candy cane seeds

Grow a Candy Cane


  • Candy cane seeds
  • Soil or fake snow
  • Planters
  • Water
  • Candy canes
  • Rosie and Jewel began by filling their pots 1/3 of the way with potting soil.
  • Then, we added the “magic” candy caneseeds.
  • The girls filled the pots the rest of the way with soil and then excitedly watered their candy canes!

Growing Your Candy Canes

Rosie and Jewel were so eager for their candies to grow that I thought, “Why not twist this into a lesson in patience?”.

Instead of having the candy canes growovernight I made it take a few days.

  • The girls checked on their candy canes about a million times and delighted in watering them.
  • After two days something started to grow.

Grow a candy cane this holiday & wow kids of all ages! (HOW TO GROW A CANDY CANE)

Candy Cane Seeds: Christmas Gift Idea

Candy Cane Seeds are a simple and darling Christmas gift idea, perfect for friends, teachers, neighbors, colleagues and more!

I just love giving little gifts throughout the Christmas season. There are so many people that touch my life, or my children’s lives, and being able to give them a little something to let them know I’m thinking of them is one of the best parts of the season. This Christmas gift idea is so easy, but so adorable!

Aren’t peppermints so cheery? They’re the epitome of Christmas. They’re happy and bright…and I love the red and white!

They look so cute in a mason jar, with a cute printable tied around the top. And it’s so simple! It comes together so quickly and easily so you can also give this when you need a gift at the last minute.

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-printable tag (download below)


Print tag on to white card stock, and cut to size. Punch a hole in the top.

Fill jar with peppermints, put the lid back on, then tie the tag around the top. I love red gingham ribbon, but any Christmas ribbon would be so cute…or even baker’s twine or jute.


I just used the large tags for this jar–the small tags would be super cute for milk bottles, or a more narrow jar.

Candy Cane Seeds are an easy and adorable Christmas Gift idea, and you can download the free printable tag! Perfect for neighbor gifts, and more.