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These Companies All Offer The Chance To Take Advantage Of Current Interest In CBD Oil. They All Have Their Own Advantages And Disadvantages. A deep dive into the best CBD MLM companies out there, as well as everything you need to know about multi level marketing and choosing the best partners.

13 CBD Oil Network Marketing Companies To Take Advantage Of The CBD Trend

CBD oil is the hot new product in the health and wellness field, which makes it big in network marketing companies as well. The CDB oil network marketing companies featured in this list all sell CBD oil while offering people the chance to sign up as a seller (often called IBO) and earn money building a “team” of sellers as well.

There’s no doubt that the idea sounds appealing. Why not make a little money by promoting products that many people want to buy?

The oil itself is derived from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). It consists of cannabidiol, which is a key compound in marijuana, along with some type of carrier oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, so CBD oil won’t get anyone high. This makes it valuable as a potential health product for a wide variety of uses, and because of this, we’ve seen a huge explosion in companies selling CBD through traditional marketing methods.

There are generally two styles of oil. The isolate version just contains cannabidiol, while the full-spectrum version contains other compounds as well. There is demand for both types, as CBD isolate is considered purer, while the full-spectrum oil could potentially offer advantages from the additional compounds.

While research is still ongoing, CBD oil has been linked to specific health benefits, including the potential to decrease anxiety and depression, relieve lower back pain & arthritis, get better sleep, have faster workout recoveries, and improve heart health. None of these effects have been proven, but the current information is enough to make CBD oil a trending topic.

The popularity of CBD oil could make it a good product to sell. There is already a large audience ready to make purchases. You’re also promoting a consumable product. If customers do like the products or see benefits, then they’re likely to come back for more.

This list features the key CBD oil MLMs that are currently operating. Since this is a new industry, there will no doubt be lots of competition, lots of hyped up (then missed) promises, and plenty of companies won’t survive the fallout.

Some of these sell entirely CBD oil and related products, while others offer a wide variety. It’s important to consider any company carefully before getting involved. MLM compensation plans are often complex and success can be more difficult than you may first expect.

You may also want to consider skipping the whole MLM & direct sales aspect. I don’t do network marketing, but make a full time living doing “affiliate” marketing, which involves product promotion, without the team building (recruiting) aspect. Here are some CBD affiliate companies worth promoting:

Table of Contents

CBD Oil Network Marketing Companies

  1. CBD BioCare
  2. Kannaway
  4. Reliv
  5. HB Naturals
  6. My Daily Choice
  7. Bocannaco
  8. Zilis
  9. First Fitness Nutrition
  10. Trevo
  11. 5Linx
  12. Prime My Body
  13. Morinda

1. CBD BioCare

  • Focus: CBD oil and beauty products that contain CBD oil
  • Minimum Cost: Free

Product Overview: The main range from CBD BioCare consists of CBD oil, capsules and gummies, along with a couple of pain treatment products. There are also two skincare categories, with a total of seven products between them. Finally, there is a ‘CBD oil for pets’ product range, where the oil can be purchased in various quantities.

As you might expect, the oil is a little on the expensive side, but not excessively so. The company has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from reviews. While this sounds good, the reviews are recorded on the CBD BioCare site itself and may be biased.

One notable feature is the emphasis on quality. The company’s website states that the hemp is organically grown and has been third party tested. The manufacturing facility has been registered with the FDA as well.

Details about the testing and supply of products are provided as well. The site even hosts certificates of analysis and various outcomes from testing. This type of information helps to prove that the oil is of decent quality.

Commission Quick View: CBD BioCare bounces between suggesting that members are affiliates of the company or that they are sales representatives. This may be partly because the company has a simplified approach to MLM.

In particular, there are just three ranks to the compensation plan, which are Sales Representative, Sales Manager and CBD CEO. Members can earn 20% to 25% commission on sales at the first rank, 30% to 35% at the second rank and 40% at the third rank.

The ranks are mostly linked to sales, rather than recruitment. Earning the 30% rate involves reaching $5,000 in sales, while the rate 40% involves reaching $25,000 in sales.

Unlike most MLMs, CBD BioCare doesn’t seem to have any sales minimums, quotas or fees. The company also provides various tools, like a dashboard, landing pages and coupons for visitors. These aspects give CBD BioCare an advantage over other similar MLMs.

There is some team aspect present too, as CBD BioCare talks about sub-reps. One page of the site mentions that representatives can earn 10% overrides on the sales of recruits. However, there is no other information provided.

One other thing to mention is the cost. While it is free to become a sales rep, you need to pay extra to have access to all of the tools. CBD BioCare offers packages for $99, $199 and $349.

All three packages offer a 5% discount code for customers and a landing page. The more expensive two also come with some products. After the first year, anyone who purchased a package needs to pay $49.99 per year for access to the landing page.

Final Thoughts: CBD BioCare is a pretty good choice if you plan to just focus on the sales side of things. Joining as a free member gives you a sales dashboard and the chance to earn, which is all you really need.

The 5% off coupon would be a nice way to promote sales. Even so, it may not be worth the $99 initial fee (plus $49.99/year after your initial year). I would also recommend skipping out on the landing page that they offer and promoting their products yourself. That way you’re not using the same sales pitch as everyone else.

2. Kannaway

  • Focus: CBD oil products and some unrelated items
  • Minimum Cost: $54.98 per year

Product Overview: Kannaway features various CBD oil products, including salve, CBD oil, capsules and an oral oil applicator. Other less common items are part of the selection too, like gum, vape packs, Rev!ve Liquid and energy chews.

