit in a soup spoon.

At Level Blends, every concentrate tank is surgically filled automatically to exactly 500 mg. One hundred tanks are topped off in a matter of minutes. This industrial process is way less sketch than filling tanks one-by-one in a kitchen with a hot mason jar on the stove top with a syringe in one hand and a lighter in the other.

The Final Product! Holding the Dragon Ball at the end of the rainbow. A $10,000 dollar sphere of supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil, which has gone through winterization, rotorization, fractional distillation and then double passed to create a 99% THC concentrate that will make you see into the future.

Hundreds of cartridges await packaging. Each cartridge is hand inspected before being individually wrapped and heat sealed for sale and transport. It’s a labor of love done in the name of connoisseurs and patients and distributed all over California.

Level Blend comes in zero additive Sativa, Hybrid, Indica and three tiers of high CBD blended tanks. Here’s a high ass idea, how about a vaporizer battery shaped High Times lighter that still functions as a lighter? It’ll be like the utili-kit of getting blazed

Mirage Medicinal (@mirage.medicinal) couldn’t function without the best cannabis products California has to offer. Level Blends creates a unique style of concentrate products that have become some of the highest in-demand tanks on the market. Their precision, state-of-the-art equipment and serious attention to detail puts them at the top of their game

We are very grateful to be given access into their laboratory/hide away. Big up to the dope folks of High Times for making this possible and lacing the squad up from head to toe.

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The High Times team recently met up with our resident-in-dope Malcolm Mirage (@malcolmmirage) in San Francisco to learn more about the process of cannabis