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If you are looking to take control of your indoor garden with a grow tent, using the grow tent configurator from is the solution. The grow tent configurator allows you to customize your grow tent with full spectrum grow tent grow lights, hydroponics, and nutrients. When you customize your grow tent with Growers House you will be assured to grow the most productive garden with the highest yields per watt possible. Grow Tent Packages and Grow Room Kits, are a great way to get started growing indoors. Are you not quite sure what you might need? You may find it difficult to determine the best grow tent kit for because of the many choices on the internet. Try our Grow Tent Configurator which can help build the perfect grow tent package to your specifications of grow tent size, grow light type, and growing style (soil, coco, or hydroponics).

Get your garden growing with Grow Tent Kits and Packages, from beginner to expert, we’ve put together some of our best products into complete systems for growing indoors. Our grow tent kits are packed with the most advanced technology in ballasts, bulbs, and reflectors to ensure your grow tent system is the best it can be. Our Grow Tent Kits are a great way to get started even with little to no experience in hydroponics, start with tent size then chose from the best options available in grow tent lighting from LED, Ceramic Metal Halide CMH, induction grow lights or fluorescent grow lights to put together a complete tent system. Want to make a custom light kit or grow tent package? Give us a call and we’ll help you design your indoor grow room.

Our grow tent kits are designed so you can make one purchase and have everything you need to go grow from seed to harvest. Our tents come in sizes that will comfortably fit in your closet, all the way up to ones that fill your garage.

  • By Suggested plant count and Yield
  • By Grow tent size
  • By grow light type
  • By Approximate electricity cost
  • By type of grow media
  • Choose your grow media: Soil or Hydroponics
  • Grow Tent Soil – All grow tent kits come with plastic saucers and premium nursery pots
  • Hydroponics – All grow tent kits include either one of two Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems

Grow Tent Lights

We have designed and customized each of our kits so complete novices can easily jump right into using them and won’t have to worry about their learning curves. This said, grow tent light intensity/wattage of the grow lights will vary depending on tent size to create an optimal lighting footprint and promote maximum plant growth.

HID (HPS/MH) Grow Tent Kits

What novice doesn’t want to use the grow lights that most professional use? Unfortunately, many new to gardening are put off by growing with HID grow lights because of the extra components needed just to use the lights. Adding on top of that, they then have to worry about setting up a great ventilation system to combat all the heat the lights generate.

Once you figure out everything you need to set them up it’s smooth sailing from there. That’s why our grow tent kits figure it all out for you, so every beginner can grow like the pros.

The majority of our HPS grow tent kits come with both HPS and MH grow light lamps that will give you the best light spectrum for all growing stages. For those on a budget, we offer smaller size tents that come with a HPS lamp, which is the recommend HID lamp to use for all growing stages if you can only afford one type.

  • Grow Light – Reflector/hood, ballast, HID bulb(s), light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan control speed, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Method – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil, coco or hydroponics setup

LED Grow Tent Kits

The future is here, and LEDs are taking home gardener’s grow rooms over by storm and have their eyes set on commercial operations next. Unlike their HID counterparts, LED lights don’t need anywhere near the same amount of components to run. The problem beginners have with LED lighting systems is learning all the science behind them that’s needed to get them growing plants at maximum efficiency.

Figuring out the best LED lights for light spectrum, PAR, etc. is often too much to learn at first, so we made sure to choose LED panels that give gardeners an LED grow light that works great for all growing stages, and is fitted for the grow tent giving growers the best lighting footprint.

  • Grow Light – LED panel, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Grow tent Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Method – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil, coco, rockwool or hydroponic setup

Make sure to check out our LED multi-chamber tent kits that come with an additional CFL grow light for the smaller propagation chamber.

CMH Or LEC Tent Kits

Ceramic grow lights are one of those lighting systems that pays for itself after some time and when they do you have a wonderful lighting system in place. The high set up cost and unfamiliarity can make new gardeners scared, so that’s why we designed our kits to perfectly fit your needs.

Unlike HID lights, with ceramic grow lights you won’t struggle with the heat, nor will you have to replace the bulbs anywhere near as often.

