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Chemdawg is a sativa dominant plant that contains 60% sativa and 40% indica. It has a very high THC content of 24%. The original Chem 91 elite clone is the parent of this new hybrid. The Chemdawg has become the parent of many diesel strains such as Sour, Headband, NYC Diesel and so on.

The plant demonstrates amazing colours ranging from light yellow to deep purple. It develops long compact buds. The plant has a mold resistance and suits both for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses.

The smoke provides an extremely strong smell of pine and disel. The potent effect is not recomended to novices. It brings a cerebral high and a feeling of euphoria.


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It’s pretty strong stuff , I love the diesel and herby flavour on the exhale. And I find some sweetness in it as well. :fuelpump::herb::doughnut:

2nd time I grew this and for a good reason!:green_heart::palm_tree::sunflower:

Have to say she was mighty impressive. Last few weeks she developed a strong gassy smell which I absolutely love.

Buds were dense and thick. Trichomes popped and thick on the inside. High Yeilder bringing in half pound of wet bud.

Tastes like childhood with the BC Skunk and Kemo. High is potent, and has a nice couch locking.

Privilege to grow this strain, thanks @Humboldt_Seed_Organisation will grow again.

I was given this strain by a friend, I recieved 12 clones which started off in little 0.3litre pots then transplanted into 10litre pots, the started life under a mars hydro 240w LED the reason veg was bad was due to the heatwave in summer which at one point they nearly fried, a lil tlc later became time to flower which a 600w hps was added. After 11 weeks including 19days flush she was ready for the chop, the colours she displayed were vivid lilac, violet, purples, orange, very colourful indeed as you’ll see from the photos

I would give this strain a 7.6

I enjoyed growing her in the flowering stage but in veg she didn’t preform aswell as I hope but none the less some excellent dense buds and a good bit of sugar leaf which will be turned into bubble hash

Weight will be added when dry

Note update a week later

Chemdawg produce just short of 12oz 322grams but the bud is beautiful, sparkling nugs stinking of gas

Made some bubble hash using the trim and sugar leafs I had left over, the bags I was using were 73,45,25microns but I had no work bag so 73 was my work bag and contains plant material but smells really potent. only got around a few grams but to add as a sprinkle to the Chemdawg, the true power comes out throughout the whole spliff couchlock ain’t the word more like bed bound aha

I messaged grow diaries to add a “after harvest” button as some people like me make bubble Hash, Rso, Shatter and edibles and itd be a good feature aswell they could even start a new competition “after harvest of the month” I hope everyone doesn’t throw away there trim and makes something nice :v::skin-tone-5:

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Look up Chemdawg (sometimes spelled Chemdog) and you’ll find that its origins are fiercely disputed. Murky stories about chance meetings at Grateful Dead and the states of Montana, Massachusetts and Colorado all figure in the tales.

A more straightforward explanation of its genetics is that it’s a cross between two well-respected strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Whatever the truth, this Sativa and Indica hybrid, with the Sativa characteristics to the fore, is a connoisseur standard smoke that experienced growers should consider.

The Chemdawg strain has a pungent, earthy aroma and the flavor displays notes of fruit and spice with a slightly sour undertone detectable. The high is quick-acting and leaves you very stoned but still functioning. The hit can last for up to two hours. Medical practitioners recommend this weed for muscular pain and poor appetite.

Chemdawg seeds produce tall, branching plants with long, narrow leaves and medium-sized buds covered in sticky crystals. THC has been measured as high as 20.5 percent.

Indoors, you can grow this strain using the SCROG method or low stress training. The plants can be prone to mould and mildew, so growers need to pay particular attention to both ventilation and humidity levels. The plants also need attentive training and trimming. Flowering time is nine weeks and carefully grown crops can yield as much as 800 grams per square metre.

Successful outdoor growing requires warm dry summers like those of the Mediterranean region. Outdoor yields are around the 800 grams per plant level.

Chemdawg is not a strain for the novice grower. If you have some gardening experience under your belt, this strain can produce high yields of quality weed.

In depth review of Chemdawg, a top quality weed that rewards growers with experience with a large quantities of seriously potent bud.