does weed kill brain cells yahoo

can smoking weed kill you?

Yeah, I used to smoke. I quit that habit, I hated how it made me act. My ex is arguing w/ me saying that weed can’t kill you. Can’t it? It kills brain cells, so yeah.It kills brain cells, can lead to other cancer-which leads to death. What are other things that lead to it?

i know what the effects of smoking weed are. i’ve been through my smoking stage. but what i’m saying is, ot can kill you if you mix it with other stuff, can’t it?

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Not many people have died from smoking weed. However, it can kill brain cells, it can kill your motivation in life, and possibly combined with other substances, it could kill you.

I have being doing the in school and weed can’t kill you even if you take an over does when it the paper it says people have died because of weed they mean because they have being heigh of it and jumpt of a bridge or somthing , but I suggest you don’t do it because it openeds the gate way to other drugs because you will want a hight buz so you will move on to stronger drugs

No it cannot kill you. you will fall asleep, if not pass out far before you reach the level of THC needed to do that. and yes it does kill brain cells, but so does smog and inhaling fumes that we are exposed to everyday of our lives, as well as drinking alcohol. smoking can kill you if you mix it with other substances and the chemical reaction turns out to be lethal, but it depends on the person, and truthfully someone who mixes drugs on a regular basis clearly does not take care of their body. also, I don’t know what cancer you are referring to but there is no legitimate documented proof that smoking weed causes lung cancer. we give herb to cancer patients remember. You mite do something stupid when you are high, and THAT may kill you. but otherwise the beautiful plant itself will not. also, once your brain cells are dead, they are dead, they do not regenerate.

t can make you notice small perceptual details that you didn’t before — colors get more vivid, that sort of thing. It can also create mild euphoria and a sense of silliness, as well as a mistaken impression of beauty or artistic or philosophical significance. And it can cause the “munchines” — a powerful desire to eat. Some 15% of marijuana users find it addictive. It can interfere with your memory and motivation. It can make your heart pound. Sometimes it can make you paranoid or make you hallucinate. It is also a powerful gateway drug and reduces reaction time, hence is hazardous to use while driving. Studies show that marijuana can have side effects such as gynecomastia, breast growth in males.

Yeah, I used to smoke. I quit that habit, I hated how it made me act. My ex is arguing w/ me saying that weed can't kill you. Can't it? It kills brain cells, so yeah.It kills brain cells, can lead to other cancer-which leads to death. What are other things that lead to it?

Does Weed Kill Brain Cells? And 5 Other Things to Know

We don’t know for sure if using marijuana can kill your brain cells.

More research is also needed to determine whether each form of use — including smoking, vaping, and ingesting edibles — has a different effect on your brain’s overall health.

Studies evaluating the cognitive effects of long-term marijuana use are ongoing.

Here’s what we currently know about how weed affects the brain.

A well-known 2012 study from New Zealand evaluated marijuana use and cognitive ability in more than 1,000 individuals over a 38-year period.

The researchers reported an association between ongoing marijuana use and cognitive decline.

In particular, they found that:

  • People who started using marijuana heavily as adolescents and continued as adults lost an average of six to eight IQ points by the time they reached midlife.
  • Among the group above, people who stopped using marijuana as adults didn’t regain lost IQ points.
  • People who started using marijuana heavily as adults didn’t experience any IQ loss.

This study had a significant impact for a few reasons.

First, it was among the first large, longitudinal (long-term) studies to assess marijuana use and cognitive functioning.

Next, the results suggest that marijuana use during adolescence may have an irreversible effect on adolescent brain development. Some additional research supports this conclusion.

However, the New Zealand study also has significant limitations.

For one, it isn’t possible to conclude that marijuana use causes lower intelligence based on this study alone.

While the researchers controlled for differences in participant education levels, they didn’t rule out additional factors that may have contributed to cognitive decline.

A 2013 reply to the New Zealand study suggests that personality factors may play a role in both marijuana use and cognitive decline.

The author cited conscientiousness as an example. Low conscientiousness might explain both drug use and poor performance on tests of cognition.

Genetic factors may also contribute to cognitive decline, as suggested by a longitudinal twin study from 2016.

In this case, the researchers compared changes in IQ between twins who used marijuana and their abstinent siblings. They didn’t find any significant differences in IQ decline between the two groups.

The key takeaway? More research needs to be done to understand how marijuana use affects intelligence over time.

Researchers haven't determined whether smoking weed kills brain cells, but that hasn't stopped some groups from comparing the substance to nicotine and alcohol, two established brain cell killers. Here's what the science actually says about marijuana's effects on the brain, which users are most at risk, and more.