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Cannarado Genetics

The breeder started and founded this brand based on a simple idea and a desire to produce medical, recreational cannabis and the best genetics in the planet. The first cross Gold x Shiva Shanti was created in 1998. Since then it’s been a steady evolution of ideas and creation.

Cannarado Genetics collection contains feminized and regular unique cannabis seeds. It uses only elite genetics from all over the world.

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Sundae Driver #9

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Not something I would grow again. Never smelled of apples but I might not have found the right pheno.

Easy to grow for a beginner. But if you are a connoisseur like myself this isn’t one you would want to grow.

* harvest: day 133 total. Day 65 of flower. day 7 of week 19.

* dry bud yield: 107gram

* Appearance: very dense, super frosty colorfull buds

* Bud density: 8,5/10

* Aroma : sour/sweet apple candy

* Taste : very sour apple candy with a very sweet aftertaste

* Kind of high: its very strong, not really a daytime smoke, you just want to relax and hang in the couch

* Colour of thrichs at time of harvest: 20% amber 80% milky

* Drying time: 9 days in the dry tent, 3 days in the jar

* Length of buzz: 2 -3 hours

* Good comments: beautifull plant to grow, hands down the mosty frosty plant i ever grew, the buds are super sticky. Mainlining went great even though i splitted her main stem with training. She tastes delicicious and its very potent so i will grow her again for sure

* bad comments: i underfed her but still had great results so i cant complain

*other comments: failed with the mainlining because 100gram is just not a good yield for waiting 20weeks, so i wont be doing that again! Better luck next time, it was a great experiment tho and i learned alot.

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10 Cannarado Genetics Strains That Have Become West Coast Celebrities

Cannarado Genetics has been producing potent and popular genetics out of Colorado since 1998. They’ve been able to maintain a healthy reputation among some of the most infamous cultivators currently on the market. The most notable fan of their genetics is LA’s Jungle Boys. They’ve gone on to support each other in bringing strong genetics to California’s market.

What makes Cannarado such an OG in the game is their overall low-key mode of operation. They don’t brag, and they don’t go out of their way to supply any of the big names with genetics. Cannarado has simply been doing their thing since the onset of the first forms of legal cannabis. They do a commendable job at creating genetics that produce big yields and flavorful and stinky buds. Below are some of their most popular strains that have gone on to captivate the West Coast and global cannabis culture.

Sundae Driver

The Sundae Driver strain is possibly the most popular strain currently available by Cannarado Genetics. A beautiful combination of the Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie, this rich, earthy, candy-like hitter may bring pure delight. The buds are a true green with purple sparsely interweaving.

Grape Pie

Cannarado really did a number with their Grape Pie strain. It’s gone on to be the parent to several of their other most popular cultivars. By crossing Cherry Pie with Grape Stomper, you end up with a luscious offering that reeks of sour berries and red grapes. Luxurious highs may immediately follow a few puffs of this strain.


Where to begin with Top-Shelf Cultivation’s Whoa-Si-Whoa strain…it’s potent, to say the least. Top-Shelf came across this cultivar from visiting a few High Times Cannabis Cups and picking up the seeds randomly. The result has become their hallmark strain, known for its high levels of limonene and pinene. If you’re looking for a rollercoaster of terps and potentially uplifting, yet melting effects, look no further than the Whoa-Si-Whoa.

Orange Daiquiri

Cannarado bred the Orange Daiquiri strain and then Jungle Boys yet again took it to fame. It comes from crossing Orange Cookies with Grape Pie to produce a wildly sweet citrus aroma with hints of pine and diesel. The buds showcase a pretty green color with purple highlights, and long orange pistils that wriggle out. Glimmering in a coating of resin, this strain might be your one-way ticket to deep, deep body relaxation.

Wedding Pie

Another potent offering from the lineage of Grape Pie, the Wedding Pie strain is one of the more succulent offshoots of Wedding Cake from Seed Junky Genetics. By crossing these two standout strains, you end up with the delectable Wedding Pie. Dessert-like fragrances co-mingle with doughy diesel to produce a high that might be stress-relieving and comforting.

Lava Cake

In the spirit of dessert strains, Cannarado did it again with their Lava Cake strain that brings together Cookies genetics. Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie made this decadent and rich, chocolatey sour cultivar that has hints of piney mintiness. A few puffs of the Lava Cake might have you feeling like royalty as you melt into the nearest chair or couch.

Strawberry Shortcake

Jungle Boys have taken the Strawberry Shortcake strain to a whole new level in California. A dangerous combination of the White Wookies and The White, this strain is one you could classify as exotic. Breaking it apart reveals a blast of syrupy-sweet terps that are overrun with musky gas. This might be your new favorite strain for winding down after a stressful day.


If you’re familiar with California cannabis at all, you’ve heard of the Garanimals strain. Another popular offshoot of Animal Cookies, Cannarado crossed it with their Grape Pie to great avail. Garanimals has a classically euphoric high that might bring you into ample relaxation. The rich terpene profile sort of reminds me of cinnamon jelly donuts. The buds on this strain look insane, showing off a wet-like coating of trichomes that make my mouth water.

Pie Hoe

Grape Pie has shown to be an incredibly reliable genetic parent for some of Cannarado Genetics’ biggest successes. The Pie Hoe strain is no different, crossing Grape Pie with Tahoe OG. Jungle Boys took it to the OG-lovers of Southern California to bring it near-celebrity status. Dank OG flavors dance around with spicy grape aromas that can entice any cannasseur into a toke or two. The high is definitely not for beginners, as it might take you into a twilight zone of enlivening bliss before casually departing.

Dosi White

The Dosi White strain comes from some of Cannarado’s earlier efforts. By combining Do-Si-Dos with The White, you get a trichome-rich offering that reeks of citrus diesel mixed with sweet earth. Those looking for strains that might boost creativity while still chilling you out will find this strain to be a powerful tool.

Cannarado Genetics has been producing potent and popular genetics out of Colorado since 1998. Jungle Boys has taken some of their seeds to superstardom.