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Where Do I Get Marijuana Seeds If you’re still uncertain, a great choice for first-time growers is Northern Light, given that this pressure is powerful, remains short, is easy to grow, fast to Cannabis Seeds United States × Close Please note that, despite shipping new orders every day, due to Covid-19, the transit time can sometimes take up to 6 week Are there any discounts

Where Do I Get Marijuana Seeds

If you’re still uncertain, a great choice for first-time growers is Northern Light, given that this pressure is powerful, remains short, is easy to grow, fast to harvest, and has a reasonably low odor compared to most other strains. can you buy marijuana seeds. There are lots of pressures that are ideal for newbie growers! What’s crucial is to pick a stress that intrigues you, that way you’ll be amazingly thrilled when you get your seeds! There is no “finest cannabis seed bank” there are lots of companies that have actually been utilized by hundreds of genuine cannabis growers like you and proven to be great and constant sources of marijuana seeds.

We aren’t commercial farmers. We put together this list of popular seed sources including the ones we order from the most and why. marijuana seeds online. Each of these marijuana seedbanks, seed suppliers, and breeders have actually been put on this list based upon their reliability, stealth, strain choice and the length of time they’ve remained in business.

com or talk about growing in the forum. For myself and for other growers, on the occasions where my seeds have been captured by custom-mades in the mail, the U.S. customizeds agents merely toss the seeds and send you the rest of your bundle with an official-looking letter describing that your seeds were taken.

Unless otherwise specified, all respectable seed banks will replace your seeds if they somehow get lost in the mail, and nobody gives it a doubt. That’s how regular it is! Many, many growers order seeds online every day, and to this day there has never ever been a report of someone in the U.S.A. getting in legal problem for simply ordering marijuana seeds online.

federal laws work surrounding marijuana, you can get in a great deal of legal difficulty for selling or sending out seeds from one place to another within the U.S.A., even in between legal states! That’s why you never see long-term marijuana seed banks situated in the U.S – buy marijuana seeds oregon.When cannabis seeds get caught by customizeds representatives throughout shipping, the seeds get tossed and that’s it.

That is merely the method our laws about customizeds work. On the flip side, a U.S. sender can get in a great deal of trouble by sending out seeds from one place to the other within the U.S. (though this is still really, extremely rare). Often it’s better to hear it from other individuals, so I motivate you to join our grow online forum and ask questions and hear responses from real individuals.

The stripes are in fact the result of a finish. If you rub the finish off, you will have a more pale, tan-colored seed below. Some seeds never ever really grow an excellent finishing. It’s a great indication if a finishing exists even if it implies the seeds weren’t handled too much, however some of my finest plants have actually come from tan seeds.

Where To Get Marijuana Seeds Legally

A big suggestion for buying marijuana seeds online, In my experience buying marijuana seeds from overseas, they typically get to my house in the US about 1-4 weeks after my preliminary order. It’s generally pretty quick, however it can take longer. I had a bundle go missing once, and they sent another.

If it’s been more than 2 or 3 weeks absolutely get in touch with the seed bank with any questions! They have experience with this and will be able to help you! So what should you be stressed over when it concerns security? When it concerns purchasing seeds online, you have a lot of wiggle space as far as law enforcement is worried if you reside in the United States or the UK.

While they will go after growers they will not go after people just for ordering seeds. So that’s an actually crucial difference you require to bear in mind. When it concerns growing security, seeds by themselves may be technically prohibited but you will never get in difficulty for simply possessing seeds.

What you need to be stressed about is making sure no one understands you’re really growing cannabis, that you presently have live marijuana plants in your home. That is what the federal government and police (as well as burglars) actually appreciate. They do not wish to tear down the door of anybody who might have ordered seeds, and instead put their resources into people who have actually been reported to be growing live plants – marijuana seeds for sale online.

When you see your very first small little weed leaf you will understand it was all worth it! U.S.A. buy pot seeds online. Locals Please Note: For U.S.A. locals, international orders. This utilized to be a way to add security to your order (purchase a pre-paid card in money, then use that to make your online order) but these cards no longer deal with any global order due to a change in laws that happened in 2012.

