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Best CBD Cat Treats 2022 – Top 3 Healthy Brands For Your Kitten To Enjoy Mischievous and dangerously adorable, your feline friend likely has you wrapped around her little sharp claw. It’s their There is a new trick in town to keep your feline friend happy and calm. Here is a review of the best cat CBD treats to keep your cat calm.

Best CBD Cat Treats 2022 – Top 3 Healthy Brands For Your Kitten To Enjoy

Mischievous and dangerously adorable, your feline friend likely has you wrapped around her little sharp claw. It’s their world and we’re just living in it. That’s part of what makes cats so endearing—their sass and unpredictability. When your kitty isn’t stalking your toes or wailing at you while looking at her food bowl expectantly, they can be some of the most soothing, comforting creatures to have as pets. The sound of their purring is like a white noise machine that creates a sense of calm and peace in your environment and the way they curl up and stretch to expose their bellies is like an art installation alive and well in your home. Though they can be difficult, cats ultimately make a home better, adding fun and cuddles to your life. Just as you pick out new toys and set up cat trees to complement their natural hunting and climbing drives, you can incorporate CBD oil into their wellness routine to support their little bodies as they age.

CBD isn’t just for older cats, either. It’s a great natural supplement to incorporate into your cat’s routine, no matter her age. And administering CBD oil has never been easier than with some delectable treats that will have her completely fooled, thinking she’s just getting the praise and adoration she obviously deserves. (Cue cat-with-a-crown GIF.) Although you could always administer CBD oil with a dropper, it can get messy and cats may turn up their nose at the scent, even when it’s added to their favorite foods. Instead, give your cat the gift of good health in the form of crunchy or chewy CBD treats she’ll love and want more of. We found the best CBD cat treats available on the CBD market and we promise that neither you nor your beloved feline friend will be disappointed.

Top 3 CBD Cat Treats – Brand Summary

    – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Cat Treats – Close Second – Runner-Up

Why Did We Choose These 3 Brands To Be On Our List?

We put this list of CBD pet treats together by focusing on several quality standards. You simply can’t believe everything you read online, and clever marketing just doesn’t cut it. We want to make sure that the CBD treats you get for your cat are packed with clean ingredients and high-quality extract. Below is what we considered when we selected our top 3 CBD cat treat companies.

Cats are delicate creatures that require the highest quality of ingredients possible. We selected companies that manufacture CBD oil-infused cat treats with care. You’ll find that the treats we outlined below don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Instead, they focus on natural ingredients to create a tasty product that your cat will love and benefit from.

Since CBD is not regulated, the company you purchase from must follow through with third-party lab testing. This independent testing confirms the purity, potency, and safety of the CBD oil and other ingredients included in the cat treats. This step is vital for ensuring a brand remains accountable to its customers.

We’ve only included well-known CBD companies in this list of CBD cat treats. These companies have a great reputation and have continued innovating their product list to satisfy the many needs of their customers.

We wanted to get feedback from other cat parents like you. Each of the treats highlighted in this article are loved by cat parents for how they have helped the health of their cats, plus they are loved by cats, which can be difficult to please sometimes.

Best Cat CBD Treats – Reviews

1. HolistaPet – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Cat Treats


  • Subscribe and save 25%
  • 0% THC = non psychoactive
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO, no gluten, and no dairy


The CBD Cat Treats Your Cat Must Try

HolistaPet CBD treats contain full-spectrum hemp extract with 100% natural ingredients. They’ve been tested and confirmed safe for pet consumption and contain 2 mg of CBD per treat. They contain 28% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and 10% moisture. All you need is one treat for every four pounds of body weight, and you can repeat every 4 to 8 hours or as needed.

Ingredients include salmon, chicken, potato starch, peas, along with natural flavor. You’ll never find any animal byproducts, corn, wheat, or artificial preservatives in HolistaPet cat treat formulas. These are crunchy and have a delicious salmon flavor your cat will love. Use these treats to support your cat’s joints, to help reduce her anxiety, reduce any pain, and set her up for healthy living.

Cost, Shipping, and Discounts

These CBD cat treats cost $24.95 for a bag that contains 75 individual treats. You do get free shipping on all orders and all HolistaPet products come with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. To optimize savings, you can subscribe for regular deliveries and get 25% off your orders. New customers can enjoy 25% off sitewide by entering your email address to receive a discount code.

Why HolistaPet?

HolistaPet has a philosophy to take a healthier approach when delivering natural cannabinoids to your pet’s endocannabinoid system. All their products contain unique superfood ingredients engineered into a specific formula to complement your cat’s health. Their product line is the result of 12 years of combined efforts, research, experimenting, and implementation. When you shop for CBD cat treats online with HolistaPet, you also get the opportunity to earn rewards with them. All you have to do is join, earn points, and redeem them. You can quickly access their latest lab test results directly on the website to confirm the ingredients, safety, and potency of the CBD oil included in the treats. They also offer a very handy quiz that helps you determine how much CBD oil you should be given to your cat based on her age, weight, and ailment(s).