Ceramic lights are brilliant for beginners as they offer a huge advantage that most other grow lights simply do not. They don’t color your plants when the lights are on them, and this makes judging plant health and spotting issues incredibly easy.

  • Grow light – CMH or LEC grow light fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil or hydroponic setup

Fluorescent Tent Kits

While many growers choose a HID lighting system for flowering, fluorescent grow lights are still a very popular choice for growing plants during their vegetative and seedling stage. The T5 fluorescent fixture offers a brilliant light spectrum for vegging plants while being incredibly efficient at avoiding heat and light stressing the plants.

Longer lasting bulbs that provide a lot of light without running up your electric bill, our fluorescent grow kits offer a simple setup to start your indoor grow off on the right foot. With these tents we wanted to keep it clean and simple, that’s why we only offer soil pots and saucers for our fluorescent tent Kits.

Make sure to check out our Fluorescent multi-chamber grow tent kits that come with an additional CFL grow light for the smaller propagation chamber.

  • Grow light – T5 fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Ventilation – Duct fans or exhaust fan & filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears, nursery pots, and plastic saucers

Double Ended Grow Tent Kits

Double Ended (DE) HID lighting is an easy way to step up your single ended HID lighting game and gives you a more powerful lighting systems in all facets. But more power isn’t necessarily good unless you know how to use it. DE lights produce more heat, and the lights will need to be hung higher on average compared to single ended bulbs. That’s why we designed each of our tents to utilize the increase power to its maximum growing potential while removing the negatives that come with it.

  • Grow Tent Light – DE fixture, light hangers, and a dual outlet light timer
  • Grow Tent Ventilation – Inline exhaust fan, carbon exhaust filter, fan speed controller, clip-on circulation fan, ducting with clamps, and a thermo-hygrometer
  • Grow Tent methods – Trellis netting, trimming shears, and your choice between a soil or hydroponic setup

No matter what your level of experience with indoor Grow Tent growing, Growers House has got you covered.

Come read Reviews about Budget kits, systems, bundles, and packages to get your garden growing! We have inexpensive starter grow light systems to the most advanced technology in ballasts, bulbs, and reflectors. Want to make a custom package? Give us a call and we'll help you design your indoor grow room.

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Welcome to Growmart – Growshop, the specialist for hydroponics grow equipment in Europe. Get an overview in our home growing information area, discover our range or take advantage of our perfectly harmonised growing sets, grow tents and a wide selection of grow supplies. No matter whether you just want to pretty-up your window boxes or set up a productive indoor grow zone – in the Growmart hydro store you’re guaranteed to find what you need. Proven quality at a reasonable price!

About us

We are a private owned company from Hamburg, Germany and have been running Growmart since 2012. We stock over 1,500 different products for any indoor cultivation needs and ship them all across Europe. Great customer service is our top priority, so by any means, do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

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Growmart – Grow Shop in Europe for Indoor Grow Equipment

Welcome to Growmart! We provide an online grow shop with a carefully balanced selection of items, affordable prices and neutral, fast shipping.

The satisfaction of our customers always comes first at Growmart. Visit us on site (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 6 PM, Sat: 11 AM – 3 PM), give us a call or write us a message. We will respond to your enquiries promptly. In addition to personal customer service, we also offer comprehensive advice regarding our products so that you can be sure of achieving the best results.

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We deliver to Germany and other European countries. We dispatch quickly and neutrally with DHL, the shipper is CRP Import Export GmbH. The delivery note and invoice are enclosed inside the package. Packages up to 30 kg cost EUR 9.65 postage for interlational deliveries. All orders within Germany from EUR 100 are free of shipping costs (except the charge for cash on delivery orders). International shipments within the EU usually cost € 9,65. However, rates may vary for big and heavy shipments. We ship packages from Monday to Friday. Your order will be shipped on the same day or the following working day.

Means and methods of payment

We accept PayPal, bank transfer, credit cards,, cash on delivery, Klarna, DIRECTebanking and more for online orders.

We accept cash, Maestro cards (EC cards) and PayPal for self-collection from our warehouse (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 6 PM, Sat: 11 AM – 3 PM).

