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The EU-GMP-certified seed bank in Copenhagen will be home to genetics for at least 286 strains of high quality cannabis. All European Cannabis Seeds at Sale Prices Every Day! European Cannabis Seeds Shipped Discreetly, Secure and Guaranteed! Free Seeds with Every Order!

Europe’s First Seed Bank with Registration to Open in Copenhagen

The EU-GMP-certified seed bank in Copenhagen will be home to genetics for at least 286 strains of high quality cannabis.

Finding high-quality cannabis seeds in Europe is about to get easier. Franchise Global Health announced that its Danish subsidiary, Rangers Pharmaceutical, will be Europe’s first legal and registered seed bank in Copenhagen, Denmark, according to an April 28 press release.

The seed bank is home to one of the largest collections of its kind with 286 strains, including several world-class genetics and winners of 19 High Times Cannabis Cups. The company has a footprint all over the globe, including Germany, Canada, Colombia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Portugal, and Denmark.

While seed banks can be found in places such as the Netherlands and the U.K., this seed bank is licensed to store, sell, and export cannabis seeds globally under legal international trade frameworks, with permits to import and export. Rigorous adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP) is part of the equation.

“In Europe, we abide by EU-GMP standards, which requires a rigorous approach to production of all medicines,” Franchise Global Health Executive Chairman and CEO Clifford Starke told High Times via email. “Medical cannabis is by definition a medicine and we are committed to adhering to these requirements so that patients can have the confidence that they are ingesting consistently high-quality product.”

New Frontier Data special contributor Oliver Bennett explained in an article why EU-GMP certification is critical in Europe—especially in the world of medical cannabis, in which quality control is of the utmost importance. Adhering to those good manufacturing practices is key to surviving in the regulated market.

Starke continued, “In our conversations with patients in Germany and other European countries, we became acutely aware that they are discerning and demanding, wanting quality control at all points of the journey, thereby making the procurement of high-quality genetics vital to our vertically integrated business model.”

According to the news release, Franchise Global will set aside its most distinguished strains for its own internal flower production for global markets. In 2021 it received a third-party audited valuation of C$9.5 million.

“Our goal is to become Europe’s most trusted source of high-quality EU-GMP cannabis. This will be achieved in part by establishing our seedbank as a source for high-quality, Cannabis-Cup winning genetics,” Starke said in the announcement. “Essentially this is 30 years worth of IP from landraces all around the world with strong genetic heritage including from Thailand, Colombia, and other highly sought after sources of origin.”

Franchise Global Health gained early mover advantage in Europe after securing licenses in Germany to import and distribute cannabis, with a 90,000 square foot EU-GMP-certified processing facility. In Germany, Franchise Global also operates a 500,000 square foot reserved cultivation capacity at an EU GMP certified facility in Ontario, Canada that has delivered to Germany, as well as a 30,000 square foot EU-GMP facility.

Last May, the Danish government permanently authorized licensed companies to produce and export medical cannabis, independent of an existing pilot program, Hemp Today reported. Many Canadian-based companies have their sights set on working with operations in the country.

Meanwhile, Germany imported a record number of medical cannabis in 2020, according to a study conducted by Prohibition Partners released last year. That trend continued to show a year-on-year rise in imports, according to additional data.

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Seed banks typically sell viable seeds with a high rate of germination. Seeds are typically bred to increase the likelihood of female plants, which is needed for growing flower and producing THC.

In general, cannabis seed banks store autoflowering, feminized, and normal seeds. In 2016, former High Times cultivation editor Danny Danko provided a short explanation of the difference between those three types of cannabis seeds.

Check out the Franchise Global Health website to learn about the plan for the seed bank.

European Cannabis Seeds

Valencia Seeds – UK Cheese now available in Seed City. Available as either single seeds or in bulk quantities.

SALE – Harlequin CBD – Elev8 Seeds – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Flavours range from earthy musk to sweet mango but what makes Harlequin so popular is its ability to relax without sedation and to relieve without intoxication.

Valencia Seeds – Blue Cheese – Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Valencia Seeds – Blue Cheese now available in Seed City. Available as either single seeds or in bulk quantities.

