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Weedmaps Buyers’ Guide: Stash Boxes and Smell-Proof Bags

Between growing cultural acceptance and the political shifts that followed, lax laws and legal weed have transformed what it means to be a cannabis user.

And there’s never been a better time to be a stoner than now. Suddenly, weed is wellness, a viable alternative to alcohol, prescription pills and a slew of other coping mechanisms that are objectively terrible for us.

While cannabis is more acceptable than ever, discretion remains a key concern for most users. From the soccer mom hiding tinctures in her makeup bag to an otherwise unapologetic stoner who doesn’t want to smell like weed at the family function, the necessity for discretion exists on different levels. Regardless of where you fall on the sliding scale of a secret stoner to unabashed “weed kween,” discreet products are great tools when you want to keep it on the low.

Here is our guide to stash boxes and smell-proof bags, with a couple of ingenious products blurring the line between the two. Until cannabis becomes federally legal, it’s wise to err on the side of caution. Especially when the err, or in this case, air, doesn’t have to smell at all.

The Apothecarry Classic Stash Box

The Apothecarry Classic Stash Box exists at the apex of the high end. Four glass jars, four dab containers, humidity control, joint holders, a rolling tray… the list of super stoner accouterment goes on. If you’re a baller who takes their weed seriously enough to have a head stash worth preserving, this one-of-a-kind box is for you.

LiTT Stash Box

If you’re part of the 99% who can’t swing over $200 for a stash box, LiTT’s Stash Box is a great alternative. Simple, highly functional, and aesthetically cool, it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Plus, the top of the box doubles as a rolling tray.

Diversion Hair Brush

With the Diversion Hair Brush, the name says it all. Though obviously not a box, it’s a great place to hide your stash when no one can know you have weed on you. If you live in a legal state, this doesn’t happen much. If you don’t, it happens all the time. Either way, we’ve all been there, and all would have been way less panicked if this brush had been there too.

The Gypsy by Erbanna

The Gypsy by Erbanna is one of those products that blur the line between stash box and smell-proof bag. A portable stash box, if you will. This quilted case is chic enough to conjure visions of Chanel bags, yet functional enough to come with two glass jars, plenty of room for whatever else, and a combination lock to boot. Just because it’s technically a stash box, doesn’t mean it has to stay in one place. The modern stoner is on the go. Now, so is their weed.

Stashlogix Silverton

Another box/bag hybrid, Stashlogix’s Silverton is not for the casual stoner. With adjustable dividers, lockable zippered bags, rubber gaskets, and odor absorbent packs, it’s best suited for those who constantly deal in multiple strains at a time, most likely professionally.

Mini Quilted Smell Proof Pack by Cookies

The Mini Quilted Smell Proof Pack by Cookies is, in a word, perfect. It’s discreet, cute, and coming in at $29, it’s cheap enough for almost any budget. Whether you’re on a camping trip, out around the city or just in your car, people who don’t like weed will never know you have it — or suspect how stoned you are.

The Classic by Stashlogix

Equal parts eco-friendly and user-friendly, The Classic by Stashlogix is great for nomads. Aside from an integrated lock and adjustable dividers, it features Odorpax, replaceable odor absorption packets made with activated bamboo charcoal in a hemp/nylon pouch. Each pack lasts up to three years, so you’re good to go for the foreseeable future. And, to top it all off, it charges your phone.

Level1620’s Northern Lights Clutch

Part of Level 1620’s collaboration with Polish artist Anna Grochowska, the Northern Lights Clutch brings a touch of boho sophistication to the smell-proof bag. “The Northern Lights take us to nature,” she said of the design. “We sit out there at night and look up at the natural colored tie-dye lights in the sky. It’s a sacred moment of connection with the universe.” Sacred moments, tie-dye lights, and connecting to the universe? This bag is a physical manifestation of what getting high is all about.

Escape Luggage by Skunk

Escape Luggage by Skunk takes the smell-proof bag to a whole new level with their rollable smell-proof luggage. With carbon lining, a TSA zipper lock, telescope handle, and a slew of other travel-friendly approaches to discretion, this bag changes the game when it comes to traveling with THC.

Cloudten Glass Case

A smell-proof home for your bong or pipe can be just as important as the one for your stash. The Cloudten Glass Case is great for traveling, with an order resistant design and a solid rubber seal liner. Foam interior will form to whatever you have to throw in there, and the padlock ensures safekeeping. No matter where you go — or what you do — bring your bong in a smell-proof gun case.

Here is our guide to stash boxes and smell-proof bags, with a couple of ingenious products blurring the line between the two.

The Best Weed Stash Box: A Buying Guide

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The use of marijuana has long been a favorite leisure by many. But the years of scientific research had found its more important benefits. Today, many institutions claim for its surprising medicinal properties too.