We are not attorneys and are not able to supply any sort of legal advice. We do not in any way advise that you utilize this details to purchase pot seeds if it is illegal for you to do so. Please do not proceed to utilize any of this seed sales info if you will commit a crime by following the steps laid out in this short article, even if you are growing for discomfort relief, medical research, or another reasonable function.

Welcome to, one of the most significant marijuana seed banks online in 2021! Discover incredibly unusual genes from weed breeders all over the world. Find out a lot about the marijuana seeds while you’re here. Seed City was most recently updated on the 18 Jul 2021, as we are continuously and regularly devoted to bringing you the very best quality cannabis seeds ever, at the most affordable rates readily available online! Here at Seed City, we are merchants of the finest cannabis seeds and cannabis seeds from all over the world! Operating given that 2010, we have a wealth of fantastic experience in shipping marijuana seeds from the very best marijuana breeders on the planet, straight to you, the marijuana collector and connoisseur.

Where To Buy Pot Seeds In Usa

Do not fret, all of the marijauna seeds for sale are from reliable breeders. We have among the biggest marijuana seed banks online and consist of breeders from newly legislated states. Likewise find famous well understood cannabis breeders that have developed themselves with big followings online. We take pride in the large collection of pot seeds we have gathered in the last decade.

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We conserve you a journey from needing to make a journey to find your preferred weed seeds. Discover an excellent quantity of pot seeds from Amsterdam in our marijuana seed bank. These can make the finest present for any marijuana lover pal you may have no matter where you are in the world.

Buy Routine Marijuana Seeds Are you trying to find routine marijuana seeds for sale? Whilst routine seeds have been around quite literally permanently, they have actually become a little out of favor in current years due to the influx of interest in autoflowering and feminised seeds. Whilst there is not quite the exact same interest towards these as there maybe when was, Seed City is always very happy to provide any regular marijuana strain that is provided to us.

Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Let’s talk about autoflowering marijuana seeds, they are not your typical seed alternative. The autoflower marijuana seed type was reproduced to not rely on the change of light cycles. It can make a fun story when you show a pal an autoflower marijuana seed, and tell them why it’s more unique than a routine pot seed.

Simply search for your pressure with the keyword automobile to find the autoflower variation of it (is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds online). Buy autoflower marijuana seeds of your preferred strain with the option of different breeders many of the time. These seeds have the genetics of speed on their side, and have a much faster life process compared to any others.

Another nice quality of the Autoflower weed seeds is they contain higher CBD content than others. We have lots of popular autoflower cannabis seeds from other seed banks readily available for sale too. So, in case you ever find a stress on another seed bank and it’s sold out, there may be an opportunity we have it for sale.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds What on earth is a feminized cannabis seed you might be thinking? It merely implies it’s a pot seed that’s been reproduced to offer a female plant. We have numerous feminized seeds readily available of popular and trending strains (can you buy marijuana seeds in colorado). If you’re looking for a feminized seed, the filter option is available through seed type.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Best Feminised Cannabis Seeds, There really are a lot of feminized seeds in our seed bank, however we have actually made a list of recommendations in our blog. Take a look at our list of the best feminized Sativa seeds in 2020. Another suggestion is buying a variety pack of feminized seeds (buy marijuana seeds colorado). There isn’t any method to determine the kind of a cannabis seed by physical attributes.

Autoflower vs Non-Auto Feminized Seeds, Okay, so you’re debating about buying an autoflower or non-auto feminized seed however not sure on which is the very best for you? Do not worry, we will simplify for you so you can understand the differences a bit more in depth. It’s everything about the genetics of the marijuana seeds, and the rarer the better.

So which one is the better type of marijuana seed? We are going to have to suggest both kinds of weed seeds because of their many benefits. Inspect out the Wiki page on autoflower seeds for additional insight. Where To Begin When Purchasing Marijuana Seeds Online? There doesn’t need to be blind trust when purchasing from a marijuana seed bank online.

Although we may have a retro design site, we supply top of the line customer assistance and only handle breeders understood for premium genes. We wish to motivate our visitors to do their own research study on the experience we had with us on Trustpilot, and you will see that we have actually made absolutely nothing less than a strong reputation online.

