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Diablo 3 Whimsyshire – how to get the Staff of Herding, with the Gibbering Gemstone, Black Mushroom and Wirt’s Bell locations

We’ll show you how to track down and farm all of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding, then gain entry to the bizarre land of Whimsyshire.

Believe it or not, there’s a land of rainbows, teddy bears and ponies tucked away in a brighter corner of Sanctuary. You’ll need to gather up some rare ingredients to craft the Staff of Herding that’s needed for opening the portal, however, and there are few clues to help you get started. Here’s our quick guide to gathering all the items you need, and preparing for pony warfare.

Crafting the Staff of Herding

There are three ingredients and one recipe you need in order to create the Staff of Herding:

  • Black Mushroom – Found in Cathedral Level 1. It doesn’t always spawn, so replay the quest called A Shattered Crown until it appears. To reach the Cathedral quickly, portal to Cathedral Guardian, enter Leoric’s Passage, then go upstairs into the Cathedral itself.
  • Wirt’s Bell – When you reach Act 2, you’ll be able to buy this item from a vendor called Squirt the Peddler.
  • Gibbering Gemstone – This item drops from Chiltara on the second level of the Caverns of Frost in Act 3. Head to the Fields of Slaughter and search for the cave. Restart the game if it hasn’t spawned.

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Note that if you’re playing the game on PC and have stumbled across this guide, you’ll also need to find the following additional ingredients.

  • Leoric’s Shinbone – Occasionally found in a Fireplace in Leoric’s Manor. To farm it, select the quest called The Imprisoned Angel, then portal to Leoric’s Manor. The fireplace is within the first few rooms of the building.
  • Liquid Rainbow – This item can only be looted if the Mysterious Cave spawns. To see if it’s in your game, race towards the southern part of the Oasis and look for Zeven the Alchemist standing outside a building. If he’s there, kill the monsters and go inside when he opens the door. If he’s not there, restart the game.

As for the recipe, you’ll need to kill Izual in Act 4 to get your hands on it, although you might have to do this a few times as it’s not a guaranteed drop. When you’ve got the recipe and all the ingredients you need, head to Haedrig the Blacksmith, teach him the recipe, then craft the Staff of Herding.

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How to travel to Whimsyshire

Once you’ve got a Staff of Herding in your inventory, head to the Act 1 camp and then portal over to The Old Ruins waypoint. From here, head west but keep hugging the southern-most part of the screen. Eventually you’ll reach a glowing chasm in the ground, with a spectral cow standing nearby. Talk to the cow, then click on the bright gap in the floor when you want to enter Whimsyshire.

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We’ll show you how to track down and farm all of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding, then gain entry to the bizarre land of Whimsyshire. ]]>