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The CH9 Seeds team has smoked weed, tested strains and collected the finest cannabis genetics on a global basis for over 3 decades. They started growing in 1985 in California. From San Diego to San Francisco, the CH9 Seeds breeders explored a new world of uplifting cannabis with buds that were so resinous they never seemed to dry out. The highs were motivating, expansive and never seemed to dim due to tolerance levels. CH9 Seeds aims to pack each new release with those same effects.

In 2005, the owners moved CH9 Seeds to Europe where they began crafting feminized seeds. Today, they only work with the most exclusive genetics gathered from around the world with the ultimate goal of maximizing flavor and resin levels while improving speed and medicinal properties.

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The breeders behind CH9 Seeds breeds started growing cannabis in 1985 in California. They offer their own genetics to the public since 2005.

CH9 seeds

Searching for rare genetics, for a nice & deep high, for recreation or therapy, it never stopped collecting, testing, smoking new strains around the world for the last 26 years.

Produce very potent hybrids, who dispels repeatability effects, mind bending soaring high.

The genetics is exclusive. The goal of seedbank is culture for flavor and crossing fast gummy plant for healing.

The plants are well stabilized, you will not find so many different phenotypes.

Dispelling the resistance and repeatability of high tolerance during daily use.

Recommend to respect the flowering time, and to avoid a long dehydrating curing. Most ch9’s can be harvested from day 49 to 65 with a minimum of 15-20 days of vegetation. It should be smoke or vaporize super clammy, if well preserved, the buds will stay gummy a long time.

Cannabis seed bank information: grow journals, strain reviews, best growers, brand history. CH9 seeds