We got some enjoyable facts listed below about the types of marijuana seeds we have offered for sale. Marijuana Seed Banks, Picture us as the one stop purchase all of your weed seeds needs (can i buy marijuana seeds online). There is no other cannabis seed bank with as much positive evaluations online from a third celebration review website.

We are frequently making the list of the very best marijuana seed banks online. This is due to the fact that of our unbelievable efforts to obtain the rarest cannabis genes. We are constantly adding new pot seeds into our seed bank. Another reason we continue to make it onto these leading 10 seed bank lists is our customer support.

We are also monitoring 3rd party review sites and responding to any reviews positive or negative on there. California Seed Bank, In case you’re wondering if we have any weed seeds from the golden state California, the answer is yes. California has established themselves as a place where the best cannabis strains come from.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Purchase Cannabis Seeds Online If getting the finest cannabis seed offers is your top priority, head on over to the Seed City Special deals section, where we constantly have a huge range of marijuana seed sale products, suggesting you can get your hands on fantastic cannabis genetics for super low costs.

The OG kush seed is looked for after by numerous collectors, and we have different crosses with it offered too. Hemp and CBD Seeds, Find lots of popular CBD strains offered in our 420 seed bank. We have some of the most popular that consist of Charlotte’s web, and much more (where to buy marijuana seeds). The hemp seeds we do have offered are extremely limited compared to the other types.

Royal Queen Seeds sell quality products at good prices, and they really take stealth shipping seriously. They’re a great place to buy from. A Reputable Dutch Brand.

Feminized seeds are bred to produce only female plants once they are planted, as opposed to regular seeds that have a 50% chance of producing male plants. Feminized seeds can produce resinous buds after the flowering stage. Feb 1, 2021

Pacific Seed Bank Review: Pacific Seed Bank has an impressive selection of seeds, a decent germination rate guarantee, speedy worldwide shipping, and an easy-to-use website. However, their poor customer service and terrible reviews make them a risky place to buy from.

Seed Selection and Quality

Seedsman is one of the few big seed banks that allows you to purchase a single seed at a time. Most of the time, Seedsman seeds arrive looking healthy and unblemished, and they do yield nice plants. . It’s not uncommon to find strains out of stock when browsing

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Yes, I agree that the first autoflowering strain was less potent, but note that it was released more than 10 years ago. If you think about it, cell phones weren’t accepted as soon as they were released. . Not only are autoflowers as potent as photoperiod strains, but they have several more advantages to them. Nov 12, 2018

There is a good chance that those old seed packets will have a high percentage of seeds that will germinate just fine. Most seeds, though not all, will keep for at least three years while maintaining a decent percentage of germination. And even a group of very old seeds may have 10 or 20 percent that still sprouts. Sep 17, 2020

As far as I understand, hermie seeds are definitely worth keeping. When you find a “bag seed” you have a 65% chance she’s a female. When you pull seeds off a Hermie, you get an 85% chance she’s female. Now you might not get as many ” viable” seeds, but absolutely worth keeping around IMO. Aug 3, 2010

Breeders make feminized seeds by stressing a female plant into growing male sex features like pollen, and then using this pollen to fertilize another female. . But feminized seeds got a bad reputation due to early efforts with plants that had high hermaphroditic tendencies. Jan 28, 2015

Companies are as safe as possible, it’s not a one way street. If you get caught with seeds in the mail, the company is going down with you. . By buying the seeds you’re usually accepting that you’ve checked your local laws, and it’s legal for you to own the seeds, and that you are importing them.

There are many cannabis seed banks today, but if you live in the United States you need to find a legitimate company to deliver to you. This is because federal legal guidelines prohibit the purchase of cannabis seeds for growing your plants, and cannabis seeds also cannot be shipped across state borders. Jan 13, 2021

You’d think this would be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many seed shops do not provide an order confirmation. You should also know that Sensi, The Green House, and Dutch Passion do not ship to the US.

Cannabis Seeds United States

× Close Please note that, despite shipping new orders every day, due to Covid-19, the transit time can sometimes take up to 6 week

Are there any discounts available for my order?