Reviews From Real Pet Owners

Customers give these CBD cat treats five stars. One verified owner has an old farm cat who was struggling with some stiffness and mobility issues. She noticed that he used to play with another of their cats but began to hiss at him. She also noticed he couldn’t jump into his favorite window sill or onto his favorite chairs any longer. To help him move with more ease, she started giving him one of these treats every morning and she noticed a huge difference after just one week of consistent dosing. She’s happy to report that he has his old energy back and is playing again, both on his own and with their other cat. He enjoys the treats, even though she calls him a picky eater and she’s relieved to see that he’s back jumping onto window sills and his favorite chairs.

2. Petly CBD – Close Second


  • For cats of all sizes
  • High-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Treats contain essential fatty acids
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Only one flavor option

The CBD Cat Treats Your Cat Must Try

Petly has treats made with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD for cats and kittens of all sizes. This formula includes 100% natural, vet-approved ingredients and is packed with calcium and the essential fatty acids your kitty needs to thrive. Some of the ingredients in this formula include organically grown broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, chicken, brown rice, pea flour, and sweet potato. You can feed your cat 10 to 12 of these treats daily or as needed. The hemp they use for their CBD is sourced from the US, and it’s tested to ensure there are never any pesticides or heavy metals present. Instead, your kitty just gets all the good stuff.

Although not a treat, we did also want to mention that Petly offers a naturally salmon-flavored CBD food topper. This container holds about 30 servings and a total of 450 mg of hemp CBD. All it takes is one scoop to make any pet food even more nourishing. The natural smoked salmon flavor is a hit with any cat and this topper is free of wheat, soy, corn, lentils, and potato flour.

Cost, Shipping, and Discounts

The treats for cats are normally priced at $34.99 but Petly often brings that price down to $24.99. You can sign up for updates and exclusive promotions by entering your email toward the bottom right of the screen and you can also subscribe to receive your favorite Petly CBD cat treats automatically delivered on your schedule. The CBD food topper is normally priced at $54.99 but you can typically find it discounted at $49.99. Subscribe to save 20% on your order.

Why Petly CBD?

Petly is known for treating their four-legged friends as members of the family. They were founded with the purpose of creating exceptional CBD products that contribute to the health and well-being of their beloved pets. They are pet owners themselves, so they know how much love and care goes into keeping your kitty safe and happy. They not only commit to quality products, but they also support specific causes that help them reach more pets in need.

They’ve standardized what they call “The Petly Process” because they know that the driving force behind their CBD products has to be the reality of science. One of their priorities when developing a new formula is to look at the research that exists on exactly how nutrients affect your pet’s body and how they can use ingredients that support the health issues they aim to address.

Every one of Petly’s products starts with organic farming in nutrient-rich soil in Colorado. Their farmers operate under strict guidelines and take advantage of a state-of-the-art farming process. This initial step enhances the quality of their natural, proprietary strains and ensures that all their CBD products are safe and regulated. They follow through with raw hemp processing and a proprietary extraction and solids separation method. After, they move forward with distillation, THC removal, and refining. To confirm they’ve done everything correctly, they lab test every production run for quality and potency. You get to be a part of their mission to give back because every time you purchase from Petly, they pledge one dollar of every product sold to pets in need.

Reviews From Real Pet Owners

Cat parents share that they found Petly CBD products to be incredibly effective. They can’t recommend these treats and the food topper enough. One verified customer has a 17-year-old babe who was suffering from anxiety, intestinal lymphoma, and the beginnings of mild arthritis in her low back and left hip. To offer some reprieve from the effects of being an older lady cat, her owner started her on CBD to work as a supplement for her anxiety medication and the oral steroid for her intestines and to help her body deal with any pain and inflammation from the onset of arthritis. She noticed an immediate improvement in her activity level, demeanor, and comfort. She’s grateful to Petly for having created a product that made a huge difference in her beloved kitty’s quality of life, especially during her final months.

3. CBD.co by Paw CBD – Runner-Up


  • Chicken and catnip flavors
  • CBD soft chews for cats
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • THC-free product


  • Currently, there are no customer reviews beneath the product description

The CBD Cat Treats Your Cat Must Try

These CBD-infused treats by Paw CBD are available on the CBD.co marketplace. They are chicken and catnip flavored and you can purchase a container that holds 150 chews and either a 150 mg concentration or a 300 mg concentration per container. If you’ve ever given your cat catnip, you know that it can make her go crazy. When you combine catnip with chicken and CBD, your cat will be in kitty heaven.

These are great for cats both young and old because they’re soft chews, meaning they’re very easy on their teeth. This formula helps your cat experience a new outlook on wellness support. Some of the ingredients included are CBD, chicken, pea flour, garbanzo flour, MCT oil, and natural chicken flavor.

Cost, Shipping, and Discounts

These Paw CBD cat treats cost $24.99 for the 150 mg strength option or $34.99 for the 300 mg strength option. Remember, you’re getting 150 soft chews per container. If you choose to subscribe for regular deliveries, you can save 20% off plus get free shipping. You can also break down the total cost of these soft chews into four interest-free payments by using Sezzle to check out!

Why CBD.co?

CBD.co is a vast online marketplace where you can find all your favorite CBD oil products. They feature a wide variety of well-known CBD oil suppliers and new customers can take 20% off their next order by trading their email address. Shop for yourself and your kitty on this marketplace website and explore new products you wouldn’t even have thought to look for.

