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Best Strains For Extraction – The Ultimate Top 10 Every Grower Needs To Have In Their Garden

At one point or another, the exploration of the cannabis world leads to concentrates, both making and consuming them. This marijuana product comes in many forms, all of which are known for their potency, clean effects, and pronounced taste. But what strain should you choose to make a concentrate with? Today, we’re helping you out with this question – let’s learn more about concentrates and find out what cannabis strains are best-suited for extraction.

How To Make Weed Concentrates

Even though making home-made cannabis extractions may sound like too large a task, most cannabis growers will actually find it doable after a little research. Nowadays, there are easily a dozen methods for making dabs at home, each varying in difficulty and required equipment. Before picking the best strains for extraction, it would be a good idea to go back to our DIY Dabs At Home article to explore all the options for home-made concentrates. You’ll see that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at dispensaries to enjoy the mind-blowing potency of dabbing, because with some preparation, you can make your own resin, shatter, and even vape oil at home! The most important thing to remember here is safety; while some methods are harmless and require only a hair-straightener and a piece of parchment paper, others ask for highly-flammable butane. If you decide to use it, always work with it outdoors.

What Do The Best Strains For Extraction Share in Common?

When we make weed concentrates, what we’re trying to extract is its potent, cannabinoid-rich resin. That’s why, when making this list of the best dab strains, we first picked marijuana varieties that are known to be the most resinous strains out there. Many of them include genetics from Gorilla Glue, White Widow, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple – all especially sticky weed families that will guarantee a lot of product extracted. We also looked for high-yielding Indica strains, because these are proven to be a safe bet when it comes to making concentrates. Another important characteristic of a quality concentrate is its flavor palette, which comes from extracting and preserving fresh terpenes along with the cannabinoids. That’s why we’ve narrowed the circle of the best strains for concentrates to only the most flavorful and terpene-packed varieties – you’ll get a rich burst of unique flavor with every puff of your home-made dab!

Herbies’ Best Strains For Making Concentrates

Now, let’s get to our list of the most resinous, potent, and flavorful cannabis varieties on the market. Any of these will make a perfect concentrate, whether it’s shatter, oil, wax, or hash. They’re also known high-yielders, so to choose one of our best strains for extraction means to harvest enough bud not only to dab yourself to the point of no return, but also to have enough bud left for a lighter, daytime smoking experience.

    Photoperiod Full of euphoric crystals 20 – 25 %

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Crystal Gelato – Abundance Of Resin

The name of this strain hints at the fact that the buds you’re going to harvest from Big Head Seeds’ Crystal Gelato will be abundantly covered in crystals of resin. Trichomes of this weed variety produce many kinds of terpenes responsible for the delicious flavors of citrus, berry, and dessert-like sweetness, all of which are going to be easily distinguishable in concentrates. After trying this Gelato once, you’ll get instantly hooked on its euphoric sugar rush. Don’t worry, Crystal Gelato’s yield of 450g/m 2 (1.47oz/ft 2 ) will stock your shelves up for months of smoking.

    Photoperiod Stone weapon 25 % 400 – 500 g/m² indoors500 g/plant outdoors

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Gorilla X White Widow – The Legendary Mix

Every grower knows about the stickiness of Gorilla Glue genetics and the frosty look of White Widow when covered in blinding resin. Well, now breeders from Expert Seeds decided to create an ultimate strain for making concentrates by crossing the two and introducing Gorilla x White Widow. This strain inherits the best qualities from its waxy parents to become another sticky legend. Gorilla x White Widow’s resin is full of cannabinoids – 25% THC is more than enough to make an extra potent concentrate framed by sour notes of diesel and highly sedative effects.

    Photoperiod Heavenly relaxing stone 24 % 550 g/m² indoors1100 g/plant outdoors

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OG Kush – The One And Only

Here’s another standout – OG Kush by Dinafem Seeds. OG Kush is rightfully considered to be one of the best strains to make hash, so there was no questioning if it should make this list. This strain is also a staple of making sun rocks – a new cannabis concentrate trend known to frighten even the most experienced of smokers with its potency. No wonder, because OG Kush yields dense, juicy buds with sky-high 25% THC levels and just enough CBD to relax and prepare your body for the high. Concentrates made from OG Kush will have an unmistakable flavor of citrus and diesel – a classic Kushy feel on every inhale.

    Photoperiod Straight to heaven 22 – 26 % 400 – 500 g/m² indoors

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White Widow – The Queen Of Extracts

White Widow is the cannabis queen all growers bow down to in respect. There’s simply no other weed strain with such a distinct white frosty look and euphoric sedative effects. This version of White Widow by Dutch Passion is easily one of the breeder’s most resinous strains to date, making it perfect for creating different extractions either at home or on a larger scale. This marijuana variety’s extra-large yields cause lots of wows with 600g (1.3lb) of large and resinous, snow-white nugs per plant.

    Photoperiod A relaxing, happy and uplifting experience 20 – 25 %

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Strawberry Banana – The Tropical Gateway

Up next in Herbies’ top strains for extraction is Strawberry Banana by Big Head Seeds. One of the sweetest and most terpene-rich strains on the list, this strain is perfect for those who value the flavor of their concentrates as much as their potency. As you might have guessed from the name, the two main notes in the strain’s palette are strawberry and banana, coming together to create a fresh and tropical cocktail. Potency-wise, this Indica-dominant fruit basket is on the same level as the rest of the strains on our list, containing 25% THC to produce a dream-like head high.

