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Tips for growing Blue Cheese cannabis

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Strain overview: Blue Cheese is a heavy indica strain that was created by crossing UK Cheese and Blueberry. The strain offers a funky cheese-like aroma combined with a unique blueberry scent. It’s a potent strain commonly used by medical patients for pain management.

Grow techniques: Grow Blue Cheese indoors or outdoors in any medium. You can train the plants to increase yields or top them to help round out the growth. Blue Cheese is a vigorous grower and strong plant that easily resists mold and infections, making it a good choice for novice growers.

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Grow difficulty: Easy to moderate

Climate: Prefers cool to moderate temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/outdoor: Growing Blue Cheese indoors allows you to easily train the plant. Outdoors is also a good option because of its ability to handle cooler temperatures.

Feeding: Blue Cheese is a strong plant with lots of foliage, and it will need plenty of nutrients to grow. Because of its vigorous growth, it is hard to overfeed. Nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and silica are great friends to this strain.

Get information on growing the Blue Cheese cannabis strain, including its average flowering time, difficulty level, and feeding schedule.

Big Blue Cheese


The Big Blue Cheese strain is a potent and high yielding Indica dominant hybrid created in the Netherlands by crossing the sweet tasting Blueberry, the hardy and distinctive Cheese, and the massive yielding Big Bud. The result is a strain that seriously delivers on potency, yield and flavour.

Big Blue Cheese weed has a unique aroma of sweet berries and fruit, mixed pleasantly with the distinct smell of Cheese. The flavour is just as complex and exciting being strong, full of sweet berries and spice with a hint of cheese on the exhale. This is a true connoisseur’s weed. The hit comes on strong and fast, leading with a euphoric head high that moves nicely into a calm and relaxed full body stone. Medically, this weed can be used to treat depression, muscular pain and insomnia.

Big Blue Cheese seeds are medium to tall in height and can reach up to 2.5 metres when grown outdoors. The buds are thick, dense, and covered in a thick layer of enticing looking resin that reaches down the fan leaves. Due to the presence of Blueberry, cooler night time temperatures towards the end of flowering can bring out attractive purple hues. THC levels have been measured as very high.

The Big Blue Cheese strain likes to stretch, so if you’re growing it indoors, it’s advised to put into flower when it reaches 40 centimetres as it triples in size. This explosive growth is well suited to training in an LST or growing in a SCROG set up. After seven to nine weeks of flowering, most growers can expect massive yields of 600 grams per square meter.

Due to the presence of the UK developed Cheese, Big Blue Cheese seeds can be planted outdoors in cooler climates. Although it will produce an excellent yield with only a little care and attention, it can take a heavy feeding and you can really maximise resin production. Expect harvest to come in October if you’ve planted after the final frosts have passed.

The Big Blue Cheese strain is a true connoisseur’s weed due to its complex and unique sweet flavour. Both novice and commercial growers should consider it for its ease of growth and its exceptional yield potential. Big Blue Cheese weed is another example of a new era of marijuana, ticking all the boxes on yield, potency, and flavour.

The Big Blue Cheese strain suits all types of grower, whether beginner, commercial or connoisseur due to its ease of growth, big yields and unique flavour. ]]>