Reviews From Real Pet Owners

Although there are no reviews listed directly between the product description on CBD.co, we did find reviews about this specific product elsewhere on the Internet. One verified buyer called these CBD cat treats “mellow magic” because, after only a few short days, he has seen great results in his cats. He’s noticed they’ve really mellowed out and aren’t constantly trying to distract him while he works from home. Another verified buyer was concerned that his cat would not like the treats, so he started by mixing one or two with his cat’s food. They were gobbled up almost immediately and now his cat has grown to absolutely love the flavor.

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How to Choose the Best CBD Cat Treats

To make sure you choose the best CBD cat treats for your cat, there are some important things to look for and some things to avoid as well.

What to Look For

The most important consideration when selecting CBD cat treats is to ensure the ingredients are all-natural. You should always know what’s inside your cat’s food and whether you’re purchasing CBD soft chews or crunchy treats, you should always look for high-quality, natural components. CBD cat treats should contain a protein source like chicken or salmon and should be listed first in the ingredients list. Cats also need additional nutrients like fats, which means you should only be purchasing CBD treats made specifically for felines.

Without independent lab testing, a manufacturer may be dishonest about the ingredients they use in their CBD products. Make sure you’re only purchasing from reputable suppliers that practice honesty and transparency, providing customers with the lab results of their cat CBD oil products. When you have this extra check in place, it fosters trust between the supplier and the customer.

Another item to look out for when purchasing cat CBD is the health benefits afforded by the treats. Consider the type of CBD being used, whether it’s broad-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum CBD. Also, take a look at the other ingredients to determine which formula is the best for your cat. Cat CBD oil works with versatility and will tend to reach whatever ailment your cat is dealing with. However, there are some cat CBD treats with additional ingredients, like superfoods, that have a more targeted formula.

You may also want to consider your cat’s dental health when purchasing treats. Older cats may prefer a softer texture that’s easier on their teeth while younger cats may do well with crunchy treats, which also help with oral health, controlling tartar and plaque. The more you can customize CBD treats to what your specific kitty needs, the better the results will be.

What to Avoid

Some CBD treats are much too high in both carbohydrates and sugars. Although your cat might enjoy them, like junk food for humans, this can lead to weight problems like obesity and into worse issues, like heart problems. The goal when administering cat CBD oil is to enhance your cat’s health, not to harm it. This is why reading the ingredients label is crucial to ensure you’re purchasing CBD cat treats that make the quality of your cat’s life better.

Although it might be tempting to give your cat all the treats she wants, you must pay attention to the portion size as identified by the manufacturer. Ultimately, CBD treats should only make up 10% or less of your cat’s overall diet. Make sure you count out every treat that you give to your kitty to prevent overconsumption.

Benefits of CBD Cat Treats

CBD offers several health benefits to your cat because your cat, like all mammals, has an endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids in CBD are pulled toward your cat’s receptors, which helps their little bodies function better. Below are just some of the reasons that cat parents choose to incorporate CBD oil cat treats into their routine:

Mobility Support / Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis in cats is a common reason owners turn to CBD for help. If your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis, this painful condition can result in joint inflammation and an overall lack of luster and zest for life. Your cat may have a hard time getting around, doing her usual jumping onto her favorite spots, and this could affect her mental health as well. While dietary changes can help to relieve the symptoms of this condition, most parents find that CBD works miraculously not just to relieve inflammation, but also to relieve pain.

Calm Support / Anxiety Relief

Cats are known for being skittish and when they’re dealing with acute levels of stress and anxiety, their overall health can be compromised. They could start with simply hiding away but excessive stress and anxiety can also lead to a reduced appetite to the point where your cat may stop eating altogether. CBD allows your cat to experience her life with more resiliency, helping her fight against stress and anxiety. CBD is known to help your cat control neurological activities, which makes her better equipped to handle the next road trip, the next vet visit, or the next house guest.

Epileptic Seizure Alleviation

Like humans, cats can also suffer from the debilitating effects of epilepsy. If your cat deals with this unpredictable disorder and suffers from seizures, CBD can help to mitigate the frequency and severity of these attacks.

Mood Regulation

Just like CBD works to reduce stress and anxiety in your cat, it also helps to create mood stabilization in your cat. This is an especially helpful health benefit, particularly if your cat has developed a bit of a bad attitude. Some cats are naturally very temperamental, but CBD could help calm them down and make their behavior a little bit more predictable.

Improved Irritable Bowel Disease Symptoms

If your cat has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, you’ll find that the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD can change the way her digestive system functions. Swelling gets reduced along with the discomfort your cat experiences from this disease.

Overall Health Boost

Some cat parents incorporate CBD cat treats into their cat’s routine because CBD is good for them. CBD can work as a preventive measure that keeps your kitty in good health. The younger you start, the better off your cat is.

How Many CBD Treats Should I Give My Cat?

