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Marijuana Review: Chem DD by Secret Gardens of Washington

Chem DD (also known as Chemm DD F-2) is the name of the strain at hand today. Yes, “double D” (heh heh). We procured this product from Renton area recreational pot shop Clutch Cannabis (formerly known as Rain City Cannabis). This store has some great specials on certain days of the week, and offers a VIP membership – definitely worth a visit.

The producer of Chem DD is Secret Gardens of Washington – love the name; part of me wants to crank up the Bruuuuuuuce and pop in a VHS of Jerry McGuire. SGOW (for short) is a premier producer for Washington, and pride themselves in having potent, perfected product.

SGOW’s website has an index of select strains including testing information, here’s Chem DD‘s:

Check out the marijuana review of Chem DD by Secret Gardens of Washington, sold at Clutch Cannabis (formerly Rain City Cannabis). Sign up now for more weed reviews and Seattle cannabis news.

Chem DD

by tracking#track” data-controller=”tracking” data-tracking-payload=”<"eventAction":"click","eventCategory":"Brand Name","eventLabel":"Link","brandId":11768,"fullUrl":"","productId":35363,"strainId":248176>” href=”/brands/ilera-healthcare”>Ilera Healthcare

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this product

This strain, although hard to get your hands on, has a potent taste. The flavor is of lemon ammonia with a strong exhale and a hint of sour diesel, and the aroma is potent with hints of sour diesel and and lemons. Indica/Hybrid. THC: 12-22%. Top Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene.

About this brand

Ilera Healthcare

About this strain

Chem D.O.G.

Chem D.O.G., not to be confused with Chemdawg, is a potent Chemdawg and OG Kush cross that harnesses the best qualities of either strain. With an expansive terpene profile that includes limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, this strain has a spiced citrus nose with touches of chemical and earth. This bouquet of aromas illustrates the complex effects nestled below Chem D.O.G.’s frosty greenery, which offer soothing physical relaxation after a powerful rush brought on by the strain’s high THC content.

8 customer reviews

on December 4th, 2020

Smooth. Very relaxing.

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on November 29th, 2020

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on September 18th, 2020

The buds smell and look great. Smoked a joint tasted great. Relaxed me to release some pain, but doesn’t plant me into the couch so a good day time strain as well

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