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THC oils are created by using various extraction methods to pull the valuable THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant for consumption. Cannabis oils are potent sources of THC which means it will give you a good buzz, but also contains many cannabinoids with therapeutic properties.

What is THC Oil?

While smoking cannabis flower to get THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) may remain as the most popular route of consumption, THC oils offer a newfound way to enjoy cannabis. THC oils are created by using various extraction methods to pull the valuable THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and them suspending those cannabinoids in a carrier oil like MCT or hemp oil. So, in the end, you have a fluid formula that can be used for dosing THC in alternative ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Does THC Oil Get You High?

Absolutely. THC is the cannabis compound that is most psychoactive, and it is the most intoxicating. In fact, a THC oil may be more potent than regular flower, depending on how the oil was made and how the oil is then used. For example, if you find a THC oil that contains a higher milligram level of THC, it’s very possible that just a few drops or hits with a vaporizer will be ample enough to generate a buzz. On the contrary, if you were smoking cannabis flower, you may have to smoke more to achieve the same effects because you are likely going to get less THC with every puff.

With this in mind, using caution as a first-time THC oil user is always recommended; use only a small amount, monitor the effects, and dose more as needed. Also, make sure you know the THC potency of any oil you plan to use. In one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, users who were either inexperienced or rarely used cannabis had heightened risks of experiencing an adverse reaction with vaped cannabis oil. The researchers noted that participants who vaped cannabis over smoking had higher concentrations of blood-THC levels.

How to Use THC Oil

The majority of THC oil is formulated to be used in vape pens or vape carts. However, some THC oils are also suitable for use with a dab rig, especially those with a thicker consistency like RSO oil that are easy to drip onto a heated nail in a controlled way. The vaping vs dabbing debate with THC oil is ever-constant among experienced cannabis oil users. Vapes give you a great deal of convenience with using your oil. You can simply pick up a prefilled pen or cartridge and enjoy at will. However, dabbing with a rig can also give you more control; you can drip precisely the amount of oil you want to use on your heated nail. Plus, some people prefer dabbing because they claim the effects are better.

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Can You Ingest THC Oil?

You can ingest THC oil, but most people do prefer to stick with sublingual dosing (under the tongue) simply because the effects can kick in within 15 to 30 minutes, which is just slightly longer than with inhalation. Simply taking an oil and swallowing, much like any form of cannabis edible, can mean you won’t see full effects for 30 to 60 minutes.

How to Cook with THC Oil

Playing around with creating your own THC-infused concoctions can be fun, but you do have to be careful not to use too much. Consider how many servings you have in a dish, and use that to gauge how much THC oil to use in your recipe. For example, say you are using the oil to make a batch of brownies. You will have ten servings once the recipe is complete. Consider how much THC you want in each brownie, such as 10mg of THC. With this in mind, you would want 100mg of THC for the full recipe.

The Difference Between CBD Oil and THC Oil

THC oil is specifically created to contain high levels of THC; CBD oil is formulated with high levels of CBD (cannabidiol). While both CBD and THC have therapeutic properties, CBD does not have intoxicating effects. Typically, CBD oil is created by extracting cannabinoids from hemp, which is naturally low in THC. You can also find 1:1 CBD and THC oil, which can have equal amounts of CBD and THC, which is thought to offer excellent therapeutic effects.

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Final Thoughts on THC Oil and How to Have the Best Experience

When used responsibly, THC oil can offer an excellent alternative for enjoying cannabis. Oils are more discreet, can sometimes be more potent, and have a diverse listing of ways they can be used. To make sure you have the best experience with any THC oil, always buy a product that fits your planned consumption method. For example, make sure the THC oil is actually designed for vaping and not for use as a tincture if that is how you intend to use it. Also, look for high-quality oils manufactured by reputable companies that give you the exact potency levels right on the bottle. To try THC oils for yourself, be sure to take a look at our menus at Silver Therapeutics dispensaries in MA.

Cannabis Oil Vs. Hash Oil Vs. Hemp Oil

What Is What With Cannabis Oil, Hash Oil, and Hemp Oil

Cannabis Oil Vs. Hash Oil Vs. Hemp Oil

While smoking might still be the most popular way to use cannabis, we at Cannabis.net think that cannabis oils are the future. Oils made from derivatives of cannabis are becoming more popular both for its medicinal and recreational value. If you want to give oils a try but aren’t sure where to start, read through our guide on the different kinds of cannabis-based oils and their uses:

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils generally have a strong aroma, and come in light or dark green and brown colors. Cannabis oils are potent sources of THC which means it will give you a good buzz, but also contains many cannabinoids with therapeutic properties. It is commonly used to treat cancer, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cannabis oil can be applied directly to the skin or consumed sublingually, although many also enjoy using it as an ingredient in cooking edibles.

When consuming cannabis oil, keep in mind that its effects take a while. It’s always recommended to start with low doses then work your way through after waiting 30 minutes to an hour.

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Hash Oil

Hash oil is known to be much more potent because it’s a concentrated form of cannabis oil. Just by taking an extremely small amount of hash oil will get you buzzed AF because hash oil contains higher amounts of THC. Hash oil is also known as honey oil because of its golden color. It can be used to make balms or edibles but hash oil can also be smoked, vaped, or dabbed. Hash oils can be applied topically to provide relief from sore muscles and is also popularly used by patients who are suffering from serious, life-threatening conditions thanks to its medicinal value. Hash oil is effective in helping to improve moods as well as stress and pain relief.

Hash oil is known to make consumers get high very quickly, which is why it tends to be more popular with a younger crowd who want to get a buzz in a short amount of time.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is made by extracting oil by pressing hemp seeds. Avoid purchasing refined hemp oil, which is colorless and has no antioxidants or vitamins. Cold-pressed hemp oil is usually green in color. Unrefined cold-pressed hemp oil has serious medicinal and health benefits particularly Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are needed for optimum cellular health. It has no THC content and won’t get you high, although only trace amounts of it can be found in hemp oil.

Hemp oil is commonly used as an ingredient in health and beauty products. It’s also used in industrial applications such as in the manufacture of plastics, fuel, lubricants, and paint. Hemp oil burns easily so it isn’t recommended for use in cooking. However, hemp oil can be added in dishes that don’t require cooking such as salads. Because hemp oil has no THC content and can’t get you high, it’s sold as a supplement in many

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