can you sprout hemp seeds

How To Germinate Cannabis Hemp Seeds

Store your seeds air tight and moisture free in your refrigerator till you’re ready to germinate. Most seeds should keep for 2-3 years. Powerful varieties and fresh seeds commonly germinate in 3-5 days. When seeds have been stored refrigerated it can take up to 7 days for them to sprout. Soak the seed in water for a few hours then place them between layers of moist tissue in a covered tray.

Follow these simple guidelines for a successful germination by using:

  • A dark environment and stable room temperature
  • A tray with plenty of ventilation (frequent fresh air)
  • Distilled water for soaking and early watering
  • Tissue paper (without prints) and a saucer/tray

Patience “budding beginner”. Check on your seeds frequently, as you should never let them dry out. Spray luke-warm distilled water on them as often as necessary to keep them moist. Your reward? A tiny white root breaking through the nut shell! From here you wait until the root is about 1-2 cm long before you give them there first taste of soil if you are growing them bio style. For more details on different growing mediums, see the article on page 112 of The Smokers Guide to Amsterdam!

Important: don’t ever use fertilizers or root stimulants while germinating and moisten the tissue paper, never soak it with too much water.

Now that the root is the right length, you should place it in the soil with the root pointing down, so that the seed shell is level with the soil surface. Gently cover it with soil taking care to not damage the seed. Fluorescent light or even indirect daylight is strong enough for the seeds to become a small plant. From there on, it’s easy to see why we call it weed; it wants to grow!

For budding beginners, here’s the basic S-Guide to seed germination. Check out a good grow book (like the one featured on page 109 of The Smokers Guide to Amsterdam) to learn more.

Sprouting Hemp Seeds?

Has anybody ever tried sprouting Hemp Seeds?

I would think they would be OK to sprout but I haven’t tried it before and they are expensive so I don’t want to waste mine.

I am asking mostly because I am planning for a Raw Brunch and I am making bagels and I want to make a few different kinds and I was thinking that Hemp on might be nice.

(Any bagel suggestions would be appreciated!)

I am already making Alissa’s rye ones which I think are pretty good – but I want to make two other kinds for variety.


I may be mistaken, but I don’t think you can buy hemp seeds in the US that are sproutable, because then you could grow plants out of them. I seem to remember reading this, but I don’t recall where….perhaps someone else knows?

The hemp plant (the one that you smoke) is a completely different strain of hemp plant that the one they sell for seeds that people eat so there is no worry about that.

I am able to buy raw hemp seeds online. I just haven’t tried sprouting them before. I am sure if they are raw they would sprout.

Jenny, I think you’re right about the strains, its hemp but not cannibis, which is the one with the phsycho what-not properties. Unless you get them from a cannibis plant you wont get high 🙂

I’ve sprouted some with sunflower seeds for a pate.

I had unhulled and it took ages to try to blend it to a pate without loads of bits which was way too hard crunchy for me, and kept getting stuck everywhere in my teeth (dont eat at work without floss! 🙂 just didnt like the texture & my processor didnt handle it well, ended up using a hand blended which was better.

They sprouted fine but I think next time I’d use hulled to sprout & stick to using the others for hemp milk, which I strain anyway.

Sprouting Hemp Seeds?