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Marijuana Enthusiast

(n.) marijuana enthusiast- the proper name for any pot smoking individual. replaces the slanderous names such as pot head, stoner, druggie, burnout, r-t-rd, etc.
-sshole- you guys are pot heads!

brad thompson & nick smals- no sir, we are marijuana enthusiasts. please get that sh-t right next time.

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Marijuana Enthusiast (n.) marijuana enthusiast- the proper name for any pot smoking individual. replaces the slanderous names such as pot head, stoner, druggie, burnout, r-t-rd, etc. -sshole-




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This 10-pen set is especially popular among bullet journal enthusiast s and creatives across fields including graphic design, animation, and sketch.

Scientists and food enthusiast s point to many components of place that may shape the aroma and flavor of food.

The flat, aluminum bottom supports even cooking and heating, and it’s beloved by sous-vide enthusiast s.

It contains sulfate and sodium chloride, which for many enthusiast s packs a layer of detoxification benefits that they can’t get with any old shampoo.

Facebook and Twitter profiles have neat slots for photos and posts, but enthusiast s of digital gardens reject those fixed design elements.

Alex Jones is a representative Second Amendment enthusiast in the same way that Leonid Brezhnev is an archetypal progressive.

Most of the writing was done by Lincoln enthusiast Jesse Weik, and the reception was mixed at best and downright hostile at worst.

That was 30 years ago, when I was something of an enthusiast .

Manzi, who founded a company that makes software expediting RFTs, is an enthusiast of this empirical approach, and rightly so.

One Miku enthusiast might compose an original song for her using Vocaloid, for example, and then upload it for others to hear.

Yet none but an enthusiast or fanatic could condemn it as iniquitous.

She was an enthusiast , a dreamer, passionately 315 sincere, passionately pitiful.

Ada listened, and her cheek glowed with animation, for she was an enthusiast in the cause of the Greeks.

Garces, like most of his kind, was an enthusiast on the subject of saving the souls of the natives.

An enthusiast on radio, Jack had developed a number of new appliances.

Enthusiast definition, a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal: a sports enthusiast. See more.