Cannabis Caviar Seeds

Looking for the ultimate cannabis high? Check out cannabis caviar—a combo of high-THC buds and concentrated hash oil that is not recommended for novice users. Want to buy Caviar seeds? Here you find offers from different seedshops. Find the best sale at Seedsbay before you buy Caviar seeds online. U.S.A. cannabis seeds are now available to buy.

The Strongest Bud in Your Galaxy: Cannabis Caviar

Looking for the ultimate cannabis high? Check out cannabis caviar — a combo of high-THC buds and concentrated hash oil that is not recommended for novice users. Kasey Craig explores this potent product.

There are plenty slang terms for this special product including caviar marijuana, moon rocks, and caviar concentrates. If you consider yourself a Mary Jane connoisseur, you are in for a real treat when in it comes to cannabis caviar. This top-shelf product is one-of-a-kind, extra-potent cannabis.

Novice cannabis users may want to reconsider before blasting off on a moon rock. It’s suggested that you plan at least half a day to enjoy yourself if you’re going to partake in caviar weed — this stuff will have you above the clouds in total bliss.

Now, what makes caviar concentrates so special? Let’s check out how this cannabis delicacy is made.

Making Cannabis Caviar

Imagine soaking high-quality buds (up to 20 percent THC) in potent, high-quality hash oils (up to 80 percent THC). Well, that’s marijuana caviar. Just as the name indicates, cannabis caviar resembles caviar in appearance, but doesn’t include fish eggs.

Now, cannabis caviar may or may not include kief. But moon rocks are always rolled in kief. Otherwise, these two are essentially the same thing. Both are a concoction for expert cannabis users looking for something more potent than traditional herbs or concentrates.

The better the cannabis ingredients, the better the caviar. Also, the longer you keep the bud in the oil, the more the oil can thoroughly coat the buds. Research says leaving the bud in oil overnight would be sufficient. Then, you would need to dry the product for a period of days up to month.

Where Did Cannabis Caviar Originate?

Cannabis caviar originated when Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak went from making music together to creating the first line of brand-name moon rocks. Forever changing how high stoners can get, I think it’s safe to say we’re all giving thanks to these two.

Side note, while you’re smoking moon rocks consider listening to the 2014 Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak “Moon Rocks Project” mixtape Volume 1. It was this mixtape that put moon rocks on the map. It includes 23 tracks and appearances by Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar. Since the high lasts so long, you may even have enough time to listen to “Moon Rock Mixtape 2” that includes artists like Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, T.I., Lil Wayne, and Birdman.

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With big names like these attached to the marketing of cannabis caviar, it’s no surprise the product has blown up. Their concoction is said to be “the strongest bud in your galaxy.” Although, no matter who manufactures the moon rocks you get, it’s going to knock your socks off.

What are the Ways to Use Marijuana Caviar?

Marijuana caviar can be dabbed, vaped, or smoked. For the most potent effects, dabbing is suggested. Since caviar doesn’t burn well rolled up by itself, you should add a little bit of the caviar to the herbs in your joint.

You can also vape cannabis caviar, just add the product into your chamber and heat it up. If you do choose to vape, you want to set the pen to a high temperature for cannabis concentrates.

How is the Cannabis Caviar High?

Since there is a high THC content in cannabis caviar, the high lasts longer even though less is smoked. With up to 91 percent THC content, this product is proof big things come in small packages. You can expect to be zooted for quite some time when you use cannabis caviar.

Medically speaking, it can benefit those that have insomnia, pain, lack of appetite, nausea, depression, and more. You can expect a cerebral euphoria alongside a relaxed body. You and your mood will be elevated. After a case of the giggles and the munchies, you can expect to fall into a deep slumber.

Effects can vary depending on the type of cannabis product used to create the caviar. You can find cannabis caviar made from indica, sativa, and hybrid strains; the type you get will determine the high.

What Strains of Cannabis are Used to Make Caviar?

You may hear marijuana caviar called OG caviar; this is because OG is the most often used bud that is dipped into a potent concentrate. A variety of cannabis caviar strains exists, though. You may find Lemon Meringue, Mango Tango, and other varieties.

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One moon rock combo that sounded godly was the flower and oil of Grape Ape, combined with the kief of Grape God. This caviar costs around $1,400 an ounce. Now that sounds like a ticket to outer space. Luckily, since it’s so potent you won’t need a whole ounce to blast off.

Can Cannabis Caviar Break up in a Grinder?

No. Do not put cannabis caviar into a grinder. The texture of marijuana caviar is way too sticky for that. Glass pipes and rigs are the best way to smoke caviar.

Should I Eat Before Smoking Cannabis Caviar?

Some sources suggest eating before you smoke cannabis caviar to avoid getting the jitters. When the munchies kick in, have some ready-to-go snacks for your pleasure — you don’t want to try and recreate crème Brulee while zooted on what may be the most potent form of cannabis.

Why Should You Try Cannabis Caviar?

Cannabis caviar is possibly the best weed product on the market. Given the extremely high THC profile, you know it’s going to take you higher. Medical users that are attached to the pipe in hopes of reaching the relief they felt when they initially started smoking may find this is the answer to all their problems.

If it’s your first-time using cannabis caviar, consider smoking a small amount (check with your doctor first) and partaking on a day you have no obligations. This will allow you to land safely on the moon.

Where Can I Get Weed Caviar?

Currently cannabis caviar is only sold in select dispensaries. Some dispensaries may sell them labeled as moon rocks. Contact the dispensaries in your area to find out where to pick up or have these delicious delicacies delivered. In Canada, you may be able to order marijuana caviar online through provincial retailers. However you obtain your cannabis caviar, it’s certainly worth the purchase.

Caviar seeds

Buy Caviar seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the Caviar cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Caviar seeds along their offers. Compare prices on Caviar seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Caviar seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Caviar seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

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Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Caviar seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Caviar seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Caviar specifications

Read the Caviar seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Caviar seeds.

Variety 50% Indica and 50% Sativa
THC level 17.5%
CBD Level Low

About Caviar seeds

Caviar is a typical hybrid strain and has an average level of 17.5 percent THC. This seeds will grow a plant with low CBD levels. Caviar has the abbreviation Cav where the plant is 50 percent sativa and 50 percent indica. Caviar will grow into a fine marijuana plant with a great yield. Growing Caviar seeds is fun and with the right info anyone can cultivate this cannabis plant, the Caviar has an average flowering time.

Ordering your Caviar seeds online is not possible, as soon as we know a shop which are selling Caviar seeds, we will post it here.

Caviar reviews

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Most helpfull

Jade from Geesthacht

This is top shelf. Worth the price.

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Nathan Gomez from Guinea-Bissau

First time trying it..2 hits and feeling super relaxed..will def recommend to others..

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