• For a total order-volume equal to or above 500,- Euro we give 10% discount on the whole order-volume.
• For a total order-volume equal to or above 1000,- Euro we give 20% discount on the whole order-volume.
• The discount you will receive on your order is automatically calculated and applied by the homepage when you place the order.

We still have not received your money yet (Cash in Enveloppe).

I’m very sorry about that. You have to register or better insure for a certain amount. Also wrap it well in carbonpaper or alu. foil to be really certain.

A friend of mine once worked for the UK Post Office. He said that during the night shift, when the manager was not there, some workers used to systematically scan envelopes in the X-ray machine. This was designed to check for bombs and such but also show- ed up the metal strips that run through most paper currency.

During the Christmas period, when people send money to their relatives, some crooked workers were stealing hundreds of pounds a night!!

Can I have a few sample seeds?

Hey. I was just wondering if u had any G13 seeds or know anybody who does if u get a chance e-mail us back with any info u get thank u for your time and patience. From J P.S. one more thing I have been screwed over many times with seed companies so I would really appreciate if u would send us a sample seed because I would really like to buy some seeds from u thank u once again for your time and patience.

You have to include country with address, we cannot smell where you live. G13 we do not have, it is an old Seedbank strain and Sensi took over their stuff. Ask there. We sell through shops on our Shoplist worldwide, they get checked all the time if they sell the real thing or not. The customer will get new stuff if the shop sells the wrong product (never happened to our outlets, but outside this list, shops exist who do sell fake Serious Seeds. ).

The number on each seed package is your warranty and basis of contact between you and us. We do not send seeds to pro-mote ourselves. Our reputation proves that we do the right thing and would crumble soon if we started to sell bogus stuff. I hope this answers your question.

THC levels in plants

I read that tests done recently in the uk claimed white russian thc level was at 22%. If true what levels of THC are found in Chronic, AK-47, and Kali Mist? Also how improved is Chronic? does it yield more, or does it pack more kick? Also what strain of yours do you most prefer?

Hi, The THC levels of AK-47 and Kali Mist were measured also in the UK from seedplants, and all were between 18-20%. Chronic was not tested there, but is pretty strong as well. You have to realize that the strongest plants are normally about 16-18% THC. These were the highest found THC % amongst 260 different strains! Chronic primarily has been made stronger, more kick. I prefer Kali Mist myself.

How are the seeds packed?

• Serious Seeds are always packed per 11 regular seeds or 6 feminized seeds in a transparent and airtight tube.
• The plastic tube is glued or taped to a booklet.
• The booklet has the Serious Seeds logo, the strain name and a symbol for feminized or regular on the frontside.
• The inside of the booklet features a picture of the strain on the right side and an informational text on the left side.
• The backside of the booklet features a disclaimer about cannabis-genetics, the Serious Seeds company information and most importantly the serial-number of the package.
• All packages are individually numbered
• The serial-number enables us to identify the pack as Serious Seeds’ genetics and tells us when it was produced and where it was sold to.
• Keep the package for future reference in case a quality problem occurs with the seeds.
• We GUARANTEE THE QUALITY of our seeds and we issue a FREE REPLACEMENT for seeds which do NOT GERMINATE.
• We ONLY will issue a replacement, if the customers provides us with the serial-number of the pack he has a problem with.

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Which countries do you ship to?

Each country has its own specific laws concerning purchase and growth of Cannabis seeds. Serious Seeds does not want anyone to act in conflict with any laws applicable within the country he or she is living in. Every person buying these seeds is expected to act accordingly. Since Cannabis is very beneficial to humankind, Serious Seeds are sold as souvenir, to preserve valuable genetics in case laws change again.

We ship worldwide to ALL countries.

What are the shipping options for my order?

• During the ordering process you can choose the following:
– STANDARD-shipping: Order will be sent as normal letter in the mail (no signs of Serious Seeds on the outside!) Sending STANDARD means that the order is untraceable and therefore the risk of delivery lays with the customer!
– SAFE-shipping: Order will be repacked and sent hidden. Sending SAFE means that the order is untraceable and therefore the risk of delivery lays with the customer!
– REGISTERED-shipping: Order will be sent as registered letter via with a trackingnumber, so it cannot get lost in the mail.
– SAFE AND REGISTERED-shipping: Order will be repacked and sent hidden as registered letter via with a trackingnumber, so it cannot get lost in the mail.