It all depends on the specific CBD treats you’re giving your cat. Each one is formulated differently, with a different set of ingredients, and different instructions for dosage. Typically, you can supply your cat with one or two treats in the morning and a few more as the day wears on. However, always remember that cat treats should not make up more than 10% of your cat’s diet. She still needs her regular food and all the nutrients that come along with her regular diet.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Veterinarians agree that CBD is safe for cats . You can also find plenty of anecdotal evidence from other pet parents who have been using CBD to help their cats enjoy a higher quality of life. If your cat is given too high a dose, you may notice that she becomes a bit drowsy and tends to nap a bit more than usual. You may also notice a little bit of stomach upset the first time you administer CBD cat treats, depending on how sensitive your cat’s stomach is. However, you’ll find that CBD cat treats are very well tolerated by your pet and provide significantly more health benefits than side effects.

As far as CBD, you don’t have to worry. The problem comes with untrustworthy suppliers. Since there is a lack of regulatory oversight by the FDA, some companies take advantage and create products that have less than clean ingredients. These companies don’t care much about your cat, rather they care about making a quick profit. That’s why it’s so important that you only purchase from reputable suppliers that have a long-standing reputation in the CBD industry. Take your time researching the company and learning more about their practices to make sure you’re purchasing a safe product. Low-quality CBD products can do more harm than good, so stick to trusted brands like the ones we highlight in this article.

How Long Before My Cat Experiences Relief?

CBD oil tends to work rather quickly in your cat’s body. After you give her a treat, you’ll notice the effects take between 15 and 30 minutes. This is usually the case for most cats, but it could take up to two hours for the CBD oil to fully absorb into your cat’s body. How quickly cat CBD works also has to do a lot with your cat’s age and weight and the specific ailment you’re looking to alleviate. With pressing issues like anxiety and pain, CBD tends to work rather quickly but for chronic issues like arthritis and inflammation, consistent use is what renders better results. If you noticed that the CBD treats aren’t working as you expected, you may need to increase the dose slightly for more therapeutic benefits. It’s also always a great idea to connect with your veterinarian, who knows your cat’s medical history, so they can suggest a therapeutic dose.


Cat CBD is a multifaceted, generous supplement that gifts your kitty with health from the inside out. Even if you’re not shopping CBD for a specific ailment, you’ll find that incorporating CBD cat treats into her routine will make her a happier and healthier cat overall. Remember to choose your CBD supplier—the three we’ve outlined above operate with authenticity and transparency. Plus, their treats are confirmed to be delicious by cat parents who highly recommend them. Which variety do you think your kitty will love the most?

Best CBD Cat Treats Of 2022: Reviews & Guide

There are several ways to make your pet happy. However, keeping them calm is another issue. Sometimes your cat just seems so restless and out of control. Fortunately, there’s a new trick to help you get everything under control. All you have to do is give your cat some CBD treats, and you’ll have them as calm as ever.

Many pet owners now prefer to use CBD cat treats to help their feline companions. Cannabidiol or CBD contains all-natural ingredients that have no adverse effects. Hence, it will not make your cat high but can relieve pain while calming them down.

CBD is a chemical compound obtained naturally from cannabis plants. The compound has several health benefits when consumed. CBD works by combining with several receptors in the cat’s body to provide a sense of relief and calmness. Unlike THC compounds, CBD oil does not have mind-altering effects. Hence, cat parents can mix the CBD oil in their cat’s food without risking any side effects.

Before now, only humans enjoyed the benefits of CBD products. However, scientists have found a way to make the compound available for cats. Hence, you can now find the product available in different options for your cats.

Although CBD cat treats offer the best benefits, getting genuine products that offer such benefits could pose a big problem. You will face problems because there are several brands on the market. However, some of these brands offer low-quality CBD treats that may not offer good benefits. Our team discovered this problem and has compiled a list of the best CBD cat treats to help cat owners purchase quality products.

Top 3 Picks For Best CBD Cat Treats:

    – Overall Best CBD Cat Treats On The Market, Editor’s Pick– Top Pick For CBD Cat Treats With Unique Flavors
  1. Healthy Petables– Most Recommended CBD Cat Treats With Excellent Potency

#1. Holistapet CBD Cat Treats – Overall Best CBD Cat Treats On The Market, Editor’s Pick

Holistapet is a US-based company that operates in California. The brand commenced its operation to relieve pain, anxiety, seizures, cancer, and arthritis in cats by using naturally-derived ingredients rather than pharmaceuticals.

Holistapet offers the best legal, full spectrum CBD oil that does not get your cat “high.” The brand aims at helping your cat obtain relief from nausea, allergies, stress, seizures, etc.

Holistapet uses organic hemp from naturally-grown hemp plants for its products. The brand also ensures to send its products for independent third-party laboratory tests to ensure their safety. Additionally, the brand uses the best and safest extraction methods to obtain CBD. The brand uses the CO2 extraction method in line with what the best CBD brands use to obtain their CBD oil. Hence, you will naturally enjoy the purest terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils when patronizing Holista.

This brand offers three types of CBD products at the moment. With Holistapet, you can choose to purchase CBD oils or CBD treats. Alternatively, you can go for the third option, which is the capsules.

What makes this brand stand out from the rest is its use of natural superfood ingredients in its products to treat specific symptoms. The brand works with the Veterinary Advisory Board to use the highest quality information on CBD and animal health to curate its products. Holistapet also has its products in soft chews for cats. The brand prides itself in being the number one supplier of quality CBD pet treats.

