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Delta cannabis

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Holiday Hours, New Offers and Mailing List Exclusives, and More!

First thing’s first! We have updated hours for the coming holidays, and we wanted to make sure we shared.

The Cannabis Industry is Legally Illegal. That’s weird.

2020 is weird, that much is fairly clear. However, outside of the oddities in 2020 that we’ve all been.

An Update From Our Shop – 9/13/2020

2020 has truly been an exercise in flexibility. As we’ve written before, one thing that we pride ourselves on.

Cannabis related employment in the U.S. could soon surpass computer programmers

As data continues to become available as it relates to the effects of legalization of cannabis, one of the.

Welcome to Delta Dispensary, a new dispensary openeing in the East Bay Area of of California. The first legal Prop 64 Dispensary east of the Caldecott.