best weed strains for migraines

The best strains for migraines

Anyone who has suffered from migraine knows how excruciatingly painful they can be. In addition, symptoms are often resistant to analgesics available at the pharmacy. There is an effective herbal alternative which is also one of the most powerful herbal remedies available.

Doctors have treated migraines with medical cannabis since the 1840s, but the prohibition on marijuana has largely hindered scientists from doing much research on the subject until recently.

The reason why weed is so effective in medicine is directly linked to its ability to bind with receptors in the body that reduce inflammation, disease and the symptoms of migraine which include dizziness, nausea and throbbing pain that may be accompanied by flashing lights.

Cannabis is so good at this that hardly any drugs can rival its potency which also has hardly any side effects. CBD has been shown to be very effective in treating migraines in particular thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. THC is also beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of migraine because of its ability to lessen pain. But what are the best strains for migraines?

Top 5 | Best strains to fight migraines

Here are the five types of marijuana that are the best strains for headaches:


Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a 5:2 CBD/THC ratio. Harlequin induces feelings of clear-headedness and awakeness, which can help you feel positive and alert and lift you out of depression and nothing is worse than that horrible confused, muddle-headed feeling that often occurs when you start to feel a migraine coming on.

This weed strain is good for those who have migraines with high levels of pain. This is because its optimal balance of THC and CBD allows effective pain relief without an overpoweringly intense high. Users also report that Harlequin is relaxing but non-sedative making it ideal for daytime use.

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ACDC has been cultivated in Northern California for medicinal use for many years. ACDC has a very low THC level and a very high CBD level, which makes this cannabis a variety capable of generating a zero psychoactive effect whilst maintaining its medical potential to the fullest.

In addition, the oil produced from ACDC extracts has a CBD level of 82% and a THC level of less than 3%. This makes the oil a product of great use for those who do not tolerate the psychoactive effects when used to relieve their pain or to relieve the pain of cancer patients.

Those who have tasted it and been able to appreciate its effects indicate that it has been very useful in reducing anxiety, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, PTSD, and even attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As for its medical benefits, they considered ACDC too wonderful for calming pain, accompanying the said effect of a reduction in stress, depression, inflammation or headaches. Regarding its emotional and psychological benefits, patients reported that after using it as a remedy, they felt more focused, relaxed, content, energetic, and with a more positive frame of mind.

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OG Kush

As a unique Indica-Sativa hybrid clone, this strain spread throughout California in the late 1990s due to its psychoactive potential, with some phenotypes producing 24% THC.

There are good reasons why this strain has become so famous in the United States. She has a genetic past made up of Lemon Thai x Pakistani crossed with the no less famous Chemdawg.
The result is a plant with an exotic lemon diesel scent that produces excellent weed. Our feminized version of OG Kush combines its different phenotypes into a robust, predominantly Indica-dominant plant with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and a moderate yield.

With OG Kush, patients most often cite improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD and stress disorders. This is a popular strain and it is not uncommon to see OG Kush CBD products in pharmacies. Why not grow some for yourself and see if it helps?

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Northern Lights

Originally from Afghanistan, Northern Lights is a 100% pure feminized strain with Indica benefits. Northern Lights is widely regarded as a legend winning three Cannabis Cups and numerous awards.

The subtle and sweet scent of Northern Lights is highly appreciated by growers who prefer a variety that is not too fragrant. When you combine the scent with its rapid flowering of 8-9 weeks, you end up with a discreet variety with a good quick return on investment. This variety also produces large buds with a sweet taste and a strong and long-lasting physical stun effect. Its pure Indica power can be felt throughout the body and causes sedating sensations, however relaxing.

Consumers of medical cannabis are also recommended to try Northern Lights: its deep physical effect is very suitable for treating the symptoms of muscle spasms, chronic pain and many other disorders, particularly migraines.

First-time growers who are planning to try their first crop will be delighted to learn that Northern Lights is a very easy-to-care variety suitable for indoor and greenhouse growing. It thus proves that it is indeed a champion in all categories, for cannabis and the culture.


This delicious genetic wonder was produced to be grown and harvested early. Growers will appreciate the ease and speed of production. The basis of this variety is a dOG Chocolate Thai plant, carefully crossed with Cannalope Haze. These hybrid specimens have a low resistance to mould, so be careful when they start growing. They are guaranteed female to ensure production.

A variety that is smoked preferably in the afternoon, a wandering mind will find a clear high with intellectual results when you appreciate its flowers. If you buy Chocolope seeds, you will get a large harvest and a powerful result. An energizing feeling of euphoria lasts 1 to 2 hours which leaves the consumer aware and attentive to everything around him. It is commonly said that Haze strains give the most potent herb.

A medicinal variety for people with chronic depression, as Chocolate Haze will comfort and improve the condition of many people who also have other medical conditions. Arthritis, ADHD, joint pain, stress and migraines are greatly reduced if this variety is consumed regularly.