Holistapets claims to have the best CBD cat treats online. The brand claims to have noticed the lack of good CBD cat products and stepped in to fill the void. According to Holistapet, all the products used in its formula are natural and fresh. The brand also claims not to use wheat, corn, or other harmful chemicals in its products.

The ingredients used in this product include chicken, salmon, potato starch, and peas. Additionally, the brand uses natural flavor, brewers dried yeast, citric acid, and potassium chloride. Others are cannabidiol preserved with oil of Rosemary and mixed tocopherols.


Serving Size: The cat treats from Holista have a delicious salmon flavor and contain 2mg CBD per treat. The crunchy treats from Holistapet contain the best grain-free, natural ingredients. There are 75 treats in each container with a total of 150mg CBD per container.

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Broad Spectrum CBD: Holistapet uses broad spectrum CBD oil to produce its cat treats. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the psychoactive effects because the product does not contain THC.

Gluten-free Cat Treats: Each CBD cat treat at Holistapet does not contain gluten. In addition, the product does not contain dairy or other allergens in its formula. You will also not find genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in this product.

Ingredients: Holistapet does not use artificial flavors or preservatives in its cat treats. Additionally, you will not find artificial colors or synthetics in this product. Holistapet does not include animal by-products in its soft chews. Thus, the brand’s CBD cat treats are the best treat to reward your feline friend for remaining your companion after a long and hard day.

Soft Chews for Cats: With this brand, you find CBD cat treats in salmon flavor. The yummy salmon flavor makes the broad spectrum CBD cat treats palatable.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Holistapet has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all its CBD cat treats. If you don’t like the effects of the cat treats on your cat, you can return the product for a full refund.

Discounts: You stand to enjoy up to a 25% discount when you buy CBD cat treats from Holistapet. The brand also rewards its loyal customers with personalized discounts once they register to become the brand’s members. In addition, you will get more discounts when you buy more than one bottle of the product. The more CBD cat treats you purchase per time, the more discounts you stand to gain.

Free Shipping: Holistapet also offers a free shipping feature when you purchase CBD cat treats from the brand. Pet owners can take advantage of the free shipping to save some cash.

CBD Cat Treats Pros

  • Pure and organic hemp
  • Relatively affordable CBD cat treats
  • Available in CBD soft chews
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Lab tested
  • No THC
  • Cruelty-free
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • Free shipping
  • 25% discount
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • High-quality cat CBD oil


  • Only accessible for ordering online

#2. Pet Hemp Company – Top Pick For CBD Cat Treats With Unique Flavors

Pet Hemp Company launched this brand to honor their dog, Woody, who passed away in 2019. The brand incorporated their dogs into the product designs as a way of keeping their memories alive. As pet owners with knowledge of pets, this family have devoted everything to bringing joy to other families in the form of pet treats. The brand took its time to develop the best formula to use to help pets obtain good health benefits. With their experience, the brand knows exactly how much CBD cat treats should contain to make the best effects.

Pet Hemp Company has the highest quality, and the most trusted CBD cat treats you can find. The company uses quality ingredients to produce a quantity of CBD cat treats that offer satisfaction when consumed. The balance, lab test results, consistent dosage and great reviews highlight this product as one of the best CBD cats treats on the market.

Although this brand is relatively new to the CBD snacks industry, it has gained much trust in the sight of its users. The brand uses organically grown Colorado hemp to improve your cat’s health without causing any side effects. Additionally, the brand collaborated with the Veterinarian Board of Advisors to obtain up-to-date pet information to create healthy hemp treats that offer the full benefits of CBD to cats.

The brand claim that its CBD treats work well when consumed to relieve pain and discomfort and to soothe muscle or joint soreness. In addition, they claim that their product can regulate cat appetite and aid digestion. According to them, the product also promotes better and deeper sleep while calming anxious and nervous behavior.

According to Trustpilot, this product has a user rating (TrustScore) of 4.1 out of 5, which is pretty impressive for a new brand. A satisfied user described the crunchy treats from Pet Hemp Company as a great product that helped their old farm cat obtain the best benefits of CBD. Also, users noted that the brand does its monthly subscription and delivery correctly and flawlessly. Another user thanked the brand for the CBD cookies they obtained from the brand. According to the user, the soft chews helped two-year-olds to chew down without issues. Overall, users felt satisfied with the CBD calming chews they obtained from Pet Hemp Company.


No Artificial Flavors: Pet Hemp Company does not use artificial flavorings in their products. Instead, the brand uses natural ingredients and organic hemp obtained from the best hemp plant in the United States. The brand uses potato starch, chicken, salmon and others to make its products. The brand knows that cats love Salmon. Hence, the flavor consists of salmon and chicken.

Servings: Your cat will get 2mg per treat when it consumes CBD soft chews from this brand. Also, a container of the product has 75 treats which make up 150mg in total. You can give your cat one to two treats per day. The organic hemp oil in this product makes it one of the best treats available.

Preservatives, Grain Free: The CBD cat treats from this brand do not contain preservatives or grains. Additionally, they do not contain animal by-products, corn, meals, dairy, wheat, or other artificial preservatives. Hence, the products suit cats with allergies.

Third-Party Lab-Tested: Pet Hemp company lab-tests all its products using reputable third-party laboratories. What’s more? You will find the results of these laboratory tests on the brand’s website.

