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Homemade Cannabis Liquor: recipe, effects and properties

When we ingest cannabis we can enjoy its effects 100%, being the form of consumption that makes the best use of cannabinoids. In this blog you can find a lot of recipes with cannabis, both to eat and to drink, but today we are going to see a very special one, because weed is mixed with alcohol, which in addition to acting as a solvent, has its own psychoactive effects.

Cannabis infused with alcohol is a combination that can lead you to ecstasy, but you can also have a hard time if you drink too much, so we’ve decided to write this article about it.

⭐ Alcohol and Cannabis

A drink made up of cannabis and high alcohol content. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? This blend has been the favorite cocktail of many writers, painters, musicians and all kinds of artists for a long time.

Weed usually leaves a characteristic taste, the nuances of each genetics are hardly appreciated, and alcohol and cannabis extractions usually have a similar bouquet. If you like herbal pomace you can get an idea of how cannabis liquor tastes.

Image showing a glass of cannabis liquor*

✨ How to make homemade Cannabis Liquor

First of all, as in all cannabis recipes, you have to decarboxylate weed so that the drink contains all its effects. Otherwise the liquor will taste like cannabis, and the properties of cannabinoids in acid form, but we will lose most of the medicinal benefits.

It can be made with all kinds of alcoholic drinks, but keep in mind 2 things: the more alcohol it contains the more cannabinoids it will extract in less time and, if you want to enjoy the taste of cannabis, it is better to use a white or neutral-flavored drink.


  • 0.5 ounces (15 grams) of weed per 0.26 US gal (1 liter) of alcohol
  • Ethyl alcohol or liquor with a high alcohol content
  • Airtight or sealable glass jar

Easy Cannabis Liquor Recipe

Tiempo de elaboración: 25 minutos

  1. Take a large glass jar and introduce the decarboxylated weed (0.5 or 0.7 ounces (15 or 20 grams) of buds or 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of resin leaves per 0.26 US gal (1 liter) of alcohol is enough)
  2. Add the alcohol to the jar with the cannabis slowly
  3. Close and shake the jar vigorously for a couple of minutes
  4. Leave the jar closed in a dark place
  5. Shake every day at least once
  6. After several days it will be ready to consume, depending on the drink used as a base it will need 3, 7 or 15 days to dissolve all the cannabinoids
  7. Open the jar and filter the liquor with the help of a cloth sieve to remove vegetable matter

Infographic where you can follow the steps to make cannabis liquor*

? Cannabis Liquor. Beneficial Effects and Properties

Mixing cannabis and alcohol creates a synergy that enhances the psychoactive effect of both components separately. It is thought that alcohol causes cannabinoids to be absorbed more quickly, but even so, alcohol intoxication is perceived earlier than the effect of cannabis. For this reason you should be careful when drinking alcohol and cannabis together, since it’s easy to think that it doesn’t have much effect on you and want to take more, and by the time you realize it, it’s too late.

The interaction of cannabis with alcohol causes a more introspective effect than when smoked alone. It is ideal for inspiration, as it invites you to meditate and think about everything, but in a relaxed and peaceful state.

Medicinally, the effects of cannabis and alcohol together can be helpful for escape, calming anxiety, some kinds of pain or stress. In small quantities, up to 3.4 tablespoons (50 ml), it can be useful to reduce tension and open the mind, but in high doses the effect becomes narcotic, so it can be useful to treat insomnia.

? Conclusion

Alcohol is a solvent that goes well with cannabis, because apart from extracting cannabinoids it contains its own psychoactive effects. If you find your ideal dose it can become the combination that brightens up your nights and helps you sleep better. Have you tried this combination? What do you think? Let’s hear it…

In this article we will show you what is cannabis liquor, how it is made, and what are its effects and properties. Find out now!

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cannabis and alcohol – While many people anticipated that alcohol sales would decrease with changed legalization on marijuana, cannabis and alcohol are coming together to…