dmt and weed

Experience:DMT (

50mg) + Cannabis – Geometric Angels

This was a test to see if I could have a shared experience with my brother by smoking off of the same bowl, this was also his first experience with any psychedelic. I had decided I was going to commit to keeping my eyes open the entire time, as best I could. I wanted to do this because, in general, I close my eyes during this experience (to see what my mind has to show me) but had never really bothered to try and examine the world around me in any real way, on DMT, at this point.

  • Date: 2012
  • Subject: Male
  • Weight: 52kg / 115lbs
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Set: Curious, happy, confident.
  • Setting: My room, on my bed, in the dark, at night, in silence. With my brother.
  • Timeline: Approx. 15-20 minutes from start to finish


I measured out 100mg of DMT and mixed it together in a bowl of weed. Me and my brother sat on a bed together and passed the bowl back and forth until it was gone. We took special care to hold in each hit as long as we could, but also to get the bowl done as quickly as possible. By the time we were done, the world was already very strange, but that’s to be expected with DMT

This was a very unique experience and I have never had one like it since. I felt very confused, and I wanted to purge, but was able to hold back. In the end, I sort of wish I had.

With open eyes, solid objects seemed to ebb and flow leaving beautiful sparkling, wavy, softly stuttering and smooth tracers of themselves in the air. I have searched the depths of my vocabulary, and I posses no real power to describe to anyone how beautiful everything seemed to be. The flowing transparency, the slow wave everything held. It was magical; so very dream/ghost like, and easily the most beautiful change in landscape I have ever seen on psychedelics. Maybe not necessarily the craziest or most intense and vivid, or even colorful, but by far the most beautiful. I have experienced nothing like it before or since, sadly. My psychedelic posters did as expected; they waved and flowed in the ways you would expect them to while sober, based on the geometry and shape of the designs made by the artist. My own body seemed to be entirely see through, as tho I was a specter, when I examined my own hands. It is still very hard to describe.

At the peak of the experience the corner of my room glowed bright white, brighter than any light I have ever seen before. The light originated from the floor in the far corner of the room and grew so intense it became quite hard to look at. I managed to keep my eyes fixated through the familiar confusion and disorientation of the DMT experience, and I was very glad I had done so.

A sold neon and glowing triangle appeared in the middle of the light as though it was laying on my floor. and another one just to the side of it. Out of that shape, spawned a different shape of similar structure, but it was a different color and had different angles. Each shape quickly unfolded out of itself to revile two amorphous humanoid shaped kaleidoscopic angels. I chose this term because of the biblical way these changing, neon, geometric, figures seemed to shake me to my core. The very presence of these creatures weakened my body in a blissful way. My entire body was shaking, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. It was as if i had been filled with awe of the raw power of these creatures. They were even difficult to look at directly, they seemed to be too beautiful for my eyes. I am not religious in almost an sense of the word, but this very much seemed like biblical recounts of being in the presence of a celestial body, without the halos, wings, robes and human faces. Although I’m not sure those particular details are in the bible, that seems to be the artistic portrayal. These were nothing like that aesthetically, but they held an incredibly powerful presence. They seemed to be separately sentient of me and from each other. They remained in a static position in my room. No matter what direction I looked, my brain had projected these creatures to be in that exact position in space (The same as the origination point for the light), much as if they were solid matter, and not simple over eye geometry. They retained a constant humanoid shape but the geometry and the colors that structured them changed very rapidly. They seemed to speak in an echoing in a language that consisted of different tones and beeps. Not unlike R2D2’s voice, but without the squeals.

These creatures grew in size, color, and intensity and the beeping seemed to get more.. encouraging? As the urge to purge grew more powerful. As I resisted they grew smaller. The urge would come up again, and they would become… excited? and seemed to be disappointed that I had swallowed the urge back and they disappeared completely into themselves, taking the radiant white light with them.

I laid on my bed, curled into a ball and shaking as though I had hypothermia. My brother was very concerned and I was aware of his presance at this point, I had to pull myself together and tell him the shaking was the product of the intensity of awe I was under. It was entirely a good thing, and incredibly humbling. My brother was only able to note on the fact that he thought my poster was trying to eat him, because a “happy-face fractal tentacle” poster I had, had reached its colorful tendrils out and was using them to try and grab onto my brother and consume him, assimilating him into the poster.

The after glow was as beautiful as the come up, but it did not seem as though sharing the bowl with my brother had caused any kind of similarities in any way, shape or form. DMT seems to be a very diverse experience. I have noticed that mixing it with weed causes it to have a much higher body load, in a heavy, but not necessarily good or bad way. This happens almost consistently every time I mix DMT and Marijuana.

Most beautiful visuals Ive ever had. Sharing the experience seems to produce no notable effects. I think purging may have intensified the experience. I’m glad I didn’t as I remained on my bed the entire time.

Experience reports – DMT

Dmt and weed

DMT, a psychedelic derived from certain plants native to Central and South America, has gotten the attention of North America’s cool kids in recent years. It’s not a new drug, but since DMT is currently making its way into vape pens and vacation brochures, it’s probably a good idea to get caught up on what this compound is, what it does, and how it could change modern medicine in the coming years.

Where Does DMT Come From?