Whether it is used for recreation or treatment, weeds need to be well-kept at its best condition. Improper storage can affect its quality on so many levels. It can often make your stash taste harsh and less effective.

A bad batch is a product gone to waste. Yet, this should not be an issue. All you need is a good container to go along with your weeds. In this article, we will teach you what to look for in a stash box. Moreover, we will present to you a rundown of the best products in the markets.

What is a weed stash box?

The very definition of a stash box is any container you use to keep your essentials. In this particular case, it is your weeds and its accompanying accessories.

There is a wide array of materials used for stash boxes. From a simple canvas fabric to wooden, metal, or glass containers, the choices are endless.

The designs are also varied. From the typical square or rectangular shape to cleverly-designed boxes. You can also find holders in the form of a pouch or bag. As for the interior, some may have a single compartment only. While other boxes have several sections that can either be adjustable or fixed.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a weed stash box?

The design options for a stash box is way too varied that it can be anything you can imagine. Regardless if you opt for a simple box or an intricate one, there are four factors you should always consider. And, that is light, air, moisture, and temperature.

These four elements are often the possible sources of the problem. The negligence of one or combinations of the following can compromise the quality of your weeds. Here’s why:

  • Light

Light and cannabis always have this love/hate relationship. Even during its stages of cultivation, light imposes a great impact on its condition. The same holds true now that the weed is already dried and ready for usage.

The ultraviolet or UV rays are the culprit here. It can either be coming from the sun or emitted by common light bulbs like CFL or regular fluorescent lamps.

What is being targeted by this UV is the weed’s THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient of the marijuana plant. This is the chemical that gives the user a sense of high.

THC by nature is an unstable compound. Thus, it is very sensitive to external elements like the UV rays. Once exposed, it has a high tendency to decrease its potency.


To prevent UV from ruining your weeds, it is advisable to use opaque containers. The more opaque it is, the more it can help to block light from penetrating.

Any non-transparent material would work fine for this purpose. But if you opt to use glass material, you can store your weeds in amber or any dark-colored tint.

  • Air

In the same vein as light, the air can also affect the quality of the weeds. The exposure to oxygen, in particular, degrades the efficacy of tetrahydrocannabinol. The oxidation process converts this THC into a less potent Cannabinol or CBN.

Moreover, too much air can also oxidize the terpenes. In effect, it alters the taste and smell of the buds. It may become harsher and less aromatic than it used to be.


It is ideal to store your stash in an air-tight container. A jar that is too big tends to trap too much oxygen too. Thus, the size should just be large enough to fit in your weeds.

An airtight jar also helps to keep your stash odor-proof. This makes it more discreet so that it won’t attract unwanted attention from others.

Our top picks for air-tight jars:

  • Moisture

Once marijuana is already harvested, it then goes through drying and curing. If properly-processed, the end product should still have about 5% to 10% moisture left. Such amount is enough to keep the weed fresh and not brittle.

The main goal of your stash box here is to be able to maintain that optimal moisture. If it is too dry, it will likely cause the terpenes to evaporate. This is the compound that provides the flavor and aroma of the weed.

Another thing that becomes affected by low humidity is the trichomes. This appendage contains two important compounds, the THC and the CBD. A dried-out weed may cause this trichome to be brittle and cause the breakdown of such chemicals.

On another end, storage that has too much moisture can also be damaging to your stash. High humidity promotes the growth of molds . This type of fungus can be too quick to arise even in a matter of a few hours only from exposure. A moldy weed is unsafe for human consumption. Once your stash becomes afflicted, it is good as waste already.


Regardless of the type of container you use, it is your goal to maintain a suitable moisture level inside. Relative humidity between 55% to 65% is the target range for optimal weed storage.

To make this possible, you have to put humidity control packs in your stash box. These packets contain salts that help to regulate humidity within the immediate surroundings. So, they either draw in or emit moisture from the air as needed.

Our top picks for humidity control packets:

  • Temperature

In the same boat as moisture, temperature also affects the cannabis’ flavor and aroma. Heat causes the weeds to dry out and get brittle. Thus, affecting the integrity of the terpenes and trichomes.

Moreover, an environment with a temperature of around 80°C prompts the formation of moisture. As a result, it makes your container the perfect setting for mold growth.


The best thing you can do here is to keep your stash box in a cool and dry place. Considering that, you can keep it in areas like closets, drawers, or basement. Anywhere is possible as long as the temperature does not differ very much.

What to put inside your weed stash box?

What you choose to put inside your stash box is actually very subjective. Some people prefer to store only the basic essentials. While there are also some who like it full-packed all the way. In the end, it all boils down to your needs and preferences as the user himself.

Then again, we collated this quick list of the basic weed stash items for your reference.