Money-back Guarantee: Cat parents can return the product if they don’t like the effects on their cats. Upon return, the brand offers a full refund if you meet its money-back policy.

Discounts: Like the previous product we reviewed, Pet Hemp Company offers a 25% discount for all purchases on its CBD cat treats. Thus, you stand to save money per treat you purchase from the brand. Additionally, the brand offers more discounts when you subscribe to recurrent purchases. You will also get discounts when you buy more than one CBD cat treat per order.


  • High-quality CBD soft chews
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • Excellent organic CBD oil
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • 25% discounts
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Third-party lab-tested


  • No trial packages are available.

#3. Healthy Petables – Most Recommended CBD Cat Treats With Excellent Potency

Healthy Petables is a relatively new company with healthy hemp pet products. The US-based brand produces some of the best CBD cats treats you will find on the market. Unlike several other brands on the market, Healthy Petables uses organic hemp oil that offers the best benefits per treat. When you give your cat CBD treats from this brand, you can rest assured that it will get the best health benefits.

Healthy Petables took its time to understand how CBD works before making its CBD products. Each CBD cat treat from the brand contains essential fatty acids and other compounds that provide the calming effect your cat needs after a long day.

The brand claims that its products can improve your cat’s weight and mood. Additionally, the cat CBD brand promises its product can help relieve pain and clear any discomforts. Agreeably so, the results from the third-party lab tests reveal that the brand only uses high-quality ingredients to make its CBD treats.

What makes this product stand out from other products on the market is its unique flavoring. Although it uses the salmon flavor like the other two brands, the taste remains unique. What’s more, CBD treats from this brand do not contain harmful ingredients which could harm your cat when consumed.


Serving Size: CBD products from Healthy Petables deliver 2mg CBD per treat. You also get 75 treats with a total of 150mg CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD: Just like Holistapet CBD, Healthy Petables uses broad spectrum CBD for its crunchy treats, which means the product does not contain THC. The absence of THC means the product cannot offer any psychoactive effect or “high”, which could cause problems. Hence, you can feed your pets with this CBD product without worrying about side effects.

Diary-Free: This product does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Additionally, you will not find gluten or dairy in the formula. The absence of these ingredients makes the product suitable for allergic cats. Also, the product does not use artificial ingredients like flavors or preservatives to ensure product safety.

Natural, Grain-free Ingredients: Healthy Petables uses natural, grain-free ingredients to produce its CBD treats. Unlike other brands, Healthy Petables only offer CBD treats with high-quality natural components.

Free Shipping: The brand rewards its customers by offering free shipping once you order products. Note, however, that free shipping only applies to locations within the United States. The brand offers worldwide delivery, but terms and conditions apply.

Money-back Guarantee: Healthy Petables demonstrates trust in its CBD treats by offering a 100% money-back guarantee to users. You can return your CBD treats for a full refund if you don’t like the effects on your cat. Note that the terms and conditions for refunds apply to this policy.

Customer-centric Policy: This brand has customer-based policies that favor customers. Hence, users can enjoy CBD treats from this brand without worrying about the policies. You will essentially enjoy free shipping, discounts, excellent customer service, and other policies when you order CBD treats from this brand.


  • Customer-centric policy
  • High-quality CBD cat treats
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No THC
  • Relatively affordable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • No adverse effects


  • Only accessible in online stores

How We Picked Our CBD Cat Treats

Due to the large number of products on the market, we found it difficult to identify treats that offered the best benefits. Moreover, we were unable to determine which brand offered genuine goods. Thus, our team had to come up with some factors to consider to help us pick out the best products.

Our team drafted a list of potential products, and we checked for these features in each of those products. In the end, we found brands that offered genuine products.

What We Looked For

We considered several factors and features before selecting the products in our roundup. We ensured that the products on our list met our expectations and could satisfy customers. We rejected potential products whose criteria did not meet ours. In addition, we did not collaborate with these brands to promote them. Instead, we chose to do detailed research to draw up our best products list. Here are the things we considered while choosing our products.

  • Natural Ingredients: Our team considered several potential products on the market and selected those with natural ingredients. Such products did not contain artificial substances, flavors, GMOs, or other harmful substances. We picked such products because they offered the best benefits and would harm your cats. Additionally, we considered products that used the best extraction methods to obtain their hemp oil. Ultimately, we came up with the products we have listed in our roundup. You can trust these products to offer the best benefits to your cats.
  • Hemp Source: We gave priority to brands that sourced USA-grown instead of imported hemp. Such brands favored organic hemp plants for their extraction and could vouch for the quality of their products. We picked these brands because they remained accountable for their products. Why homegrown hemp? We chose brands with homegrown hemp because such hemp underwent quality checks by the U.S government. On the other hand, imported hemp does not undergo such quality tests and may contain pesticides, more than 0.3% THC and other harmful substances that may harm your cat.
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA): We found reputable brands always provide COAs for their products. On the other hand, brands with defective products failed to provide the COA for their products. Thus, our team only considered brands with COAs from third-party laboratories. These COAs served as safety guarantees since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) committee does not regulate these products at the moment. These COAs also show if the products contain heavy metals or pesticides during growing.
  • Potency and Pricing: If you must pay money for these products, why not get the best value for your money? For this reason, our team favored brands that offered the best potency compared to their pricing. In addition, some brands had expensive products with insufficient potency. Our team did not include such products as they did not offer enough satisfaction for what they charged. Instead, we looked for and found brands that offer products with the best bang for a few bucks. That way, you can get value for your money as your cat enjoys their treat.
  • Customer Reviews: We cannot possibly test all the products. Hence, we studied each product’s customer reviews section to understand how customers felt after purchasing the product. Our team picked the products with the highest positive reviews and user ratings. Such products lived up to their expectations and offered the best feelings to cats, as reported by the cat owners. The products on our list had the highest positive customer reviews and user ratings. You can trust these products to help your cat ease into the best feeling they’ve ever had in a while.
  • Customer Policies: Our team also considered several customer policies offered by brands. We picked brands that offered customer-centric policies. Such policies favored users more than the companies. We picked brands that offered refunds, free shipping, discounts, and excellent customer service. The products on our list have the best customer-centric policies and will give your cat the best feelings.
  • Expert Opinions: We compared our findings and picks with the opinions of several experts in the CBD industry. Ultimately, we found that our choices correlated with the opinions of these experts. We became convinced that we made the best picks for people looking to give the best treats to their cats.
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Buying Guide

