buddha magnum autoflowering feminised seeds

Buddha Magnum

Hybrid from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties

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Data sheet

Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genetics Hybrid with Sativa predominance
Cultivation time (growth + flowering) 85 días
Production m² 550 – 600 gr
Outside production per plant 100 – 250 gr
Taste Fresh and spicy
Effect Powerful and uncontrollable laughter effect

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This three-way hybrid, from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties with rapid, vigorous growth and many branches, bursts into buds in the flowering stage.

Given its dimensions we don’t recommend growing indoors in big pots. Its large size makes it advisable for reduced spaces, small containers or late transplants, helping to control its height.

This plant reaches its peak outdoors. Sown in soil or large container, it grows vigorously to become a real monster, making the grower wonder if it’s really autoflowering.

The aromas and flavors of this variety have a fresh and spicy touch. Without forgetting its explosive power creating a cerebral high effect that raises its strength to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

The most powerful and productive autoflowering that ever existed.

Magnum (Buddha Seeds) feminized

Magnum is a highly productive autoflowering strain by Buddha Seeds. Some autoflowering strains might lack in production potential and effectiveness, but not this one. It can be seen as an upgrade from a small caliber pistol to a .357 Magnum, like the Desert Eagle of Spanish autoflowering varieties. Multiple branches, rapid growth and flowering, together with deeply penetrating potency!

Magnum (Buddha Seeds) feminized
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Buddha Seeds – Magnum: Intimidating and powerful

The Spanish breeders at Buddha Seeds created another large-caliber autoflowering strain. According to Buddha Seeds, it’s the most powerful and productive autoflowering variety of all times. There are many other strains that claim the same, but Magnum shows great potential and possibly lives up to this statement. It’s a three-way crossing between different strains that have one common denominator: High productiveness.

Magnum gets the job done in approximately 75 days from seed, depending on pot sizes and growing conditions. Indoor growers will achieve best results in smaller planting pots to limit growth and heights. Outdoor and guerrilla growers who want to see the full potential of Magnum are advised to give the root system enough space to fully develop, by planting directly into the soil or larger pots. Plants might finish a few days later but will grow to be huge, and therefore blow you away with extremely heavy yields. The reason for this is Magnum’s tendency to grow very strong side branches, allowing magnum-caliber buds to develop in abundance.

This strain can be intimidating, not only in terms of dimensions. The high is amazingly strong and explosive, maybe too much to handle for beginners. Magnum creates a cerebral effect that rises and rises, until complete “highness” is reached. The intensity might result in uncontrollable smiles and laughter.

Magnum is perhaps not the best strain for growers who want an extremely short life cycle of 60 days or less, but one of 75 days might be even better to reach the perfect balance between yields and finishing time. Don’t be satisfied with small caliber autoflowering strains when you can grow Magnum!

Magnum by Buddha Seeds is a profit-yielding autoflowering strain with lots of branching and powerful effects. Upgrade to Magnum caliber now!