Our product range

We stock a carefully balanced range of products from reputable manufacturers with years of experience as well as from manufacturers who have just launched new, innovative products and have already achieved outstanding results. This is especially the case with new LED grow lights and some hydroponic nutrients. We always offer new products with certified quality fresh in our range.

In addition to these innovations for advanced and professional users, we also provide everything that beginners need. Our grow kits in particular ensure an easy start and a cost saving compared to individual prices. The kits are put together in such a way that users can start growing right away using only the best products. Newcomers can easily get started with our grow tents and kits. There are of course also configurations for a grow room ventilation kit and for a fertiliser kit from different manufacturers.

Grow lights

There is no growth for indoor growers without plant lighting. The type, duration and intensity of the light should be perfectly adapted to your grow and setup. Since your personal requirements are important, we stock an extensive range of high-quality lamps.

This includes conventional grow lights such as high-pressure sodium lights, metal halide lights or CFL lights. Many are also available as kits.

LED grow lights are a relatively new trend that is becoming increasingly popular. This is because LED lights generate almost no heat, save energy and can be perfectly adapted to the respective growth phase of your plants in terms of the respective light spectrum used. This leads to faster flowering and higher yields. So LEDs save you time and money.

We stock grow lights such as the high-pressure sodium variant from Lumatek and Sunmaster or the LED lamps from SANlight, Greenception and others.

We also have accessories such as the Adjust-A-Wings reflector, the euro reflector or the air-cooled reflector available in stock to ensure optimum light distribution in your grow room.

Hydroponic nutrients

We have various hydroponic nutrients and fertiliser kits in stock to ensure optimum growth and the best quality of your grow. We sell products from top brands such as Canna, Hesi, BioBizz, Plagron and Atami. We stock these as individual fertilisers as well as fertiliser kits for beginners or for trying them out. We also have different types of fertilisers that are perfectly suited to working with soil, coconut or other hydro systems. Our NPK fertilisers are stored in a special storage area for fertilisers and are re-ordered on a regular basis so that we can always provide you with the best quality and longevity.

Soils and growing media

The right grow soil or the right growing media will lay the foundation for the optimal growth of your plants. This includes soil that is already pre-fertilised and provides your plants with nutrients for several weeks, as well as the Plagron Light Mix, which is scarcely pre-fertilised and allows professionals to have a targeted influence on the plants right from the start and to control the EC and pH values. Different soils consist of a mix of different types of peat, possibly pearlite, tree bark or worm humus. We stock coco growing media from various manufacturers such as BioBizz or Canna for advanced growers.

Grow tent

You can create the optimal grow room for your plants with the right grow tent or a complete grow tent kit. Odours do not penetrate to the outside and the light in the grow tent is optimally used. We stock all popular grow tents in different sizes. Our own GrowPRO 2.0 grow tent is also available in sizes XS to XL as well as a budget version or as premium kits with more accessories. We also have the Homebox available in various sizes and offer grow tents from Secret Jardin and DiamondBox. Our kits are designed to work together in such a way that the size and performance of the components complement each other perfectly. We will be happy to assist you and put together an individual kit if you cannot find something to suit your needs.

Grow room ventilation

The right grow room ventilation ensures that the permanent exchange of air in your grow room or grow tent does not cause the temperature to get too warm and that humidity remains constant. An extraction fan with a carbon filter also ensures that no odours escape. With an extractor fan kit, you receive a carbon filter, extraction fan and further necessary accessories at an affordable price.

Containers and pots

We offer plant pots in a wide range of sizes from 0.69 litres to 30 litres at affordable prices. We also stock the matching plant pot saucers. Likewise, we offer fabric pots for more air permeability. The Air-Pot from 1 litre to 30 litres ensures a dense, fine root network capable of absorbing nutrients better and more evenly, which can lead to better quality and a higher yield. The AutoPot integrates watering itself via a connected tank and requires neither electricity nor additional equipment.

We place great emphasis on customer service.

Do you still have any questions? We would be happy to help you by email or telephone. We will also be happy to offer you personal advice on site in our warehouse. We are at your disposal Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays from 11 AM to 3 PM.

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