Buying the best treats could get confusing. It could even get more confusing if you have no idea about the product you want to patronize. It’s okay if you belong to this category. We also found it a little tricky at first before coming up with our list. If you want your cat to enjoy good CBD oil, there are certain things you need to consider. Our detailed buying guide will help you make the best decisions on treats that will favor your cat. Here are things you should consider before purchasing any CBD treats for your cat.

Brand Reputation

Although this may sound too harsh on some brands, it is better to patronize reputable brands with good track records. Such brands have the backing of regulatory bodies and third-party laboratories. Additionally, you will find many positive customer reviews and ratings when dealing with such brands. Why should you not purchase from brands with no known track records? That’s quite simple. Such brands do not have proof of the efficiency of their products. Hence, you could end up purchasing treats that do not work. Worst case scenario, you could buy products that end up causing harm to your pet. Instead of taking all that risk, you can decide to purchase products from reputable brands that have built years of trust with their customers.

Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

It is better always to read the customer reviews and compare user ratings before purchasing any product. These reviews give first-hand information on the product’s capabilities. You can tell whether a product works by looking at the customer experience section. It would be best to purchase your treats from brands with positive reviews and high user ratings. The high user ratings denote the customer satisfaction quotient. If you notice any concerning comments from customers on the product effects, you should ask customer service or patronize another brand to ensure the safety of your cats.

Always Consider Brands With Laboratory Test Results

Most reputable brands have the backing of third-party laboratories. These brands usually subject their finished products to third-party lab tests before releasing these products into the market. The results from these tests inform you of the safety of these products. You can get these results on the brand website. If you realize that your preferred brand does not have the CoA (Certificate of Analysis), you must seek another brand that does. Always ensure that your cat’s health comes first before other things.

Check the Ingredients List

Always confirm the ingredients present in your preferred product before placing the order. The essential ingredient that must feature in any product is Cannabidiol. If you don’t want your cat to experience any mind-altering effects, you must purchase products with no THC. Products containing THC may offer mind-altering abilities to cats. Thus, you must check the ingredients list to ensure that the product uses broad rather than full spectrum CBD in its mix. Additionally, ensure that you do not buy products with proprietary blends. Such products do not list all the ingredients used in production. As such, you could end up purchasing a product containing allergens that may harm your cat.

The number of Servings Vs. Cost

The number of servings and cost are also essential to help you obtain the best product. Most products offer 2mg per treat with a total of 150mg and 75 treats. Thus, you can compare the pricing on these products to select one that suits your budget. Note, however, that overly expensive products are not always the best. The same goes for cheap products. You must combine the number of servings versus cost with other factors to obtain a good product.

Beware of False Marketers

There is a tendency that you will meet false marketers who try to sell their products to you. Such marketers will try to entice you with marketing strategies that may seem “too good to be true.” CBD products are not miracle cures, and hence, it may take a while to see visible effects. It would help if you avoided brands that tend to offer products with immediate effects. Such brands may likely not have efficient products. Also, you must look out for brands that offer over-the-top discounts on products. You may pay for products you will never see if you don’t fall into the hands of these false marketers.

Leverage Brand Policies

As a customer, you need to look out for your benefits. Most brands may have policies that favor them rather than the customers. It would help not to patronize such brands because they are after your money. Instead, look for brands with customer-centric policies. Such policies include discounts, money-back guarantees, free shipping, etc.

Ask Questions

It is never a bad idea to ask questions when you get lost. If you don’t understand anything, ensure to ask the brand’s customer service before purchasing. Asking questions will save you from making mistakes you will regret later. You can ask to understand the refund policy and its terms and conditions. While some brands have refund policies on their products, they also have criteria you must meet before you receive the refunds. Sometimes, those criteria are demanding, and you may end up losing your money if you don’t get value for such products. Also, you can ask the brand to determine the time of delivery after you place your order.

FAQs About CBD Cat Treats

Q1. How much CBD treats do I need to give my cat?

You can follow the dosage instructions that accompany the product to ensure you get the best effects out of your product. Do not use the dosage instructions on another product on a different one, as this could cause harm to your cat.

