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Cannabis Delivery, Find the best weed delivery dispensaries near you with Pelican Delivers. Order Cannabis for On-Demand Cannabis Delivery. Find reviews & menus from the top dispensaries. Trulieve is a leading provider in medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products. Visit our website or one of our 180+ cannabis dispensaries

CBD Oil Delivery Near Me

It’s easy! Put in your delivery address, select a store, add to your products to cart, and check-out!


Pay with your debit or credit card!


We take care of the rest! Sit back and relax as we deliver the product to you!

Whether you’re searching for recreational or medicinal purposes, we strive to provide a complete and simple solution to bring your cannabis directly to your door with the best Cannabis service in the industry.*

Today more than ever people are busy and seeking convenience. We are all getting our groceries, toiletries and other household and beauty products delivered each month, so why wouldn’t we seek the same for our cannabis?

Maybe you are too busy to get to a dispensary. Maybe you like to keep your habits private and do not want to be seen at a dispensary. Maybe you have a medical condition that prevents you from driving. No matter what the reason, we got you covered!

Pelican Delivers is the best cannabis delivery service around. All our drivers are friendly and professional and will deliver your favorite cannabis products right to the comfort of your home

When you choose to use Pelican Delivers, you can expect high quality cannabis products delivered right to your door from your favorite local dispensary. You can expect to be met with friendly and professional customer service every time.

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Trulieve | Homepage

Trulieve and country-music legends The Bellamy Brothers are backing a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational use of marijuana by people 21 or older in the State of Florida.

Our Products

Our Brands

Cultivar Collection™

The greatest art in the world is not celebrated for the paint it’s made with but instead for the brushstroke of the artist. It’s our process, and the passion we pour into it, that makes our product extraordinary.

A line of premium, mind-expanding cannabis concentrates and cartridges, Muse™ encourages you to let go and give into inspiration. The world is your canvas – there is no limit to what you can do when you unlock what is within.


A staple for everyday wellness. Make Momenta™ a part of your daily and nightly ritual. Enjoy more blissful moments by enhancing your connection to the body, mind, and spirit

Sweet Talk™

Craveable confections infused with premium quality cannabis. Open wide and get a taste of our delightful bites. You know you want some!


Everything that touches your lips should taste this beautiful. Co2lors™ is the leader in fruity potency, delivering the most flavorful, concentrated, and safe products.

Roll One™

Nothing tech-y or slick. Just good, affordable cannabis. You’re here because you want some cannabis, and we’re here because we have it for you. It’s that simple.


Showcasing full spectrum compounds extracted from your favorite plant, Alchemy™ harnesses the entire cannabis plant, delivering a heightened experience that only our scientists can capture.

Modern Flower™

Meticulously grown and nurtured with purified water and without any synthetic pesticides, Modern Flower™ has a broad range of quality, approachable products to fit contemporary cannabis lifestyles.

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Our small batch, handcrafted flower is cultivated to deliver a powerful and unexpected experience. Explore the limits with Avenue™.


Taste the loveli difference of chef-inspired edibles. Each signature recipe was perfected with one goal in mind: to make the most delicious edibles in the world.


Turn a Trek into an adventure. Trekker’s pre-rolls come in secure, on-the-go containers, so you can spend more time living in the moment.

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