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Meet this sweet, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain: Chunky Cookies. Chunky Cookies is easy to grow, shop now online! Learn all about the Berner's Cookies strain with grow tips, strain features, and where you can find the best Berner's Cookies seeds.

Chunky Cookies

That’s what you get when you let the cutest girl in class go on a full chocolate rampage… Tropicanna Cookies F2 (daughter of Girl Scout Cookies X Tangie) got in the mix with Kosher Choco Kush and came out with a damn nutritious recipe. Meet Chunky Cookies – sweet aromas come dancing your way as soon as you take this firm lady by the hand. Her 22% to 25% THC levels ensure profound uplifting and psychotropic effects. With Chunky Cookies, you’ll swap your everyday worries for wondrous and inspiring thoughts in no time at all.

Chunky Cookies is a indica-dominated hybrid, with a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa ratio. The Indica serves as your warm milk to go with those cookies, adding some extra flavour to that full Indica experience. Their combination provides a lovely clear and mellow high that carries therapeutic merits in its wake. The rich limonene terpene profile grants a fear-reducing effect, so get snug and comfy as you prepare for that heavenly warm-milk-and-cookies sensation…

Chunky Cookies is part of the Amsterdam Genetics Homegrown label. This is a great example of how we innovate by bringing classics together with modern strains that rock the cannabis scene. Tropicanna and Girl Scout Cookies genetics meet the proven power of Kosher Kush and our all-time winner White Choco in Chunky Cookies, fresh out the oven!

This magical recipe straight from the kitchen of Amsterdam Genetics is one of the easiest photoperiodic strains on the market today. Even beginners can be showstoppers with these gorgeously chunky buds and their healthy covering of orange curls. Chunky Cookies brings you tropical citrus scents and that sticky finger sensation you get down on the bottom of that cookie dough bowl. You can bet that this one gets finger-licking good: these cookies will keep you coming back for more. Luckily, the yield of your Chunky Cookies seeds is well-adjusted to that urge for more…

Chunky Cookies Feminized cannabis seeds grow into compact (chunky) plants with average heights of 100 to 110 cm, flowering in 9 to 10 weeks. The rich yields are nothing to sneeze at: about 700g per m² for indoor growers. Outdoor harvests are even dreamier, with harvests of up to 2 kilos per square meter feasible in October. To top it all off, Chunky Cookies genetics have a robust side to them, too: this tough cookie can withstand pests and diseases that you don’t want to find when you open up that cookie jar.

So, are your fingers itching already? Fancy having a go at these mouth-watering beauties? Feel free:

Berner’s Cookies Seeds

An all-in-one guide on the Berner’s Cookies strain that details growing tips, effects, and where to buy genuine Berner’s Cookies seeds online.

When it’s time to burn one down with friends — nothing will get the party jumping quite like Berner’s Cookies.

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Selected by the king of Cookies himself — Berner’s Cookies is an unforgettable strain that’s top-heavy with THC, terpenes, and mind-blowing bag appeal. From diamond-sized trichomes to mind-melting effects, the Berner’s Cookies strain is a masterpiece that every cultivator needs in their garden.

Below, you’ll discover essential growing tips, strain details, and where to buy Berner’s Cookies seeds online.

Berner’s Cookies Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 27-30% THC
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene
Effects: Euphoria, Bliss, Social
Landrace Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Phenotype

Grow Difficulty: Moderate
Harvest: 9 Weeks / 9-10 Weeks
Yield: Up to 600g/㎡ / >700g/plant
Height: Up to 3-5 feet / 3-5+ feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Berner’s Cookies Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 22% THC
• Harvest: 9-10 Weeks
• Yield: 450-575g/㎡

• Discreet Shipping Worldwide
• Guaranteed Delivery
• Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 seeds – $46
• 10 seeds – $67

About Berner’s Cookies Seeds

The History of the Berner’s Cookies Strain

Berner transformed the cannabis industry with the introduction of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Soon, Berner became the de-facto king of the cannabis industry with his popular Cookies brand. Known for hard-hitting desert strains, Berner and his crew created mouth-watering varieties that take home cannabis awards year after year.

