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The 30-second tutorial explains why consumers need to see lab results to know what’s in their CBD products. Lord Jones is taking its advertising to television and streaming services, representing a significant development for the CBD industry. UK firm British Cannabis™ has launched its debut TV campaign, in a bid to target CBD consumers across the nation.

First-of-its-Kind CBD Ad Airs on Major TV Networks

The 30-second tutorial explains why consumers need to see lab results to know what’s in their CBD products.

RealTestedCBD.com aired the “first CBD commercial on major television networks” to promote the website’s lab-tested information on CBD products on Monday, January 3. The website compares analyses of various CBD products, side-by-side, to help consumers safely navigate the hemp-derived CBD industry.

The commercial aired in Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California’s CBS and ABC affiliates for a 30-second tutorial that explains why consumers need to know what’s in their CBD products. Cannabis ads were nixxed from Super Bowl LIII in 2019, and other companies laid claim to early CBD commercials.

The unbiased platform that is designed to separate fact from fiction about CBD products. The timing couldn’t be more prescient amid the rise of hemp-derived compounds and additives—and people’s health is on the line. For instance, delta-8 THC divides the hemp industry based on the extraction process. Other compounds are emerging, with CBD found practically everywhere. While one product may be highly effective, another may be improperly sourced, contaminated or improperly labeled.

The website features over 350 CBD reviews about over-the-counter products further educating people, including the consumer who is new to CBD. For people who are concerned about their health, the website—the first of its kind—provides independent lab tested results on all major products including what is in the product, where it came from, how true to the label claims are, and if it passes pesticide screening. You can also find discount codes as a bonus.

“As CBD is becoming more and more common we wanted to make sure we are grabbing the attention of all consumers on all media platforms and TV seemed like the next appropriate place to do it,” Real Tested CBD General Manager Steve Townsend told High Times. “The CBD industry is kind of like the Wild West right now— there aren’t many rules and regulations as to who can create a CBD brand, and who can sell CBD products.”

Townsend continued, “The result of this issue is the creation of an industry where it is very difficult for consumers to distinguish good brands from bad brands, and good products from bad products. By using RealTestedCBD.com we are providing a simple solution to educate someone about all the benefits CBD provides.”

Beginners may not know the difference between CBD purchased at a gas station versus products sourced from quality retailers. Education is needed, and sometimes it starts with the basics. Invisibly’s Realtime Research survey, for instance, found that 58 percent of Americans still don’t know the difference between CBD and THC—after over 1,000 people were surveyed.

RealTestedCBD.com commercials will run on San Diego, Las Vegas and Denver’s ABC affiliates and Vegas’ CBS affiliate through March 25. To view the commercial, please click here and to learn more about Real Tested CBD, please visit RealTestedCBD.com.

Comparing Lab Results

Real Tested CBD relies on empirical tested data from the independently-owned Earth Labs located in Irvine, California, to show someone what is in a CBD product including where it came from, how true to the label claims and did it pass pesticide screening.

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Currently on the website, 6.04 percent of lab batches failed for pesticides or solvents. For Package vs Tested Average Accuracy, lab batches were off by about 38mg on average. The latest lab batch was updated by Earth Labs on November 15, 2021, at 9:42 am.

The CBD product industry is riddled with misleading labels and unproven claims. You can see the official Earth Lab Testing Report PDFs attached to every product that is reviewed by RealTestedCBD.com.

You can compare test results of products that show not only CBD, but CBG, CBN, delta 8 and other compound content.

RealTestedCBD.com was created to provide the truth to many falsehoods and misinformation there is about CBD. For more information, please visit the website.

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Luxury CBD brand Lord Jones is taking its advertising to television and streaming services, representing a significant development for the CBD industry.

The new campaign, which is the brand’s first TV and streaming launch, is called “A Higher Order.” The brand debuted two ads on Monday across over-the-top streaming platforms and channels including E!, VH1, CNN and HGTV. The video ads and their static image counterparts (which will be shared across social media) are meant to immerse viewers in the experience of using CBD products. One of the commercials is titled “Bathe in Relaxation” and features an Egyptian queen who fakes her own death to enjoy the experience of a Lord Jones CBD bath. The TV spots coincide with the launch of the brand’s new Bump & Smooth CBD Body Serum, but other products like its body lotion, gummies and face oil are also advertised. The brand declined to state its investment or campaign budget, but previous Glossy reporting found that linear TV ads begin at $250,000 and are an upfront cost, while OTT ads require a smaller budget and the cost is broken down monthly.

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“Until now, we have never had the opportunity to showcase the heart and soul of the brand as widely as we’re able to do today,” said Summer Frein, gm of Lord Jones and Happy Dance. “The campaign is intended to expand awareness of the brand, but it’s also a moment for the CBD industry. [We can bring attention to] the category and elevate the CBD industry, while differentiating ourselves from anyone else in this space.”

Though CBD advertising can now make its way onto a television or steaming device near you because of the 2018 Farm Bill, the particulars of how and what the CBD industry can advertises are still murky. The legal risks that a broadcaster of CBD ads incur depend on a variety of factors like the nature of the product itself, the claims a product makes and the regulatory viewpoint of the state in which the ad is shown in. In a 2019 statement, the FDA clarified its position on CBD and said its “biggest concern” was the marketing of CBD products that made “unsubstantiated therapeutic claims to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure serious illnesses, but have not received regulatory approvals.” Small CBD brands like cbdMD and pet-focused Paw CBD previously advertised via national broadcast channels. But digital advertising constraints still remain on platforms like Facebook and Google, which caused significant hurdles for CBD brands when retailers closed during the second quarter of 2020.

