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Minecraft Diamond Seeds (PS4, PE, Bedrock, Java) – Easy to Find Diamond!

We’re taking a look at some seeds that contain easy to find diamonds in Minecraft! If you want to get a jump on your game of Minecraft and don’t want to search too hard for one of the most important resources, then these seeds will help you get started with some strong tools. You might need to dig and search a bit, but we know exactly where you need to go to find the diamond that lurks in these seeds.

You should find Diamond Seeds for all versions of the game no matter if you’re on the Pocket Edition (Mobile), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Bedrock, or Java! We explain a bit about these differences in the section below.

Versions & Version Numbers

If you are on PS4 or Pocket Edition then your version of the game is Bedrock and all seeds listed as Bedrock below should work with your game. Please note that they don’t always show up exactly as described, the version numbers can sometimes play a part in how certain parts of a seed render (villages, biomes, etc.)

In terms of version numbers, each seed was tested based on the number that is listed with it. The seed can still work with other versions of the game, but the seed might not have all the exact spawns listed as previous mentioned in the Bedrock section.

Minecraft Diamond Seeds List

Here’s a look at some seeds where you can easily find some diamond! I’ve included version numbers which are recommended, but you could still try them in different versions of the game because they will sometimes still function the same.

Tons of Biomes & Easy Diamond (Bedrock – 1.14.6)

Credit: EliWRN – Seed: 10292992

I originally started checking out this seed due to the talk about tons of biomes in a short space. Once I went into it though, I found a huge ravine that had many diamonds in it! Not only that, this ravine featured mines that could be explored for possibly more diamonds. There’s also a spider spawner that is exposed that you could easily exploit. If that’s not enough, there’s some great biomes all over the area. You start off in a savanna, desert, plains area. If you start to explore you’ll find a mountainous area, large ocean, and cold areas. There’s even an interesting spawn of an Outpost right next to a Village!

Key Locations

  • 9 Diamonds in Ravine: 1225 11 27
  • 6 Diamonds in Ravine (Lava hazard): 1246 14 44
  • More Ravine Diamonds: 1286 12 69
  • Spider Spawner: 1283 22 65
  • Outpost Right Next to Village: 455 66 504
  • Ocean Monument: -330 61 136
  • Large Savanna Village: 980 71 1016
  • Haunted Village Near Swamp Biome: 1105 68 -1149

24 Diamond: Village Spawn Near Coral Reef (Bedrock – 1.14.6)

Credit: ThatOneWeebGurl – Seed: -1968925663

You spawn right next to a village in this seed with a nearby coral reef that can be explored. This seed also has an additional village, as well as a haunted village! There’s also a pretty nice bonus to this seed because there’s a huge Ravine that’s not too far from spawn where you can go into and find quite a bit of exposed diamond! I searched around this area and managed to find three more Diamond spawns. You might even find more because of how big this underground area expands.

Key Locations

  • Coral Reef: 291 60 190
  • Swamp Biome: 310 64 6
  • Ravine: 319 13 57
  • Four Diamond: 320 11 34
  • Four More Diamond: 291 11 55
  • Eight Diamond: 289 14 30
  • Eight More Diamond: 278 12 66
  • Second Village: 219 71 -404
  • Haunted Village: 98 71 -703
  • Second Haunted Village: -207 64 -691

Village w/Ravine & Jungle Biome (Bedrock – 1.14.6)

Credit: SilkySharp – Seed: 598080973

This seed has got a jungle biome, but it also has a lot of other stuff going on with it. You’ve got the village with a ravine running right through it. This ravine also has a diamond spawn inside of it. The jungle biome is not far from here and has a couple of temples and another village. Near the spawn you can go to a snow village with some igloos and an ice spike biome. Not too far from there is another ravine with more diamond! There’s a lot to explore with this one if you’re looking for additional things along with some jungle.