Luckily, Berner didn’t rest on his laurels and decided to hunt through hundreds of phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies.

Alas, Berner finally found a pheno that he felt was the holy grail of the GSC line. From mind-soaring effects to audacious bag appeal, Berner’s Cookies was selected and became an integral part of Cookie’s marijuana lineup.

Few have landed a cutting of Berner’s Cookies since the discovery. Luckily, various breeders have taken on the task to re-create the legendary Berner’s Cookies strain in feminized, regular, or autoflowering form.

How to Grow Berner’s Cookies Seeds

The Berner’s Cookies strain is the epitome of top-shelf weed.

If you want to pull off a stellar harvest loaded to the brim with insane bag appeal — you need to understand what Berner’s Cookies likes and doesn’t like. You’ll have a much easier time cultivating Berner’s Cookies plants by understanding their growth traits.

From preferred growing conditions to flowering time and everything in between, you’ll find everything you need to cultivate Berner’s Cookies seeds below.

Grow Difficulty

The Berner’s Cookies strain is rated as moderately challenging to grow.

Luckily, Berner’s Cookies can be grown by beginners and professionals. However, cultivators must pay attention to specific aspects.

Below, we’ve compiled a few tips that will assist you while cultivating Berner’s Cookies plants.

  • Berner’s Cookies requires precise environmental conditions (temperature/humidity)
  • Requires strategic pruning
  • Carbon filters are a must when grown indoors
  • Moderate levels of marijuana nutrients
  • Regular irrigation intervals

By following these tips, you’ll gain a better grasp of the Berners Cookies strain. Remember, you may need to cultivate Berner’s Cookies over the course of multiple cycles to master it.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate

The Berner’s Cookies strain requires a Mediterranean climate when grown outdoors.

However, this isn’t to say that Berners Cookies can’t be grown in any other climate. You’re likely cleared for takeoff as long as your climate does not experience frost by the beginning of October.

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Ultimately, the best location to grow Berner’s Cookies seeds is indoors. Therefore, your indoor climate must be dialed in. Below, we’ve listed a series of parameters to keep in mind while cultivating Berner’s Cookies plants:

Remember, Berner’s Cookies’ buds will produce a slight purple hue when exposed to cooler temperatures, thus adding to its bag appeal.

Flowering time

The Berners Cookies strain is a sativa-dominant pheno of GSC, which is why its flowering time lands between 9-10-weeks.

If you decide to plant Berners Cookies seeds outdoors, you must ensure your environment won’t experience frost by the beginning or middle of October.

Indoors, cultivators will find their Berners Cookies crop ripe and ready by the 9-week mark.


When grown outdoors, Berners Cookies plants can potentially yield upwards of 700-grams of top-shelf buds. If you’ve always wanted to grow massive amounts of connoisseur-grade weed.

Berner’s Cookies seeds can yield nearly 600-grams per meter squared when cultivated indoors. Overall, Berner’s Cookies out yields most hybrids on the market — including GSC.


The height of Berner’s Cookies trips up many beginner growers.

Overall, Berner’s Cookies plants grow to a medium height. Therefore, it’s recommended that cultivators:

  • Reduce the vegetative time to 2-weeks
  • Incorporate pruning methods, such as topping
  • Utilize the LST or ScrOG method

By using these methods, cultivators can significantly reduce the height of their Berner’s Cookies crop.

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

Berner’s Cookies is moderately resistant to common pests and diseases.

As such, it’s recommended that all growers utilize a few IPM tips to ensure uninvited guests don’t destroy their gardens. Below, you’ll find a few easy-to-incorporate methods to protect your legendary Berner’s Cookies crop.

  • Apply organic pesticides 1-3 times prior to flowering
  • Trim undergrowth to improve air circulation
  • Space plants accordingly
  • Ensure climate (temperature and humidity) are at ideal levels
  • Provide adequate nutrition and water applications

Berner’s Cookies Strain Description and Properties

Berner’s Cookies’ Bag Appeal

The Berner’s Cookies strain is an absolute gem when it comes to bag appeal.