DMT, or N-dimethyltryptamine, is also known as the “spirit molecule” or “God molecule,” due to its profound and deeply touching psychoactive effects. DMT is one of a few famous psychedelic compounds that chemically resembles a natural neurotransmitter found in our brains called serotonin. (The other psychedelics that are chemically similar to serotonin are LSD, psilocybin and psilocin, and, to a lesser extent, MDMA.) DMT can be found in the entheogenic plant ayahuasca, but it’s also produced by jurema, the chaliponga vine, the chacrona shrub, virola bark, and the yopo and vilca trees.

Most of these plants are found in South or Central America. Local indigenous cultures, through religious or spiritual rites, have consumed DMT or DMT-containing plants for thousands of years. Only in the ‘60s, after American suburbanites started regularly tripping on psychedelics, did some boomers start referring to the DMT experience colloquially as a “businessman’s trip” or “business trip,” due to its incredibly short duration. In other words, some corporate type could trip out on DMT during her lunch break, then go right back to work immediately after soaring through the cosmos — or so the joke goes…

Scientists have also discovered DMT naturally occurring in some animal brains, and there’s good reason to suspect that the human brain naturally produces it in small amounts, too. (This is different from the contested theory that the human body makes DMT in the pineal gland, which gets released upon death.) Why the mammalian brain makes some DMT remains a mystery, but it seems ridiculous that a chemical made in our own bodies can be classified a Schedule I drug in the US. And does that mean anyone’s brain, by law, could be considered criminal contraband by extension? Hmmm…

How Does One “Do the DMT,” Exactly?

However, note that DMT isn’t typically consumed directly from these plants. Although ayahuasca preparations involve drinking a liquid prepared from the plant, they can contain several other psychoactive compounds besides DMT. Rather, DMT is chemically extracted from its plant sources, and those extracts are usually either smoked or vaporized through pipes or vape pens.

It’s possible to trip on DMT by swallowing it, but that requires combining it with a type of antidepressant medication called an MAOI. This is because the digestive system will shred DMT as soon as it hits the stomach, but mixing it with an MAOI kicks up its potency before the body metabolizes it into oblivion. But, since MAOIs can be dangerous to use without strict, proper doctor supervision, you should probably avoid the oral route.

You can also inject DMT to get high from it — but come on. If you gotta shoot up a drug to get jacked on it, it’s probably not worth doing. Period. You already got other natural, god-given holes in your body for intaking psychedelics; no need to forcibly create new holes and risk infection, injury — or worse.

Speaking of other inborn holes, DMT can also be mixed with powdered tobacco and snorted as snuff. This route remains fairly uncommon, though.

What Does a DMT Trip Feel Like?

From what we’ve read (*cough cough*) DMT can, at high enough doses, cause intense, brilliant, intricately geometric — and, at times — overwhelming visuals. Hallucinations on DMT can be so vivid that some users report feeling as if they’ve been transported to another planet, universe, or dimension. And although the DMT trip usually only lasts about 15 to 30 minutes, psychonauts often say that the otherworldly journey can feel like it took hours or days.

One interesting phenomenon pops up across self-reports of DMT experiences. Many users claim they see “light beings” or creatures that defy typical physical descriptions, almost like living, breathing abstractions. These light beings usually impart some wisdom to the DMT user, though that wisdom may vary depending on the experience, if the psychonaut can even remember what they were told after returning to reality.

Many DMT users also report arriving at a physical singularity during the experience, basically a place where the universe meets at a single point, or a point that resides at the Center of All Things. For example, one internet-famous DMT report included a user writing that they found themselves inside of the “control panel” for the entire universe (which, of course, was being manipulated by the beings of light). In religion and folklore, this sacred location could have been described as the Arab world’s Mount Qaf, or ancient Greece’s sanctuary at Delphi.

But hey! People also report seeing all kinds of crazy shit while tripping on drugs, such as watching their faces melt while looking in the mirror, or witnessing the walls (and their food) pulsate like tell-tale heartbeats.

Are There Any Health-Related Dangers or Benefits From DMT?

Like any drug, DMT comes with side effects. The most common are nausea and vomiting, particularly when consuming it from an ayahuasca drink. Other adverse effects include increased heart rate, dizziness, audio and visual distortions, and freaking-the-fuck-out when taking too much. (Good thing it doesn’t last long, eh?)

There is no known lethal dose for DMT in humans, but don’t take that as an invitation to megadose it. Scientists don’t have a lethal DMT dose calculated because the compound hasn’t really been studied much, and there aren’t a lot of case studies regarding DMT use in the medical literature.

However, there is an LD50 dose calculated for mice. LD50 denotes how much of a drug will kill roughly 50 percent of mice when administered to a group of them. In DMT’s case, that dose is anywhere between 32mg/kg to 47mg/kg, but these values only apply to DMT injections (and what did I just say about shooting up drugs for non-medical purposes?).

As for the potential health benefits from DMT use, again, researchers are still working out this info. However, the few studies we do have suggest DMT, like other plant- and fungus-derived psychedelics, could treat several mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, drug or alcohol addictions, or fearing death among terminally ill patients.

DMT is known for making people trip balls, but the experience lasts considerably shorter than a mushroom or LSD experience. What is DMT, where does it come from, and what are its dangers and benefits?