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“While public opinion – and in some instances, even state law – has shifted on all things cannabis, [television] still isn’t there yet,” said Ali Haeri, vp of marketing at advertising agency Steelhouse. “We see a ton of interest from brands looking to run connected TV campaigns for a wide variety of CBD products, but the pushback we’re seeing is from the large publishers or TV networks. They’re just not ready to allow that type of advertising to sit alongside their content.”

Aside from OTT and linear ads, Lord Jones is also advertising on an OOH billboard in Chicago. In addition, the company relaunched its e-commerce website on Monday, embedding the campaign’s aesthetic elements. The new website also allows Lord Jones to livestream virtual sound bath sessions. Frein declined to share Lord Jones’ sales or growth.

In Oct. 2020, the brand co-launched a sub-brand called Happy Dance with actress Kristen Bell, which launched in Ulta in March. In 2019, cannabinoid company Cronos Group acquired Lord Jones for $300 million– $225 million in cash, and the remainder in stock. The roughly equated to 75- to 150-times Lord Jones’ 2018 revenue, according to Barron’s.

Frein said that the campaign’s success will be evaluated on several factors, such as what campaign elements resonate with consumers, in what markets it performs well, and how the brand can modify the marketing mix based on this information. Frein described the current marketing mix as “dipping a toe” into broadcast and OOH advertising.

“We’ve had to chart our own path. Our mission for the brand has been to normalize and de-stigmatize the plant,” said Frein. “CBD [advertising] will continue to grow and you’ll continue to see people [and broadcasters] getting more comfortable.”

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CBD by British Cannabis launches nationwide TV ad campaign

British Cannabis™ (registered as CBD Health Foods Ltd) has launched a media campaign for its premium flagship range CBD by British Cannabis™, as part of a half a million pound awareness and consumer recruitment campaign for 2022/23.

The new advert features target demographic over 45-year-olds, health conscious UK consumers, using the brand’s range of 100 per cent cannabis CBD oils, full-plant oral capsules, CBD Dermal Patches and CBD Rescue Cream®.

Set in the style of a classic health and beauty advert, the creative aims to break down barriers to legal cannabis-derived products, gaining approval to make more industry-specific references than any campaign to date.

The products featured have won recent magazine industry awards, including the P3 Pharmacy Magazine 2021 Most Valuable Product Award, the Independent Community Pharmacist 2022 CBD Product of The Year and Your Healthy Living magazine’s 2022 Silver Award for Best CBD Product.

Also pride of place in the advert will be the brand’s Rated Excellent status on Trustpilot, as over 1,250 consumers have given the brand formerly known as Canabidol a five star review over several years of sales success.

Distribution will begin on dozens of entertainment, documentary, sports, film and news channels across the Sky and Channel 5 networks.

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This will be the first time that the Sky network has opened its doors to CBD advertisers on their linear stations since 2019, after British Cannabis™ demonstrated an understanding for regulatory compliance, consumer trust with product testing and its status as a UK industry pioneer since 2015 – with Novel Foods applications to the FSA looking set for success.

Managing director, David Ralson, celebrating the launch, commented: “This is a monumental moment for our industry, as this is the first fully-approved TV advert to use ‘cannabis industry’ terminology, including iconography of the industrial Cannabis sativa L. plant itself, reference to our 100 per cent cannabis-based formulas and real-life consumers using our products.

“We are tremendously proud to have achieved this, not just for our customers and stakeholders, but also to open doors for the wider cannabis sector by breaking barriers and bringing cannabis consumer products ever closer to the mainstream.”

More options for shoppers

Earlier this month CBD by British Cannabis™, launched on eBay UK, as British Cannabis™ became one of the first companies to debut on the platform.

Shoppers responding to the advert have more channels than ever to acquire tested, trusted and effective CBD supplements and cosmetics.

Marketing director, Steve Batchelor, said: “Whilst the CBD consumer base has grown steadily for the last half-decade and with a lot of market hype in recent years, it has by contrast been very difficult to talk frankly about CBD products in traditional advertising mediums, due to obvious issues.

“Thousands of people come into the CBD food supplements category with a variety of health issues and health related questions, but the responsible companies in the industry have needed to steer clear of health clams. Thus, discussion of cannabis-based products in advertising to date has needed to stay necessarily vague – most companies have needed to advertise without actually saying much about the products themselves.

“What is new here though is that CBD by British Cannabis™ has been able to take its 6-plus years of industry experience and showcase tested, trusted and compliant products in ways that humanise and normalise cannabis-derived consumer brands, whilst keeping a premium, lifestyle brand identity, to match the new look and feel of our revamped flagship brand.”

British Cannabis™ CEO, Tom Whettem, added: “It has been quite a break-through by the team, to say the least, to be able to even mention the word ‘cannabis’ and topics like our THC Free status on UK television. Consumers old and new are encouraged to place trust in CBD products by our THC Free assurances and the British Cannabis™ dedication to accurate products. Having 100 per cent cannabis, all natural product formulas with upcoming FSA Novel Foods validation, advertising in UK homes is something we hope is good for everyone in the long run.”

The campaign was conceptualised, produced and distributed by The TV Agency, one of the largest and fastest growing independent TV advertising agencies in the UK.

This is the second venture into mainstream TV advertising for British Cannabis™, following the success of 2020’s national campaign for affordable low-price CBD range, Access CBD™.

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