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Girl Guide cookies now available to buy online in Canada

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For the first time ever, Girl Guide cookies will be available for online purchase in Canada.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Guides across the country had to find ways to sell their cookies, as it’s a huge source of fundraising for them.

But now, boxes of their classic cookies or chocolatey mint cookies will be available to purchase online, from a specific Girl Guide or from the organization itself.

Previously, Canadians were able to go online, purchase cookies and donate them to an organization that may be struggling during the pandemic.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Guides across the country had to find ways to sell their cookies, as it's a huge source of fundraising for them.

You Can Buy Girl Guide Cookies Online, So Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Beyond its devastating health effects, COVID-19 has robbed us of so many small pleasures, like seeing friends, going to concerts, or picking up a bottle of wine without having to wait in a 40-minute line.

But not even a global pandemic can take away our Girl Guide cookies.

Social distancing came at a difficult time for the Girl Guides, CEO Jill Zelmanovits told CTV News. The organization’s 3.5 million boxes of cookies had just left the baker, to be distributed via volunteers and members, when stay-at-home rules were instituted, leaving the group in the lurch. Sales of the iconic cookies are a big part of the organization’s fundraising efforts and help pay for trips and experiences the Guides take.

Obviously, Girl Guides won’t be knocking on our doors this year, as that would break social distancing guidelines. But being resourceful types, they have figured out a way to pivot their distribution strategy, in response to our current situation.

“You’ve probably heard about some of the partnerships we’re working on with some retailers who are supporting us by buying Girl Guide cookies from local units to re-sell in their stores,” wrote Girl Guides Canada, in an FAQ about the cookie crisis, on their website. So far, they’ve been able to get cookies on shelves in stores such as Canadian Tire, Save-on-Foods, and Urban Fare, and profits will still go to supporting Girl Guides units. And according to the cookie finder website, the list of retailers selling cookies will continue to be updated.

Coverage is still a little uneven — cookies are available at 20 retailers in B.C., but only one in Quebec — but other than Nunavut, every province and territory is represented. (Sorry, Nunavut, but don’t despair yet!) You can easily find the stores selling cookies in your area with this handy Cookie Finder Map.

And if you’re self-quarantining, have limited mobility, or you live in Nunavut, you can buy cookies both in stores and online via London Drugs. (See, Nunavut, we told you it would all work out!)

The Guides organization is also encouraging people to donate cookies to food banks or frontline workers. By doing that, you’re both helping to subsidize the Guides’ activities and providing delicious treats to people who’ll really appreciate them. We’re glad the cookie crisis had such a sweet resolution.

Now pass the chocolate and vanilla sandwiches!

There’s a special treat packed with our meals, thanks to @girlguidesofcan and @GirlGuideCookie! COVID19 has meant they can’t sell cookies door-to-door this year, but we were happy celebrate their cookie season with our frontline heroes at @Sunnybrook and Mount Sinai.

— Feed the Frontlines TO (@feedthefrontto) April 17, 2020

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