  1. Weeds
  2. Rolling papers
  3. Poking tools
  4. Grinding tools
  5. Dabbing tools
  6. Vape pen
  7. Miscellaneous items

Our top picks for the best weed stash box.

We have already got to know what a weed stash box should be. If you prefer to be more sustainable, you can scour from your old stuff and make a DIY stash box. It can be anything from empty sweet tins to old jewelry boxes, or any container that can serve the same purpose.

But if you wish to buy a brand new one, here are some of the best weed stash boxes in the market today.

Classic Box:

Kozo Wood Stash Box Combo Kit

  • Box dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 inches.
  • Weight: 37.6 ounces.
  • Premium bamboo with natural stain.
  • Metal latch lock w/ 2 keys.
  • Padded interior lining.
  • Smell-proof.
  • Includes a small rolling tray.
  • Includes a 4-piece aluminum grinder with a neodymium magnetic lid.
  • Includes a UV glass stash jar with an air-tight seal.
  • Smell-proof.

Swagstr Grinders Tree of Life Stash Box Combo

  • Box dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 inches.
  • Premium bamboo with natural stain both inside and outside.
  • Handcrafted and engraved with “tree of life” design.
  • Metal latch lock w/ 2 keys.
  • Smell-proof.
  • Includes a small rolling tray.
  • Includes a large 4-piece grinder with a neodymium magnetic lid.
  • Includes a full-size UV glass stash jar with an air-tight seal.
  • Smell-proof.

Pike & Pine Handmade Large Stash Box Combo

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4 inches.
  • Weight: 54.24 ounces.
  • Made with 100% high-quality bamboo with natural staining.
  • Lockable latch (Lock and key not included).
  • Removable storage compartment dividers.
  • Includes a small rolling tray.
  • Includes a large 4-piece zinc grinder with textured neodymium magnetic lid.
  • Includes 2x glass stash jars with bamboo chip-resistant caps.
  • Smell-proof.

Travel Bag:

Ozchin Medicine Lock Box Travel Storage Bag

  • Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch x 4.5 inch.
  • Weight: 7 ounces.
  • Odor-proof
  • Puncture-resistant.
  • Moisture-repellant.
  • Built-in organizer.
  • Heavy-duty anti-snag zipper.
  • Combination lock.

Stashlogix Silverton Locking Stash Box w/ Odor Control

  • Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Hard-shell case for better structure and shock protection.
  • Patented combination zipper lock.
  • Odor-proof.
  • Rubber gasket.
  • Interior foil lining.
  • Waterproof zipper.
  • Adjustable dividers.
  • With a zippered inner mesh pocket.

Helmet Head Smell-Proof Case with Combination Lock & Grinder Card

  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.7 x 4.1 inches.
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces.
  • Odor-proof.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Made with 100% activated carbon technology.
  • Water-resistant exterior lining.
  • Mesh interior lining.
  • Customizable modular design for better organization.
  • Combination lock.
  • Includes a complimentary card sleeve and grinder card.

Decorative & Discreet Storage:

Hakuna Supply Locking Book Storage Box Bundle

  • Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 7 inches.
  • Weight: 48 ounces.
  • Available in various designs.
  • Faux book storage made with a synthetic leather exterior.
  • Faux velvet interior lining.
  • Equipped with a metal locking sheet with 2 keys.
  • With a strong magnet to ensure a tight closure.
  • Single compartment.
  • Includes a large 4-piece herb shredder with pollen catcher and shovel.
  • Includes 1/8th glass stash jars with a tight-seal engraved bamboo lid.
  • Sustainably-made with plantable seed paper.

Picture Frame Secret Compartment Stash Box

  • Diversion safe stash box.
  • Available in two colors: Black and white.
  • Available in two sizes: 4×6 inches and 8×10 inches.
  • Weight: 15.5 to 37.92 ounces.
  • Inconspicuous design.
  • No security lock features.

Stash-it Diversion Safe Hair Brush

  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 3.39 x 3.31 inches
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces.
  • Fully-functional hairbrush with a secret compartment.
  • Screw-top closure.
  • Inconspicuous design.
  • Great for travel.

Today, cannabis is not only sought after for leisure but for its medicinal benefits too. Regardless of the user’s intention, proper storage cannot be further emphasized. One excellent way to do that is by keeping your weeds and essentials in a suitable container.

A stash box provides a conducive environment to maintain marijuana in its best condition. This preserves its valuable properties to make its quality last longer. Thus, allowing the users to enjoy the product in a longer period of time as well.

Stash boxes need not be expensive and complicated. As long as you consider all the tips we presented above, your weed stash will be A-ok.

Are you looking for a Weed Stash Box? We have written a comprehensive buyers guide, and reviewed the best options for you.