Key Locations

  • Village w/Ravine: -284 69 75
  • Diamond in Ravine: -322 11 43
  • Jungle Biome: -580 72 23
  • Village Near Jungle: -708 64 171
  • Jungle Temple: -794 67 112
  • Bamboo Jungle: -975 70 -151
  • Jungle Temple #2: -955 65 -463
  • Snow Village w/Igloos: 125 63 -342
  • Ice Spikes Biome: -44 72 -423
  • Ravine #2 w/Diamond: -149 12 -664
  • Igloo: -290 72 -803

Large Island w/Village – Also Diamonds at Spawn! (Bedrock – 1.14.6)

Credit: dstrllmttr – Seed: -1007380239

Originally, I was going to post this seed just for the large island with a village on it! That was before I did some exploring right next to spawn and found two diamond spawns that will get you a total of ten diamonds! These are literally right in two separate ravines that are next to spawn. You will need to be careful because there’s quite a bit of lava around, but it’s obviously worth it for a quick 10 diamonds right when you start a game. You can take this diamond over to the island village and have quite a nice start to your game. The village island is really not too far from where you spawn, so just hop in a boat and head towards the coordinates listed below! There’s also a pretty large forest/taiga village that’s a bit of a hike but worth seeking out.

Key Locations

  • Spawn: 449 73 0
  • Ravine w/2 Diamond: 473 11 -23
  • Ravine w/8 Diamond: 503 11 -21
  • Island Village: 653 64 572
  • Large Taiga Village: 1362 71 929

3 Buried Treasure Diamond Chests (Java – 1.15+)

Credit: manngamania- Seed: -461078946825570778

A bit of a different type seed because you get the diamond out of buried treasure chests instead of actually mining it! You can find eight diamonds pretty close to spawn near the beach. These chests also hold quite a bit of gold and iron bars which will really get you going quite quickly. There’s also a village right next to the spawn, there’s a beach village with a coral reef, and a desert village not too far away as well!

  • Village: 67 69 3
  • Beach Village: -314 69 129
    • Coral Reef: -468 63 116
  • Desert Village: 303 63 -346
    • Desert Temple: 315 67 -197
  • Buried Treasure Chest (2 Diamonds & Gold Bars): 105 60 169
  • Buried Treasure Chest (2 Diamonds & Iron Bars): 9 68 105
  • Buried Treasure Chest (4 Diamonds & Gold + Iron Bars): -262 63 313

20 Known Diamonds! (Java – 1.15+)

Credit: EggDropSoup47 – Seed: -7629372319681445308

Here’s a seed that has 13 diamonds that are fairly easy to find. You’ll need to head into a ravine and go into a cave area. The most obvious one is the spawn of 8 diamonds, it’s near some lava that shouldn’t be too difficult to find (use the coordinates). There’s also a spawn of 5 diamonds near that one that can be found if you look around in the same area. There’s also a village not too far from the ravine, and that ravine has a mine you can locate. If you follow the mine for a bit, you will come across a large ravine which also has some diamond to find!

  • Ravine: -402 69 -134
    • 8 Diamonds: -385 11 -95
    • 5 Diamonds: -372 13 -91
  • Village: -313 63 -792
  • Ravine Near Village: -289 64 -673
    • Mine Entrance: -268 42 -669
    • 5 Diamonds: -261 15 -743
    • 2 Diamonds: -271 11 -634
    • Mine Cart w/Diamond: -293 20 -732
  • Swamp Biome: -133 64 633

12 Diamonds Seed (Java – 1.15.2)

Credit: MeIsTree – Seed: 5109281423434314902

There’s a huge cave that leads to a very large mine that will lead you to 12 diamonds. It’s not too far from spawn, but the mine can be kind of difficult to get through so use the coordinates below as your guide to get to them!

  • 12 Diamond Spawn: 161 13 166
    • Huge Cave Entrance: 113 68 99
  • Bamboo Jungle Biome: -18 85 -275
  • Large Village: -299 69 701
  • Swamp Biome: -121 63 881

Taiga Island w/Diamonds (Bedrock – 1.14)

Credit: DeliciousTidePod – Seed: 1796811328

This one is pretty nice because you start out on a pretty great Taiga Island, and not only that you can pretty much dig straight down (be careful) and find some Diamond right away! There’s a cave system under the spawn, and if you head to the coordinates (show them in the options) listed below you will find six diamonds! There’s also a ravine that’s a bit of a hike from spawn, but if you make the trip you’ll be rewarded with a couple of exposed diamonds. If you’re looking for a Stronghold, that can be found at a Badlands Village along with a large ravine!