What are the shipping costs of my order?

• For a total order-volume equal to or below 80,- Euro we charge 5,- Euro for shipping costs.
• For a total order-volume above 80,- Euro we charge no shipping costs.
• The costs for the different shipping options are:
– STANDARD-shipping: 5,- Euro or FREE
– STEALTH-shipping: 5,- Euro or FREE
– REGISTERED-shipping: 15,- Euro.
– STEALTH AND REGISTERED-shipping: 15,- Euro

How long before I receive my order?

• You should expect 7 – 14 days after placing your order before you have the seeds (Due to Covid-19 the transit time can take up to 6 weeks).
• If you pay per creditcard via our homepage, we process your payment the same or following business day.
• If you send money by mail, it normally takes 3 or 4 days before it is in our mailbox. We open the mailbox twice per week.
• If you pay by banktransfer, it always takes 7-10 days before we receive the money on our bank account. Therefore, if you pay per banktransfer you should expect something between 9 to 14 days before you get the seeds.
• We ship the seeds the same or next business day after we receive the payment.
• Shipping of the seeds takes again 3 or 4 days in the mail, but with weekends etc. it really can be a total of 14 days before you receive the seeds.
• You can be lucky and get the seeds in 7 days, but it can also take 14 days.
• Please don’t contact us about your order before 14 days have passed.
• If you have not received your order 14 days after you sent cash or did the bank transfer, please e-mail us immediatly to: [email protected]


• We accept Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards.

• Place your order in the shoppingcart en continue to the checkout.

• Fill in your credit card information in the shopping-cart system. Required information:

– Expiry Date (= valid to)

– CVC (= Card Verification Code)

• Our online sales are 3D Secure, 256 bit encrypted and hacker safe, making it a very safe place to enter your details.

• All creditcard orders are processed within one or two business days after receiving the order.

Your creditcard / bank statement will NOT show any reference to cannabis. The name that will appear on your statement will be Serious-Souvenirs, so nobody will be able to tell what you have bought or where you bought it.

• You will receive an e-mail with the order-summary, order-number and total order-amount after you have placed the order successfully.


• Place your order in the shoppingcart en continue to the checkout.

• Fill in the shipping information and choose for ‘bank-transfer’ as payment option.

• You will receive an e-mail with the order-summary, order-number and total order-amount after you have placed the order successfully.

• Ask your bank if they can transfer money to the Netherlands.

• Every established bank should be able to do an international bank transfer to a bank account in the Netherlands.

• Have your bank transfer the total order-amount in Euros to the account of Serious Seeds.



• BANKING INFORMATION: (give this information to the bank)

– Account-holder: Serious Seeds BV

– Account Number: 4784275

– IBAN: NL15INGB0004784275 (=International Banking Account Number)

– BIC: INGBNL2A (= Bank International Code)

• Usually not needed, but required by some banks:Postal-address of our bank in the Netherlands:

1000 RA Amsterdam

Cash in Enveloppe

• Place your order in the shoppingcart en continue to the checkout.

• Fill in the shipping information and choose for ‘Cash’ as payment option.

• You will receive an e-mail with the order-summary, order-number and total order-amount after you have placed the order successfully.

• In order to be able to pay with cash money you have to send the money to us via mail.

• Sending cash in the mail always poses a certain risk, that’s why we have instructions for you to minimize this risk.

• First, wrap the total order-amount in cash Euros in carbon paper or aluminium foil. This way it cannot be detected by scanners in the post-office scanning for the metal-stripes in money.

• Cash amounts in US-dollar and Canadian-dollar will be accepted as long as the value of the sent cash equals the total order-amount in Euros (exchange rate of the day the order is placed applies).

• Second, place the wrapped cash inside a greeting card (e.g. Hallmark card) inside an envelope.

• Print our the order-summary of your confimation e-mail and place it alongside the greeting card in the envelope or simply write the your order-number and name on the greeting card.

• Seal the envelope with everything inside and mail it as REGISTERED letter to Serious Seeds. It is very important to send the payment as registered letter, so it does not get lost in the mail or stolen by a postal worker.