caramelicious seeds

Caramelicious feminized seeds

Caramelicious feminized seeds

A highly-refined hybrid developed from years of selective breeding at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, Caramelicious feminized seeds deliver large yields of resin-sticky dense buds with a distinctive ‘caramel’ flavour.

A Sativa / Indica hybrid, Caramelicious grows thick Indica-like buds yet produces a soaring cerebral high when smoked like a Sativa.

Known for its great aroma and taste, this strain becomes covered in fine THC concentrated crystals as the plant matures.

The THC content of Carmelicious is between 17% and 21% and is also high in CBD (cannabidiol) so can be classified as a medical marijuana. Giving a relaxing body high, it can relieve physical discomfort and strain.

With a short 8 to 9 week flowering cycle, Caramelicious feminized seeds can be sown indoors or outdoors.

A short bushy strain, Caramelicious feminized seeds grow to only 30 to 70 cm in height but will still deliver up to 450 grams per M² of grow space.

A stable and predictable strain, Carmalicious is an easy strain to grow and is suitable for first-time growers as well as experienced cannabis cultivators.

THC level – Up to 21 %
Genetics – Indica 65% | Sativa 35%
Climate – Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor – Up to 450 gram / 15.9 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor – Up to 550 gram / 19.4 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor – Up to 70 cm / 27.6 inch
Height outdoor – Up to 210 cm / 82.7 inch
Flowering time – 8 To 9 weeks
Harvest month – September / October
Grow difficulty – Easy

5 Caramelicious Feminized seeds $60 (approx. €49 or £43)

10 Caramelicious Feminized seeds $108 (approx. €80 or £70)

20 Caramelicious Feminized seeds $192 (approx. €135 or £115)

Legal disclaimer: Buying Caramelicious feminized seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Cannabis growing is tolerated in some states provided it is for personal use. Some countries support legislation prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana unless permission are obtained beforehand. Yet other states enforce restrictive laws that attempts to prevent people from growing Caramelicious feminized seeds or alternative types of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose.

We do not claim to be well-versed in cannabis laws universally. If you have concerns regarding laws on marijuana growing where you live you might want to get in touch with the appropriate authorities for clarification.

We do not support the transgression of laws. We provide a legal business informing the pubic regarding the characteristics of a range of top-grade cannabis strains and provide purchase of Caramelicious feminized seeds and other marijuana seeds to all people legitimately allowed to buy marijuana seeds.

An identical disclaimer stated here applies to the free marijuana seeds as well as your purchase of Caramelicious feminized seeds or other marijuana seed strains sold by AMS.

In case you’re wondering, we do not collect, store, or share any data that could identify you when you visit this site.

Caramelicious feminized seeds: easy to grow with large yields of dense resinous buds with a distinctive 'caramel' flavour. High THC and CBD for medical use.

Caramelicious seeds

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Caramelicious is a CBD-rich strain that has been bred by crossing Californian Orange with Skunk. It has been developed over a period in excess of 15 years and is ready to meet the demand for high CBD strains for the medical marijuana community.

Caramelicious produces big, fat buds with a sweet, caramel aroma and it is an easy-to-grow plant. An 80% indica, 20% sativa hybrid it produces a large amount of resin-exuding trichomes and has a very high calyx to leaf ratio that makes it a breeze to dry and manicure.

Stringent selections have taken place in order to produce consistency in its sweet taste as well as its long-lasting high. Expect high yields to complement its undoubted quality. It does well outdoors as well as indoors; in the case of the latter it will be ready to harvest in 8 – 9 weeks of flowering producing high levels of both THC and CBD with a stimulating effect.


Breeder/Brand The Bulldog Seedbank
Genetics Californian Orange x Skunk
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
Grows Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 56 – 63 days
Medicinal Properties Yes
Taste / Flavour Sweet
Effect Stimulating

About The Bulldog Seedbank

The Bulldog Seedbank’s origins stretch as far back as 1975, when Dutchman Henk de Vries established the world’s very first coffeeshop. He named his new business venture after his most favoured companion, Joris, the Bulldog.

Since that day 40 years ago, the Bulldog brand has become an empire, with 5 coffeeshops, 2 hotels and a merchandise line to rival any in the cannabis industry.

The Bulldog Amsterdam’s newest venture is The Bulldog Seedbank. The company teamed up with some of the world’s leading cannabis seed breeders to establish their very own range of seeds.

The Bulldog Seed Company now offers a collection of 10 premium feminised cannabis seed strains for a very competitive price. The Bulldog Seedbank has spent half a decade collecting unique genetics and invested significantly into strain research & development to ensure that their collection is one of the very best in the industry.

You can buy Bulldog seeds directly from Seedsman today.

Caramelicious is a CBD-rich strain that has been bred by crossing Californian Orange with Skunk. It has been developed over a period in excess of 15 years