Every time you take out a bud from the cookie jar, you’ll feel as though you’re pulling out a contender for the next Cannabis Cup Awards. From large flowers to a massive stockpile of trichomes — Berner’s Cookies is what dreams are made of.

The fox-tailed flowers are lime green while pulling off a truly delicate profile. Ultimately, the jaws of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide will drop the moment they lay their eyes on this unbelievable masterpiece.

From large flowers to a massive stockpile of trichomes — Berner’s Cookies is what dreams are made of.

Berner’s Cookies’ Cannabinoid Content

The THC content of Berner’s Cookies weed is through the roof at 27-30%.

From massive yields to incredible bag appeal, Berner’s Cookies completes that golden trifecta with mind-blowing levels of THC. If you’ve been waiting for one-hit-quit potential — Berner’s Cookies is it.

Berner’s Cookies’ Terpene Concentration

The terp game in Berner’s Cookies weed is out of control.

Berner’s Cookies takes the original GSC to a whole ‘nother level by adding ample vanilla and kush overtones. Overall, the aroma of Berner’s Cookies is a tidal wave of pure dankness that’ll leave you dazed and confused.

As for the flavor, prepare your taste buds for an onslaught of dank dough, fresh vanilla, deep kush, and sugary sweetness. If you weren’t into dessert weed before — you will once you dig into Berner’s Cookies.

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The three primary terpenes found in Berner’s Cookies are:

Berner’s Cookies’ Recreational Effects

As the smoke from Berner’s Cookies enters your lungs, you’ll experience a sudden uplifting sensation.

As the effects creep up over 5-10-minutes, your mind and body will become increasingly high. From heavenly euphoria to blissed-out relaxation, Berner’s Cookies will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

In a nutshell, Berner’s Cookies will leave you feeling extremely social, chilled out, and downright creative. You’ll finally drift down from Cloud Nine after 2-4-hours and gently land in your bed, ready for a good night’s rest.

Berner’s Cookies’ Medical Potential

At 27-30% THC — Berner’s Cookies weed is absolutely medical grade.

Medical marijuana patients worldwide clamor for a chance to grow Berner’s Cookies seeds. However, Berners Cookies isn’t the easiest strain to find unless you search online.

In any case, if you find yourself a legitimate source of Berner’s Cookies seeds — consider yourself lucky!

Below, we’ve listed a variety of medical conditions that Berner’s Cookies marijuana is known to assist:

As you can see — Berner’s Cookies weed is the holy grail for medical marijuana patients. If you’re ready to lift your spirits in a single hit — grab a pack of Berner’s Cookies seeds today and get growing!

Adverse Effects of Berner’s Cookies Weed

If you consume too much Berner’s Cookies marijuana — you may experience a series of adverse effects.

Below, we’ve noted a few effects that may occur when overindulging in this high THC strain.

Overall, Berner’s Cookies weed is incredibly potent. Therefore, it’s relatively easy to go overboard.

As such, we recommend starting with a small dose of Berner’s Cookies — even if you have a high THC tolerance. Once you’ve found a comfortable level, you can continue consuming Berner’s Cookies until you find your optimal high.

As the golden rule says — you can always smoke more, but you can’t smoke less once you’ve gone too far. Therefore, always take it easy with the ultra-powerful flowers of Berners Cookies.

The Benefits of Growing Berner’s Cookies Seeds

  • Astounding bag appeal
  • Extremely high levels of THC
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Medical-grade marijuana
  • High yield
  • Intense terpene profile
  • Available in feminized and autoflowering form
  • May be too strong for beginners
  • Moderately challenging to grow
  • Medium plant height

The Best Berner’s Cookies Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 22% THC
• Harvest: 9-10 Weeks
• Yield: 450-575g/㎡

• Discreet Shipping Worldwide
• Guaranteed Delivery
• Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 seeds – $46
• 10 seeds – $67

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