    Photoperiod Glued to the sofa 25 % 500 – 550 g/m² indoors

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Pineapple Glue – The Resinous Classic With A Twist

Advanced Seeds’ Pineapple Glue takes the best from its scissor-breaking parent Gorilla Glue #4 and adds a refreshing tropical twist with a share of Pineapple genetics. As a result, you get one of the best waxy strains that makes for a delicious fruity concentrate. As for the effects, you’ll feel the same signature sedation and deep stone of all of the Glue strains. The THC content of this fun mix of genetics also remains high at up to 25% – ideal for making extra-potent shatter and resin.

    Photoperiod Awakening of creativity 26 % 400 – 500 g/m²

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HiFi 4G – For The Pungent Dab

The next cannabis variety on our list of perfect dab strains, HiFi 4G, champions this top 10 with an astonishing 26% THC! Perfect for growing in both indoor and outdoor environments, HiFi 4G yields up to 500g/m 2 (1.6 oz/ft 2 ) of sticky dense buds full of flavorful resin, which makes any extraction process easy and enjoyable. HiFi 4G bud is exceptionally pungent and smelly, oozing with notes of wood and earth. As for the provided effects, expect a creative and euphoric high in a matter of seconds.

    Photoperiod 22 – 26 % Reaching perfect balance 400 – 500 g/m²

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Glueberry OG – The Champion Strain

One more candidate for first place among the most resinous strains, Glueberry OG by Dutch Passion says it all with an impressive list of its parent weed varieties. The parent thruple includes Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush – two of the strains are already on our list, and Blueberry is a great addition for balanced flavors of pine, pepper, and berry. Glueberry OG’s 26% THC and giggle-inducing effects have helped it reach the top three of Home Grown Cup Netherlands’ Indica and Outdoor categories twice! Such performance of the bud guarantees outstanding quality of Glueberry OG extracts, too.

    Photoperiod Сouch locking sensation 21 % 550 g/m² indoors 700 g/plant outdoors

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Black Gum – For The Sweetest Extracts

We’re approaching the end of Herbies’ list of the best strains to make hash, shatter, wax, and other concentrates, but these weed varieties are only getting more curious! Black Gum by Original Sensible Seeds should be the first choice for cannabis smokers who are new to making and consuming weed concentrates. First, its resinous nature makes for an effortless and bountiful extraction. Second, Black Gum’s 22% THC is just high enough to guarantee a strong but not overwhelming high. Finally, extractions made with this strain are some of the sweetest and most delicious – Black Gum’s sugary terpenes, reminiscent of strawberry and fresh fruit, make it very easy to fall in love with cannabis concentrates.

    Photoperiod 23 % Full physical relaxation 600 g/m² indoors 800 g/plant outdoors

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Granddaddy Black – A Pure Indica Stone

The final weed variety on our list of best strains for extraction, Granddaddy Black by Original Sensible Seeds, is a great catch for all Indica lovers, because it’s 95% Indica – something that can be rarely found on the modern cannabis market. This genetic profile, powered with 23% THC, will provide strong pain relief, whole body and mind relaxation, and a classic Indica stone. Flavor-wise, expect a well-balanced palette of sweet and savory with notes of fruit and earth.

Best Strains For Concentrates – Why Not Try Them All?

We’ve put a lot of thought into our list of the best strains for extraction, and you can see that each variety here has something special about them – each is worthy of your attention. Why not try them all? If you go all the way, beyond this top ten, check out our For Concentrates Collection for more inspiring resinous strains.

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What strain should you choose to make a concentrate with? Let’s learn more about concentrates and find out what cannabis strains are best-suited for extraction

Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Making Hash

Hash offers a smooth, euphoric, and clean high. It’s an old-school extract and very easy to make at home. These 5 strains make prime candidates for high-quality home hash-making.

Hash is by far one of the most iconic cannabis products in existence, with its use and production spanning way back into human history. Hash is essentially an old-school cannabis concentrate that can be made in numerous ways. More viscous hash, or temple ball hash, can be made by simply rubbing cannabis flowers between the bare hands. Kief, which is a more powdery form, can be collected from dried flowers during the grinding process and pressed into large blocks. Regardless of how it is made, hash almost always offers a clear, clean, and euphoric high.

Here are 5 strains bursting with resin that you should consider when planning your next batch of high-quality hashish.


Royal Gorilla is an outrageously potent cannabis variety, making her an ideal strain of choice when crafting some intense hash. Royal Gorilla features a perfect balance of 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica genetics. She is the lovechild of parent strains Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel. This breeding project created a strain with THC levels rarely seen before, reaching immense levels of 27%. The flowers of Royal Gorilla are dripping with psychoactive resin, making them perfect for hand-rolling some high-grade and mind-blowing hash. The high is both relaxing and stimulating as the cannabinoids and terpenes within the strain work to relax the body while igniting the mind. To top it all off, Royal Gorilla offers earthy, pungent, and piney scents and tastes.

Royal Gorilla performs well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors, this strain will provide yields of between 500–550g/m² and grow to heights of up to 160cm. Outdoor plants will grow to slightly taller heights of 170cm and produce harvests of up to 600g/plant. She features a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, with outdoor plants usually ready for harvest during the middle of October.

Hash is an age-old cannabis extract made by rubbing fresh cannabis flowers or grinding dry flowers. Use these strains to make your own potent supply.