caramel og strain

Caramel og strain

Ok after sampling a bunch of times in one night, it is the best insomnia medicine I ever tried. Literally glue you to the couch with a blanket of bliss. It is called suchinose at the mmj dispensaries in ct. It’s reputed resin production is evident in its thick clouds from oil. Turned all the way down, a variable voltage battery still outputs insane clouds. Not to be taken lightly. Got a vanilla coffee taste to it. Oil exhale doesnt smell like a marj farm. Like a coffee shop.The terpenes make for a great smell , taste, and huge couch effect. After getting my lic, I passed up buying this in flower form many times. that was STUPID. Insomnia and stress are crushed. Pain floats away. Comfort is unexplainable. Its effect on neuropathic pain is also wonderful. This strain should help with fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, neuralgia, stress, insomnia, depression.. most likely migraines. Possibly arthritis? Now on anxiety effects. Some could have relief, some could have adverse effects. I will say this strain is the closest to a natural benzodiazepine I have seen. Scripts are B.S. , natural medicine is better for us all.

In my experience, Caramel Candy Kush is great for anxiety and relaxation. I would recommend this strain for after work. late afternoon or early evening. It’s great to relax, but definitely isn’t a heavy hitter to sedate. My wife suffers from Fibromyalgia and Inflammation and this strain is her absolute favorite.

Details are hard to come by for this indica-dominant specialty hybrid, but Caramel Candy Kush is a descendant of Pre-98 Bubba Kush, an indica, and Ms. Universe, a hybrid. THC levels are unclear, though some tests suggest they can reach at least 19%. Other samples show much lower concentration, le…

Caramel og strain

Cream Caramel does what it says on the box. Long lasting effects and one heck of an indica banger. The flavor alone: tasted like some gourmet delectable dessert. The smoke is really, really smooth (no cough), and when I had some water, I could literally taste that sweetness on my tongue. Another reviewer says this is a dessert strain (after dinner/nightcap) – which I agree with. But I wouldn’t say it sedated me at all. Just gave me a really la-di-da feel, made me super chill, lazy and blissfully content. I’d rate this in the same category as Cream – which is equally decadent in terms of the flavor profile, but Cream made me slightly more tired than Cream Caramel did. Still, very very yummy and would purchase again.

Strongest I’ve had. Dense nugs sticky full of trichomes stinks of sweet spicy caramel hits you like a sledgehammer strong indica 10/10 all round

If you’re lucky enough to actually have the real 3 some strain of cannabis that created this phenom consider yourself a cannabis god. Ive grown this outside in WA state for the last 4 seasons and it is short, bushy, rigorous with dark green foilage that is odorless. IT’S Also resistant to any weather thrown her way. Fastest flowering plant i’ve witnessed in 15 plus years. The flowers are dense, sticky, light green with an abundance of trichomes. The smell is honey, pine, slight gas, slight tropical and the finished plant is pure beauty..purples, yellows, reds, pinks, maroon all visible in the remaining foliage. After a good 2-3 week full plant hang dry and hand trimmed bloom that follows it goes straight to air tight mason jars for a good cure. the longer the better. The unique aroma is world class. A gas, honey with slight pine accents but mostly the sweet honey scent is heaven. The effects are clear and def sativa dominant for 30 min or so. happy, creative thoughts slowly give way to a raging body high that is top notch. Def condusive for pain mgmt and any anxiety or sleep disturbances. This strain kick’s butt

Cream Caramel is a strain unlike any other. It is primarily an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 90:10 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is produced by crossing #1 Maple Leaf, BlueBack and Skunk. With an astounding 24% THC content, Cream Caramel is one of the finest strains you can medicate with…