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The Most Effective Strains for Migraines or Headaches

Tuesday September 4, 2018

T he body of consumer evidence that shows cannabis is medicine continues to grow and we’re seeing it everywhere – even though there’s a lack of scientific research. Cannabis has shown to help fight cancer, treat serious diseases and provide palliative relief for people who need it the most. Even better? The more we learn about its potential, the more astounding the marijuana plant becomes.

While there are many wondrous things to be said about cannabis as a medicine, not all medicinal users are consuming cannabis to combat a life-threatening disease. In fact, many consumers treat far less serious conditions with the help of cannabis – conditions like migraines and headaches.

A headache or migraine is unlikely to be considered life-threatening, yet cannabis has shown to be an effective treatment for many people suffering from them. While cannabis affects everyone differently and everyone may have a different marijuana product that suits their needs, here are our seven favorite strains to help fend off chronic migraines and occasional headaches.

Northern Lights

When it comes to migraines, probably nothing is worse than a migraine when you’re tired. The painful symptoms are multiplied by your exhaustion after a long day and you may feel like there’s not much you can do to find relief and relax. If you want to ease the pain and happily fall asleep, Northern Lights is a great strain that might suit your needs.

Since migraine and headache patients may experience their symptoms every day, it’s essential for them to have a constant supply of medicine. That’s why many medical cannabis consumers choose to grow their own plants. When growing for medical needs, Northern Lights is a perfect option because of its disease and mold-resistant properties. On top of that, Northern Lights is also relatively easy to grow.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel isn’t as easy to grow as Northern Lights, but it produces colas and buds that are well worth the effort for cannabis patients in need of a head-numbing effect. Sour Diesel is a popular, easy-to-find variety of cannabis for several good reasons. It has remarkable pain-relieving qualities, a pungent smell and powerful psychoactive properties. By distracting the mind and censoring pain signals in the endocannabinoid system, Sour Diesel helps keep migraine patients at ease while giving them the energy to continue their day as usual.

Cinderella 99

Another pungent strain that headache and migraine sufferers should consider is Cinderella 99. It’s the offspring of the legendary ‘Princess’ clone, and holds a similar royal status among cannabis patients. For starters, it’s a perfect plant for patients to grow indoors in soil – the relatively short plants produce a bounty of citrusy buds. Though sometimes a touch rotten-smelling, the flower produces a scent that is fruity and musky.

The effects of Cinderella 99 target headaches while increasing mental energy. It’s a solid bud to consume during the day when a headache needs to be stopped to finish a project or clean the house, but it’s a variety that should be avoided before sleep when the mental uptick would be undesirable.

Chem Dawg

Chem Dawg is a well-known strain that takes over the head shortly after consumption. It might even be the perfect cultivar for cannabis patients who don’t want to lose an edge on their day. Even though many head-focused varieties will drive mental activity, like Cinderella 99, Chem Dawg keeps the mind level. Chem Dawg is a parent variety to many other popular strains today, such as Sour Diesel. It’s ease-of-growth, universal enjoyment and efficacy of medication make it a wise selection for anyone suffering from headaches or migraines.


Lavender is a favorite for patients like my mom: ripe hippies who love flowers and connecting with their plants. It has a spicy, floral taste that reminds them of the early 70s and the deeply-relaxing effect in the mind and body soothe any headaches. As the body loosens up, it brings a calming, euphoric sensation. As the mind and body reach a tranquil state, migraines are known to fade away when cannabis patients use Lavender.

Purple Indica

Purple Indica is a bit more difficult to grow than other strains on the list as it requires an extended vegetative state and additional pruning techniques, but the pay-off of growing this variety for pain relief becomes clear upon consumption. Migraine patients indicate that Purple Indica has narcotic-like effects indicative of a true purple.

Many patients are attracted to Purple Indica’s mitigating effects on headaches but don’t always want the physical slow-down of a potent indica during the day. While a daytime round of this strain may deplete your physical energy, its sleep-enhancing qualities make it more than suitable as a bedtime variety. The smell of the bud before consumption reminds consumers of a misty, evening meadow and, upon consumption, the relaxation of that scene physically manifests itself and relaxes the entire body.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a favorite among many cannabis consumers for fighting headaches. It provides a sense of pain relief without any lost focus as well as the ability to relax one’s body without reducing much energy. The experience from smelling the bud to cracking it open to consuming it is almost meditative, like walking through a smoky temple in northern India. The best part about Blue Cheese is that it grows quickly. Big, bountiful buds burst out rapidly and deliver a highly-potent medicine suited for high-tolerance consumers who need immediate pain relief.

Final Thoughts

Treating headaches and migraines can be tricky since the head is where our day begins and the strongest medical strains tend to deliver sedative-effects to the body. When the head is hurt, and the pain is relieved with cannabis, there is often a reduction in mental energy.

Depending on the time-of-day, your tolerance levels and your preferences for the organoleptic aspects of the bud, this list should provide with you the ability to find a suitable variety to treat your headaches and/or migraines without disrupting your day!

Do you treat headaches and migraines with cannabis? If so, which strain works best for you?

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, try these seven strains that might be able to help. Even better, these strains have been known to provide relief without disrupting your day!