Cannabis Seed Sprouting Time Lapse

The best cannabis grow time lapse video. This is the most powerful video with HD quality time lapse of entire plants life cycle. Роялти-фри фото Прорастание семян конопли крупным планом макрос на черном фоне – картинка для коммерческого использования ⬇ Купите стоковое изображение 157473478 по доступной цене.

Most amazing cannabis time lapse video

This is probably the best time-lapse video of a cannabis plant life cycle. In this video, you can see how the seedling sprouts from the ground, how it matures and starts flowering. This amazing movie also shows you the super HD quality close up shots of the resin glands that are in the female flowers and how do they really look. Basically this is the best movie if you want to see the beauty of a cannabis plant in real life. This film was produced by the best photographers from Jamaica, Switzerland, and Germany working together with high tech time-lapse video professionals. In the Video on hour becomes one minute and the movie is 90 minutes long. You can buy this DVD at the film’s official website cannahuana or you can watch it oh youtube in low quality.

Of course, it would be nice if those plants in the video would be autoflowering cannabis plants. Imagine how cool it would be to look at a small autoflower plant in super HD quality throughout its life cycle! But anyway these plants look like some Sativa dominant crosses and they are still are very beautiful!

This is not a Movie – This is ART:

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Wish i could see it. Appears the video has been deleted because the youtube user was terminated for copywrighting somethin.

Hi, tnx for the comment,
I have updated the video, but it seems that youtube deletes the copyrighted versions. You can search for “Cannahuana” yourself and find the video!

Прорастание семян конопли — фото

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Прорастание семян конопли крупным планом макрос на черном фоне

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