blue dream matic

Blue Dream’matic (FastBuds) feminized

FastBuds created this autoflowering variety of the classic Blue Dream true to the original but not without improving on the original genetics. Like the Original, Blue Dream’matic gives you a fantastic high that is very uplifting and relaxing. Look forward to some monster yields of sweet-tasting sativa bud when you grow this Lady!

Blue Dream’matic (FastBuds) feminized
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FastBuds – Blue Dream’matic: Easy & Fast Blue Classic Auto

FastBuds took the Original Blue Dream, which is a classic from the range of “blue” cannabis strains and made her into an easy-growing autoflower. While such a project can at times mean that taste, effect or yields diminish, this didn’t happen with this blue Lady from the breeders at FastBuds. Instead, they were able to improve on the Original, with the same great taste and effect but with some extraordinary yields thrown in as well!

Blue Dream’matic is an autoflower and so simple to grow that even new growers can look forward to good results in no time. Just plant your seeds, give her 18-24 hours of light and she will be happy. Her natural resistances make growing her even easier and the plant pretty low-maintenance. If you want to max out your yields however you may possibly want to trim her in the early stages for even more bud sites and a bountiful harvest. If you do that, she grows into a bush with many branches that will be brimming with thick, long and tightly packed buds.The plant will normally reach a height of up to 110cm. Blue Dream’matic’s entire life cycle from seed to harvest is a short 9 to 11 weeks. Expect harvests as much as 300g per plant!

When you smoke Blue Dream’matic, your taste buds can be in for a double treat: If you harvest her early, she will have a tart sweetness to her, with some earthy and wooden undertones. But if you wait a couple of weeks more for the final harvest, her flavour turns into an intensive blend of refreshing berry and citrus flavours! Very pungent and absolutely mouth-watering!

Blue Dream’matic is mostly a sativa (75% sativa) which means that her effect is cerebral, happy and uplifting but will mellow out into deep relaxation for your entire body. She makes a great smoke that you can enjoy later in the day without getting knocked out.

Because of her uplifting and mellowing effect, Blue Dream’matic has also some good medicinal potential. Medicinal cannabis users can grow her if they need a strain to help with chronic pains such arthritis, rheumatism, back pain or multiple sclerosis. Users also have reported the strain to be good for migraines, PMS, stress relief, asthma and many other ailments and health conditions.

Blue Dream’matic by FastBuds is a fantastic autoflowering sativa-dominant strain that shines with man extraordinary qualities. With a taste and effect that is absolutely world-class, the spectacular yields and her fast growth there is little reason not to grow this phenomenal Lady!

Blue Dream´matic provides great taste, a superb happy high and some serious yields!

Blue Dream’Matic

Blue Dreammatic is based on Tangie Matic and Blue Dream Autoflowering genetics. This is a 75% sativa dominant hybrid released in 2017. It is a high-yielding bushy strain with large and long resin buds. In optimal conditions, the harvest comes in 9-11 weeks from seedlings and yields can be 300g/plant. Due to heavy yields, the strain is good for commercial growers. It is advised to selectively defoliate to improve the all-round airflow and trim the main stem to control the height. Blue Dreammatic has light relaxing, euphoric and uplifting effects, making it perfect for a day smoking. The strain has a mixed fruit and citrus aroma, with a soft earthy smell.

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Bueno esta fue mi primera vez con automáticas. Volvería? Nunca mas. No sé si es una condición de las automáticas. Pero salieron plantas con muy pocos tricomas. No son cogollos compactos y el gusto no es lo que esperaba. De las 8 plantas que tuve ninguna tiene el gusto que dice el banco, no los voy a juzgar porque estoy en argentina y entiendo que no me puedan asegurar la calidad de sus semillas siendo ilegal en este país.

Meqqqa dieron un rendimiento en total de 150 gramos (si entre 8 plantas). Fumo todos los días y dudo llegar a mi próxima cosecha.

Volveré con otro seguimiento. Espero no ofender a nadie. Saludos y buenos humos par

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Один из my растений (Bd4) показывает сгоревшие кончики и листья, которые ухудшаются днем. Пожалуйста, помогите взглянуть на эталонный снимок и дать мне совет о том, что с ним wrong?

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