  • Cave Diamonds (Six!): 32 11 29
  • Ravine Diamonds: -1046 13 217
  • Badlands Biome: 34 75 269
  • Badlands Mine: -79 69 377
  • Large Badlands Village w/Ravine & Stronghold: 54 65 951

Five Diamonds at Spawn (Java – 1.15.2)

Credit: SpaceBoiArt – Seed: -6959476951899901279

If you’re looking to get started with some diamond tools right off the bat, then you might want to try out this seed. Literally, right next to the spawn is a humongous sinkhole that you can go down into and find five diamonds spawned right at the bottom of it. This hole goes ALL the way to the level of where the diamond is and you will find them not too far if you go straight down. This spawn is right at a pretty large village the encompasses the majority of this Giant Tree Taiga biome. If that’s not enough for you, there’s a monster spawner very close to where you spawn as well. It’s not too far down in a nearby hole.

Key Locations

  • Diamonds in Cave: -155 11 45
  • Spawner Cave Entrance: -220 70 95
  • Spawner Location: -219 65 93
  • Ship Wreck: -157 64 351

Diamonds at Spawn + Huge Ravine (Bedrock – 1.14+)

Credit: TheBigButtlol – Seed: -974562123

If you want to start off with enough diamond to craft a few important items, then this is a great one. There’s a huge ravine right near spawn that has two diamond spawn locations that will set you up nicely for the rest of the game! Be careful though, these spots are at the bottom of the ravine, and you don’t want to go falling off the edge. You’ve also got a village nearby, so there’s a lot of great features in this seed.

Key Locations

  • Diamonds at Bottom of Ravine #1: 271 13 12
  • Diamonds at Bottom of Ravine #2: 308 13 -16
  • Village: 36

Big Desert Village: 973

If you want to find even more of this vital resource, be sure to check out our Minecraft: Where-to Find Diamonds Guide! We’ve also have a lot more seed options on our Best Minecraft Seeds post.

Minecraft Diamond Seeds (PS4, PE, Bedrock, Java) – Easy to Find Diamond! We’re taking a look at some seeds that contain easy to find diamonds in Minecraft! If you want to get a jump on your game

5 best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

Minecraft players will argue that diamonds are not only a girl’s but everyone’s best friends. And they would be right. When playing the game, diamonds can be one of the most essential resources that you can mine and use to create armour, tools, and weapons. It gives you a bonus in terms of protection and the damage that your weapons do to enemies.

Ask any Minecraft player, and their ultimate goal when starting a new adventure is to go “full diamond”, donning an entire body of diamond armour and equipping a diamond sword and pickaxe. Since diamonds are such a precious resource, they are even more challenging to find. But here are a few Minecraft seeds that can help you spawn at a location where these gemstones can be found swiftly and easily!

Five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

1) Diamonds inside ravine

Ravines can be too treacherous to traverse in, but can prove to be equally rewarding. Especially since they can be home to a bunch of diamonds!

This particular seed helps you spawn right next to a ravine that contains diamonds that you want to get your hands on. Be careful not to fall while climbing down the ravine, though — that’d be a painful death!

Seed Code: -974562123

2) Diamonds in a sinkhole

This particular Minecraft seed is perfect if you want to skip making the stone and iron tools, and jump straight to a diamond sword and pickaxe. You spawn next to a giant sinkhole that goes directly to the underground levels, where you will find yourself at least five pieces of diamonds, all ready to mine.

Of course, you will need an iron pick to get these gemstones, but that’s a technicality we’re willing to ignore.

Seed Code: -6959476951899901279

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3) Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure

This seed spawns you near not one but two shipwrecks, one of which contains a map to a buried treasure. Any Minecraft player knows the kind of precious loot you can find onboard a sunken ship, as well as the buried treasure chests that you can find.

These two shipwrecks not only give you a few diamonds right at the beginning of the game (without you having to mine them), but also provides a whole bunch of emeralds and other great loot!

Seed Code: -573947210

4) Blacksmith Villages

This Minecraft spawn can help start your game with not only diamonds but also full iron armour right on your first day of survival. This seed makes you spawn near two blacksmith villages. You can easily find a pair of iron trousers and boots, four pieces of diamonds, some food, a bunch of spare iron ingots to finish suiting up, and some obsidian to take that early trip to the Nether!

Seed Code: 1955368017

5) Ravine and abandoned mineshaft

This particular seed lands you right next to a ravine and a blacksmith village. The latter doesn’t hold any promising loot, unfortunately, but you can brave up and venture down the gorge to find an abandoned mineshaft.

The mine can be tricky to navigate but does reward you with precious ores like diamonds, gold, and vast veins of iron that can be useful when starting your game.

Diamonds are one of the most critical resources to collect in Minecraft. Since they are so vital, they can also be very tough to find for the players.