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cbd & yoga: a match made in heaven? If you’re an avid yogi, you may have noticed a new trend popping up at the yoga studios in your area — CBD. It seems like every day, more and more yoga Everyone has stress, but it can be managed, especially with the use of CBD. Find out how CBD and yoga can be used together to enhance the probability of reducing stress.

cbd & yoga: a match made in heaven?

If you’re an avid yogi, you may have noticed a new trend popping up at the yoga studios in your area — CBD. It seems like every day, more and more yoga instructors are finding ways to incorporate CBD products into their practice. But why are so many people now mixing CBD with yoga, and does the pairing even make sense? According to Jolie Parcher — founder and director of Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts in Amagansett, NY — CBD and yoga absolutely belong together.

Mandala began offering CBD yoga classes a few years ago after Parcher started experimenting with CBD herself. The CBD made her feel more present and helped her achieve what she says is the primary goal of practicing yoga: listening to your body.

“That’s what yoga ultimately is. It’s really taking care of your body, and especially listening to how it’s doing,” says Parcher. “So, CBD is another tool helping us to listen. It turns on the ability to perceive and be patient when there is discomfort, rather than just wanting to push through it or avoid it.”

People have busy, stressful lives, and that makes it difficult to get into the relaxed state you want to be in when practicing yoga. CBD helps relieve daily stresses and gently coaxes people into a yoga-appropriate headspace when they’re struggling to get there.

Aside from helping get the most out of a yoga class, Parcher says that introducing people to CBD through a more familiar medium like yoga is a powerful means of destigmatizing cannabis. By making sure she’s built strong relationships with her students and by being open to conversations about CBD, people who would otherwise never consider it begin to come around to the healing potential of cannabis.

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Pairing CBD and yoga is a safe way to put CBD in its place. It detaches people from the stigma surrounding cannabis, and helps them look at cannabis as a medicine.

For those yoga students who want to incorporate CBD into their practice, but don’t know where to start, Parcher says the best thing to do is to take it slow. Avoid challenging yoga classes to start, and make sure participants become familiar with how CBD affects their body.

“CBD takes about 20 minutes for it to really begin to affect the body, so you could sit in meditation for 20 minutes and then begin the class. And I would suggest taking gentle, or slower yoga classes, just so you can really use the quality of the CBD oil that helps you to hear yourself more acutely.”

Enhancing the Effects of Yoga with CBD

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that within the U.S., anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness, and they affect 40 million individuals 18 years old and older each year. That’s 18.1% of the U.S. population.

Many individuals experience stress in some form throughout the day. They:

  • Have jam-packed schedules
  • Have to juggle expenses
  • Have to work hard to grow their careers
  • Have to maintain their social and personal life

Experiencing stress doesn’t just degrade your productivity, but it can cause you to feel weighed down, a feeling you carry with you throughout your day, negatively affecting your health and wellness. And, it can be hard to lessen this stress. Perhaps this is why so many individuals turn to wellness practices, such as mindful meditation and yoga, to calm themselves and reconnect with their bodies.

However, it’s not just yoga that can help you cope with your daily life. Many individuals also use CBD for anxiety and stress. And, when you pair CBD with yoga, it can help reduce stress even further, and improve your emotional well-being.

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CBD and Yoga

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant refers to both marijuana and hemp.

All hemp-derived CBD became federally legalized per the 2018 Farm Bill. But, this isn’t the case with marijuana-derived CBD products.

Cannabis’s natural compounds (mainly CBD) can improve your general well-being, and contribute to better yoga practice.

If you’re familiar with the wellness and health potential of CBD, it might not surprise you to learn that your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) directly influences your regulatory functions that respond to yoga. And, CBD directly influences your ECS regulatory system.

Yogis like CBD due to its potential in enhancing and supporting the various benefits of yoga.

It’s thought that when you combine CBD and yoga, they work together in harmony. In fact, not only do they complement one another, but they also appear to enhance each other’s properties, and provide you with relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms of different types of conditions. This is why many individuals are participating in CBD yoga classes.

What are CBD Yoga Classes?

CBD yoga classes typically start with each individual taking some CBD infused oil drops and initiating meditation for several minutes. The CBD works by stimulating your mind, putting you in the proper mindset for yoga. Then, the yoga instructors guide the calls through different postures and poses to explore the sensitivity and motion of the body.

CBD yoga classes are often less physically intensive and more laid back yoga regiments like Bikram yoga, for instance. CBD yoga isn’t necessarily targeted to physical fitness, but mental and physical unity. You focus strongly on relaxation and becoming attuned to your body’s:

Classes usually end with more CBD-infused oil dosing, or using CBD lotions and salves to soothe strained muscles.

Benefits of CBD and Yoga

CBD is a natural fit for gentle or restorative-style yoga class. It’s only natural to incorporate CBD into a yoga regimen since it can:

  • Improve vitality
  • Help with entire body discomfort
  • Increases mood
  • Reduces normal inflammation

Since meditation is an essential part of yoga, CBD could help slow the racing thoughts in your head down, and allow you to experience calmer vibes.

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In some cases, it could take you over 30 minutes before you begin feeling focused enough to enjoy the yoga class. This time can be crucial in a one-hour class. CBD could help create a yoga-ready mind, helping you to let go of stress, and clear your head, so you’ll be ready to flow quicker.

  1. Helps With Yoga Postures and Poses

It’s well-known CBD is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent. It interacts with your body’s immune system’s T-cells to decrease lymphocytes production. Lymphocytes are the things that cause redness and swelling around the injury site. Likewise, yoga’s physical exercise helps work out your body’s kinks, and reduce pain. Therefore, CBD can reduce pain, making it simpler to strike poses and postures in yoga.

Yoga is usually a relaxing way of exercising, but it can be hard work. You engage in a lot of planks, pushups and other muscle strengthening moves in a one-hour vinyasa class.Using CBD after a hard class can help you recover quicker by reducing soreness, fighting inflammation and soothing the tightness in your muscles.

CBD for sleep might help you get a better night’s sleep after your yoga class, which is important for muscle recovery. Or if you’re having difficulty sleeping at night because of a sleep disorder, cannabidiol and sleep disorders treatment combined with yoga can help provide you with a restful night.

Yoga and CBD-Infused Pillows

To enhance the effects of your yoga class, you could bring along a CBD pillow, which is a pillow infused with microcapsules of CBD that break from the friction of your skin and hair, and release microdoses of CBD into your body. CBD-infused pillows can help you relax, feel calm, ease anxiety or stress, ease pain, and perhaps most importantly, can help you to sleep better than you ever have.

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