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Blue Mystic: Bred For Flavour And Relaxation

If you enjoy a deeply stoning high paired with fruity flavours, then look no further. Blue Mystic possesses these traits and then some. The indica-dominant hybrid will lull you into a comforting couch-lock.

Royal Queen Seeds created Blue Mystic using genetics from two of the world’s cannabis meccas: Amsterdam, and the West Coast of the US. Our breeders blended Blueberry and Northern Light—legendary names in the weed scene—with the intent to birth an indica-dominant cultivar loaded with flavour.


In order to forge an indica specimen unparalleled in its stoning body high and fruity tastes, it was only natural that we selected one of the most sumptuous strains of all time.

Blueberry is an award-winning veteran known for her striking, sweet taste. She’s pleased the palates of many, but she’s known for much more than her flavour. Blueberry is a deeply stoning cultivar that boasts a high THC content. A couple of tokes is all it takes before a wave of sedation takes hold, leaving users glued to their seats. This soothing, all-encompassing effect helped her emerge victorious at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, topping the leaderboards in the Best Indica and Best Overall Strain categories.

Blueberry was crafted by the so-called “Willy Wonka of pot”—pioneering West Coast breeder DJ Short—during the 1970s. He harnessed exotic landrace and hybrid varieties from Thailand and Afghanistan to fabricate this explosion of flavour.

The breeders at RQS figured the only way to improve upon these genetics was to merge them with something equally as stoning. Blueberry’s effects are already intense, and only the likes of Northern Light could enhance them.

Northern Light is a quintessential classic. This pure indica variety has been well and truly stoning smokers for decades. She is known for her bulbous, resinous flowers that, once lit, make for a hard-hitting and long-lasting body stone. Northern Light’s exact genetic lineage remains a mystery, although she’s thought to descend from Afghan and Thai landraces as well.


The combination of these two classics created a high-THC titan capable of diffusing even the most stressful of days. An 80% indica genetic profile and a THC level of 18% make for a blissful experience. Shortly after inhalation, users will feel their eyelids begin to droop as a wave of relaxation breaks across the body.

Blue Mystic releases tension from the muscles and kindles the appetite. Brace yourself for a case of the munchies so severe that even the fullest of fridges will look semi-bare.

Physical effects aside, Blue Mystic also imparts some interesting effects on the mind. It doesn’t take much—a few tokes from a blunt or a single bong bowl—to feel a creeping euphoria set in. This substantial elevation in mood induces a frenzy of creativity that is markedly performance-enhancing for artists, musicians, and writers.

Overall, Blue Mystic is an ideal strain for lazy afternoons and evenings spent in solitude. Her high brings time to a standstill and allows for moments of reflection. If you have a hammock, string it up, because it’s time to zone out therapeutically.

Her flowers also produce a medium level of CBD, adding to the “entourage effect” potential of this strain.

Blue Mystic is the culmination of legendary cultivars Blueberry and Northern Light. She offers a rapid flowering time and unmatched flavour. Find out more here!

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Introduction: Blue Mystic Auto is an autoflowering version of the fruity and short sized Blue Mystic, that has a much more euphoric effect and will grow and flower rapidly in just 9-11 weeks. A small sized plant that is easy to camouflage and perfect for beginner growers looking for a tough hybrid that requires little maintenance.

Genetics: Created by crossing Short Rider with Blue Mystic, we were able to produce an autoflowering hybrid that kept the same resilience and terpene profiles.. By crossing our automatic Short Ryder with the indica dominant hybrid Blue Mystic, the results are a hybrid that can be grown outdoors most of the year and thrive in rough climates.

Strain Characteristics: This lady will grow with a short appearance similar to Blue Mystic, however will not require any photoperiod to flower. She can produce 200 – 300 g/m ² when grown closely together in a Sea of Green. Perhaps not the most productive autoflowering variety, however her rich and fruity terpene profile certainly makes up for it.

The buds will be typical of indica characteristics and have a frosty tight, dense look that when squeezed will release a sweet, berry fragrance with citrus and woody overtones. Blue Mystic may ripen with a purple hue depending on how cold this girl gets at night times, where she reveals her true beauty and elegance with frosted fan leaves. Thanks to the Blueberry parents, growers can expect great results in wetter and colder climates. Blue Mystic Auto is an excellent candidate for roof tops, terraces and back gardens due to her easability to grow and stealth profile.

Experiencing this strain: Smoking Blue Mystic Auto will kick start elevated waves of happiness and euphoria, and the ultimate feel good factor A smart choice for enjoying good conversation, provoking a creative side, hanging out with friends or just being alert and in the moment.

Her THC levels will range from 15%-17% making this autoflowering hybrid highly enjoyable and pleasant. Blue Mystic Auto retains the same delicious flavours that are a terpene smoothie of blueberries, cherries, lemon with a floral edge. Thanks to her exhilarating effects, medical patients may find Blue Mystic Auto good for enhancing feelings of joy and euphoria, which people with depression or nausea may benefit from.

What makes this strain so great: The ultimate stealth strain that is well suited for a terrace or balcony anywhere in the world. She requires very little maintenance and will reward you will flavours that can only be found on a tropical desert island.

Blue Mystic Auto is an autoflowering version of the fruity and short sized Blue Mystic, that has a much more euphoric effect.