Q2. Are CBD treats good for my cat?

CBD treats from reputable brands offer the best benefits and could have positive effects on your cat. It would help if you consulted your cat’s dietician before deciding on a treat for it. How many CBD treats and the duration should all get determined once you’ve spoken to your cat’s dietician.

Q3. How Does CBD Work?

Cannabinoids and extracts of CBD interact with specific receptors in a cat. The two most common cannabinoids in CBD are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that gives users the “high” feeling associated with marijuana. Between CBD and THC, THC is much more psychoactive when compared with its counterpart CBD. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t have any mind-altering properties. CBD oil is nature’s supplement that helps relieve anxiety, physical pain, stress, and inflammation in cats. Also, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and processed into CBD oil by diluting it with a carrier oil. CBD mixed with a carrier oil makes it safer for cats to consume the product. Furthermore, it also helps the car absorb the oil a lot better.

Q4. Can I give my cat the best CBD cat treats?

The efficacy of CBD for cats is one of the most frequently asked questions these days. The concise answer to the question is; Yes, it is safe for cats to use. Cats also enjoy similar benefits, much like humans. I recommend, however, that you take your cat to a veterinarian before proceeding to give your cat any form of CBD product. A veterinarian will always point you toward a CBD oil that would perfectly match your feline friend.

Q5. How long does CBD take to work?

CBD oil normally takes 15 to 30 minutes to kick in, and its effects show on the cat. In essence, you are to give the cat its CBD dosage before a meal and expect its effects within half an hour at most. Suppose you notice that the oil isn’t affecting the cat, or it’s not feeling any better; in that case, you may increase the dosage or report to your veterinarian for a professional consultation. The cat can take up to 2 hours to fully absorb all the CBD oil; however, if you wait for the first 15-30 minutes and there’s still no effect, increase the dosage and wait for another hour. If there’s no difference, consider reporting back to a professional.

Q6. Which are the best CBD cat treats?

CBD treats are a great way for cats to enjoy the effects of CBD because they don’t have any artificial substances or drugs that would cause harm to your cat. These treats provide only the nutrients your feline creature needs to feel calm and keep a cap on their anxiety levels. The all-natural property of CBD treats makes it safe to give your cat a treat once in a while. It is a great option for cats because it is good for them, and they also love the taste. CBD treats are proven effective for cats since they have all-natural components, and because they are all-natural, they are also safe. For instance, chicken cat treats also contain CBD oil, which is why it calms down your cat.

Q7. How do you give a cat CBD treats?

Giving your cat treats is a really easy task; you must ensure that these treats are in a safe area where your cat doesn’t have access. The aim is to prevent the cat from consuming it all at once. Cats can’t have enough treats, so it is best to keep CBD snacks away from their reach. You can choose to give your pet CBD treats once or twice a week. CBD cat treats don’t have any repulsive smell. Most of these treats get their flavor from chickens, and cats love the chicken flavor. Other ingredients mix with CBD oil, so it is near impossible for you to perceive the smell. However, it is possible for your cat not to like the smell or taste of the treats. If this happens, you can always find treats from different brands and flavors to feed your pet.

Q8. What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

CBD treats have many benefits that excite cat owners to get them for their cats. Most cat owners are fans of CBD treats because it’s a safe way of taming their cat’s anxiety without having to give them any harmful substance or chemicals. Pet owners are fond of giving their cats CBD because it relieves them of stress and anxiety. What CBD does is interact with receptors that are responsible for mood regulation in your cat’s brain. You can relieve your cat of stress and anxiety by giving them CBD oil. Once you give them this antidote, you should see fewer symptoms.

Q9. How long does it take for anxiety to go away?

Most cats improve their anxiety levels within 15 to 30 minutes after administering CBD. Give it more time if you don’t notice any improvement at first. It takes some time for the oil to start working in some cases but if you don’t notice any improvement in your cat’s condition after increasing the dosage, consider visiting your vet to talk about alternative treatment options.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best CBD Treat For Your Cat?

In our roundup, we have considered CBD cat treats that can offer the best benefits to cats upon consumption. We went through a rigorous process to come up with this list. We considered the opinions of several experts and compared them with our findings. Ultimately, we found that the CBD cat treats we picked to offer the best benefits to cats.

If you want your cat to get the best feelings, you must patronize Holistapet CBD. The brand offers the best products to help cats ease pain and discomfort. Additionally, their treats could help improve your cat’s body weight without any adverse effects. One good thing about this product is that it does not contain any artificial substance. Furthermore, the product has a unique flavor that makes it easier for cats to enjoy their treats.

We also considered Pet Hemp Company’s CBD treats. The brand offers special treats with good potencies. One significant difference between this product and Holistapet CBD is that it contains THC. Thus, this product could offer mind-altering abilities once consumed by your cat. Our team also considered Healthy Petables, a brand known for its potency. You can use this brand’s cat treats if you want to enjoy enough value for each dollar you spend on CBD.

We also included a detailed guide to help you get the most outstanding CBD cat treats from a potentially long list of products on the market. You will not go astray once you follow our detailed buying guide to obtain your desired product. Always ensure to ask questions before buying any product to avoid any issues with the brand.

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