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Big Buddha Seeds

Buying Big Buddha Cannabis Seeds guarantees you will always find a great plant, with distinguishable qualities and a unique gene pool history.

Their signature strain is the Big Buddha Cheese which is claimed to be the “World’s Greatest, Purest Cannabis Cheese Strain”

The Big Buddha first acquired a Cheese cutting back in early 2002 and recently caused controversy in the cannabis industry by being granted full European rights over the trademark name Cheese in relation to Cannabis Seeds. This means that any other Seedbank that feature strains with Cheese in the name won’t be able to do so.

Big Buddha Cannabis range of Cannabis Seeds available from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Big Buddha Feminised Seeds

When Noel Gallagher, Jamiroquai, Sean Paul and Howard Marks are listed as endorsers, you know you won’t go far wrong with Big Buddha’s feminised seeds.

Big Buddha has some of the best-selling cannabis seeds in the UK and is best known for its famous Cheese hybrids. Perhaps its most famous strain is Big Buddha Cheese which was created from the best bits of the original, old-school Cheese. Big Buddha Cheese has a sublime and distinctive taste and gives a no-ceiling, uplifting and motivational high.

You can buy Big Buddha Seeds, including their famous Cheese, from Seedsman today.

Big Buddha Feminised Seeds is a cannabis breeder chosen specifically by Seedsman for the quality of their marijuana seeds. Buy your seeds online here.