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Apeks Supercritical manufacturers efficient CO2 oil extraction systems & machines for natural flavorings, fragrance, cannabis, hemp and more. Green Mill Supercritical providing uniquely precise and automated CO2 supercritical fluid extraction SFE systems. Co2 extraction machine is cost-effective and delivers maximum control over pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Visit today

Bringing CO2
Extraction to the masses

Our story started over a decade ago with a vision to provide a cleaner, safer and more efficient way to extract high quality botanical oils. We embraced a pioneering spirit and dedication to our craft to meet the unique needs of the industry. Throughout the years, the industry has changed and we have continued our relentless pursuit of new technologies and methods to provide processing solutions that allow our customers to do more. Our innovative spirit, perseverance and commitment to forging relationships for the long haul, guides us day in and day out. If there is a better way to do things, we will find it and blaze a new trail.

Produce Finished Oil in Record Time. For Real.

Here is some of what’s possible with this new technology:

Winterization without ethanol refines extract during the primary extraction while maintaining efficiency and fast speeds

Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in startup costs over ethanol winterization

No loss of targeted compounds during winterization, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

An extraction lab free of expensive post-processing

A new category of high-grade extract untouched by contaminants of any kind and faithful to the originating plant

Increased profit margins on premium extract for a wider consumer base

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Liberation from ethanol-based winterization

Maximum precision & control

Simple enough for almost any operator

If you are mechanically-curious, then you can quickly learn to produce consistent, high-quality extracts on any of our systems, for wholesale or end product development that will thrill customers while satisfying regulators.

Deep enough for master technicians

For extraction operators looking to develop methodologies only possible with a true instrumentation-grade extractor, we offer features like density feedback and control, triple inline fractionation, and software scripting and sequencing.

The Proof is in the data

Here’s data log proof of the level of control Green Mill systems provide during an extraction run, which translates into control for you over the product you manufacture:

These plot lines are taken directly from the data log file generated during an extraction using a default recipe.
Notice how system conditions quickly reach recipe settings and maintain stability for the duration of the extraction.


For Green Mill, precision and stability mean our CO₂ extraction systems sense the conditions they operate under and make second-by-second adjustments. Our engineers understand that when key conditions fluctuate, the operating business’ profit margins will be lower.

If your extraction machine doesn’t achieve stability when running a batch, then it is simply impossible to…

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