Charlotte’s Dream CBD Auto – Growers Choice

We developed a cbd strain that is not only high in cbd but also really nice to grow and smoke. Most of the current cbd strains grow and smoke like hemp. We have.

Hollands Hope – Dutch Passion Seeds

Hollands Hope is a time honoured outdoor strain, one of the very first to be fully acclimatised and grown outdoors in Holland since the early 1980’s.

CannaBoom CBD+ – Original Sensible Seeds

Our analysis shows CannaBoom CBD+ seeds can be compliant and legal to grow in some countries due to their low THC content. CannaBoom CBD+ not only has minimum T.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto – FastBuds

Her buds are chunky, large sized and covered in trichomes. The buds will sparkle with an array of colors ranging from bright green, lime hues and hints of magen.

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel – Dutch Passion Seeds

CBD Charlotte’s Angel was Dutch Passion’s first high CBD strain that contains little to no THC. CBD growers and medical growers were pleased to see a strain wit.

SALE – Dready Cheese – Dready Seeds – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

The Dready Cheese female cannabis seeds from the dready seedbank are a combination of the world famous Cheese crossed with a old school Original Skunk. These fe.

Purple Cheese – Auto Seeds

Introducing the royal strain known only as Purple Cheese. Purple Cheese is a cross of Blue Cheese, Purple #1, and Auto #1. There is a slight fruity taste to the.

Cheese – Seed City Seeds

The cannabis strain known as Cheese has gained popularity for both its potency and unique flavour profile. The history of this strain is somewhat cloudy. Howeve.

Harlequin CBD – OO Seeds

CBD: 18% to 22% THC: 0.5% Indoor Production: 500 – 550 gr/m2 Indoor Flowering time: 55 – 60 días. Indoor Height: 70 – 90 cm. Outdoor Ha.

Big Buddha Cheese – Big Buddha Seeds

The Original Big Buddha Cheese from Big Buddha! This Cheese is the UK’s #1 strain, which we crossed with our pure Afghani male.

Holland’s Hope – White Label Seeds

Holland’s Hope is a fungus-resistant pure Indica. She produces solid, heavy buds with a knock-down stone. Plants remain compact by outdoor standards.

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Blueberry Cheesecake – Female Seeds

Our Blueberry Cheesecake is selected from an extremely strong, smelly mother – you will be able to smell it straight through the bag.

Lemonchello Haze – Seedsman Seeds

We offer a large variety of high-quality marijuana seeds like the lovely Lemonchello Haze strain from Seedsman Seeds. First made really popular from California.

Buddha Haze Automatic – Big Buddha Seeds

The sweet, piney haze like taste is very distictive and with the fast finishing time, it is really time to. STAND TO ATTENTION & SALUTE the ‘S.A.S’ .

Jack Herer – Seed City Seeds

The Jack Herer weed strain pays homage to the great marijuana mogul Jack Herer, so a lot is expected from this strain. It is a strain of Dutch origin that was c.

Exodus Cheese – Green House Seeds

Very stoned and long lasting, slow creeper. Medicinally effective in pain therapy, appetite stimulation and against insomnia.

Big Devil XL Auto – Sweet Seeds

The thickness and density of the buds is also increased and they turn up to be spectacularly loaded with aromatic resin.

Passion Fruit – Dutch Passion Seeds

Through a Dutch Passion friend in Belgium, the Dutch Passion breeders team got their hands on one of the fruitiest strains they’ve encountered in a long time. T.

Holy Snow – Green House Seeds

The Holy Snow is a very exciting new project where we wanted to mix Arjan’s favorite plant, the famous Hawaiian Snow, with one of the last creation from our bel.

Blue Cheese – Royal Queen Seeds

It took our finest Blueberry strains to equal the awesome flavour of the Cheese, and the two together have created an ultimate hybrid. After the original crossi.

Cheese Kush – Kush Cannabis Seeds

These two strains bring a combination of the best of the US and the best of the UK making for something very special indeed, heavy hitting and heavy yielding, t.

Auto Stilton – Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

The infamous Stilton in auto flowering format. The Stilton is a great selection of a skunk phenotype, that came out of the UK Exodus community. The Stilton has.

Triple Cheese – Barneys Farm Seeds

TRIPLE CHEESE™ is the crossing of our BLUE CHEESE™ with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and back c.

El Chapo – The Plug Seedbank

Notorious for its explosive terps and heavy hitting high, El Chapo is Sour Genetics signature strain, born in North London in 2015 and originally known to the S.

CBD #1 – Ace Seed bank

After 3 years of hard work and with lab assistance at each breeding step, we finally offer CBD #1, the first ACE Seeds strain where all plants produce a stable.

Stuporsonic – Sagarmatha Seeds

Given by Swedish growers, this auto flowering plant has acclimatized herself to withstand a cold climate and a limited flowering period.

OG Critical – Emerald Triangle Seeds

We’ve taken our Emerald Jack and crossed it with one of the best producers on the planet which is Critical, this Sativa based strain will not leav.

Eden – Super Strains

A new CBD strain with a high percentage of CBD. Finds most of its origin in Switzerland, mixed with Dutch indica genetics. People with various pain find relief.

Jack’s Dream – Green House Seeds

The Jack’s dream is a cross of two of our classics from Green House Seeds catalogue, the Jack Herer and its amazing piney, hazey terpene profile and frosty flow.

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Swiss-xT – KC Brains

This variety has been developed for indoor growing. The parents of this plant are MR. SWISS crossed with a double K.C. private project. The herb of this plant i.

Dance World – Royal Queen Seeds

An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. Dance World is a cross of two different phenotypes of Dance Hall. Its genetics are a mix of mainly.

Royal Medic – Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Medic is a new feminized hybrid of two great cannabis strains from Spain. Its genetics are a cross of Critical and Juanita la Lagrimosa.

White Strawberry Skunk – Strain Hunters

he White Strawberry Skunk is one of the fruitiest strains of cannabis ever to be bred. The heritage from a famous Swiss strain called Erdbeer guarantees the t.

Auto Stilton – Philosopher Seeds

Auto Stilton has been created to satisfy all those growers seduced by classical marijuana strains and decided to grow autoflowering cannabis. After several gene.

CBD Harlequin (1:18) – Seed City Seeds

She shares a diverse genetic background with some famous marijuana strains such as Columbian Gold and the Nepalese Indica.

Sweet Purple – Paradise Seeds

Sweet Purple is a hybrid of 3 varieties: a purple variety, an early-finishing / large-yielding Dutch variety and an exceptionally potent strain. As the name imp.

Sweet Cheese – Sweet Seeds

A fusion between two high grade strains: Cheese x SWS01 (Black Jack®). This genetic highlights the virtues of its ancestors bringing a new twist of aromas to th.

CBD Blue Shark – Barneys Farm Seeds

Blue Shark is an Indica dominant CBD enriched strain. CBD Blue Shark™ is Blueberry crossed with the classic Shark Shock and finally bred with our CBD enriched S.

NLX – Seedy Simon

Seedy Simons NLX is a backcross of the popular but these days very rare oldschool dutch clone- only strain. New vitality was added to the well-tried genetics in.

Double Cheese – Dispensario Seeds

Genetic selection of the mythical UK Cheese original. The origins of this variety go back to the decade of the 80s, Skunk # 1 descends. It is a perfect plant to.

Arjan’s Strawberry Haze – Green House Seeds

Mild body effect, uplifting cerebral high. Very creative and social.

Jamaican Pearl – Sensi Seeds

Jamaican’s breezy cerebral high or interfere with her tropical flavours. As with Marley’s Collie, the new f1 crossing impressed Sensi’s breeders straight away.

Milk – Seedism Seeds

Seedism’s Milk gets whiter and more resinous every day during her flowering cycle right untill the last few weeks.

Strawberry Cake – Heavyweight Seeds

Crossing a really stinky cheese with a fruity and potent Chronic, Strawberry Cake is a smokers delight. There’s the classic Cheese taste and aroma, couple.

Kera Classic – Amnesia Mac Ganja! – Kera Seeds

Amnesia Mac Ganja! is a strong and powerful plant and very popular because of its extremely strong effect and sweet herbal flavour. It’s probably one of the mos.

Cheesy Headband – Emerald Triangle Seeds

The Headband within this cross is super high yielder, known for its vigorous veg growth and tight internodal stacking that will produce long, large colas.

Stilton – Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

The highly popular Stilton strain now available from Seed City in bulk quantities.

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