There are also other products that might seem unrelated, including nutritional powders, skincare items and essential oils. These actually tend to contain compounds from cannabis as well.

Interestingly, the company sells two versions of some CBD oil products at different prices. For example, their Premium Hemp Oil Capsules cost $113.99 (or $93.99 at wholesale). Their Pure CBD Capsules cost $107.99 (or $88.99 at wholesale).

The CBD oils are independently tested and are extracted using a low heat CO2 method. Both approaches should help to ensure a high-quality product.

The main issue with Kannaway isn’t the product quality, but the price. Their items tend to be on the high side, even for a CBD MLM.

Commission Quick View: Signing up as a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway costs $58.98 per year. Ambassadors can buy and resell the products and/or allow customers to purchase through a replicated website. The base commission rate is 30% of the commissionable volume, regardless of how customers make their purchases.

Kannaway’s compensation plan strongly focuses on the team aspect and it gets complicated fast. For example, the amount you get paid depends on the program the customer is in, while precisely how you get the income is based on whether the customer is in their first 30 days or not.

The team aspect follows a unilevel plan with compression. This means that recruits are placed in your team based on who recruited who. Any volume generated by a distributor who is considered inactive will go to the level above them.

There are 12 ranks to progress through, each with their own requirements. Various other bonuses are present too. While these should mean more income potential, most bonuses are linked to the higher ranks and many members will not hit them.

Final Thoughts: Kannaway’s biggest advantage is that the company is well-known, but this isn’t enough of a reason to get involved. Their pricing is likely to make the products difficult to sell, while the complicated compensation plan does you no favors.

Many ambassadors would find the plan confusing or need to spend a long time trying to understand it. Optimizing income can also be difficult with a plan like this one.


  • Focus: Inexpensive CBD oil and related products
  • Minimum Cost: Free to join

Product Overview: CTFO CBD offers the following product categories:

  • Oils & Vape
  • Edibles & Sprays
  • Hair Growth
  • Pain Creams
  • Pet Products
  • Skin Care

Most of these are similar to what other CBD oil companies offer. One interesting aspect is the various sprays. These contain CBD oil and various other ingredients to promote the desired effect. For example, the Energy Blast and Focus spray includes caffeine, coconut oil and green tea extract.

CTFO CBD offers 10x PURE hemp oil, which is promoted as being superior to other types. The company provides some scientific support to the claim, but there are limits to the science highlighted. This can be seen in the graphs that the company provides, which have large error bars.

While the 10x PURE hemp oil may offer some benefits over regular types of hemp oil, there isn’t enough evidence to prove this fully. It’s also not clear whether customers would notice any practical difference.

Thankfully, CTFO CBD does follow processes to ensure that its products are high quality overall. This includes relying on organic hemp that is grown in the United States. Their oil is also third party tested and the results from testing can be found on the company’s site.

Those features should be useful in promoting sales. The wide product range helps too. It’s also worth mentioning that the oil from CTFO CBD tends to be less expensive than most competing companies.

Commission Quick View: Distributors for CTFO CBD can earn by selling the products through a replicated website, or by purchasing and reselling them. Selling through the site provides a commission rate of 20%.

When you make a sale in-person, you receive the difference between the wholesale and retail product price, as well as 20% of the Customer Volume (CV) as commission. This pattern makes selling in-person a more profitable approach than making sales online.

Aside from selling in-person, there seems to be no way to increase the compensation rate for your own sales. To earn more, you’d need to turn to team building.

CTFO CBD does make team building less complicated than many other companies. They follow the unilevel model, which means that you don’t need to manually place team members anywhere. You earn a percentage of the sales from your team, based on where they fall in your downline.

For CTFO CBD, you earn 4% from each level. The number of levels you earn from is directly related to your rank. Interestingly, the early rank requirements are only based on the number of people you recruit and whether they’re qualified. There is no requirement to hit certain sales volumes within your team.

That being said, the qualification requirements for CTFO CBD are a serious limitation. You need to make a purchase of at least $47.47 every 31 days or have 10 qualified customers and/or associates in your downline.

It would be pretty difficult to get 10 people in your team early on, especially as they would need to hit the qualification requirements themselves. As such, many associates would end up buying products each month, which decreases income potential.

Final Thoughts: CTFO CBD does have a good reputation in the industry. They also offer a decent range of products that are inexpensive and appear to be of high quality. These aspects could make the company a good choice if you were just focusing on product sales.

The team side of things is less appealing, especially as the compensation for your own sales is low. You also need to meet the qualification requirements every month to be able to earn team commission and these are unusually high.

4. Reliv

  • Focus: Health and wellness products, including CBD oil
  • Minimum Cost: Less than $50

Product Overview: Reliv is a broader company that focuses on health overall. Their product categories include Core Nutrition, Targeted Solutions and RLV Hemp Extracts. They also offer a Fit3 Program, which combines some of their products with a nutrition guide and a workout program.

The hemp products don’t quite seem to fit in with the rest of the company’s marketing, making it seem like they are a way to cash in on current interest in the field. Regardless, there are four different products to choose from.

Two of these are hemp isolates (500 mg and 750 mg). There is also a 500 mg tincture of full spectrum hemp extract and a container of hemp balm. The isolates just contain CBD, while the full spectrum oil offers other cannabinoids from the hemp plant as well.

Reliv offers a Certificate of Analysis for the hemp extracts, which includes details of the testing results. This testing approach acts as an indication of quality. The hemp was also organically grown.

The 500 mg bottles both cost $80 retail or as low as $48 for Master Affiliates, while the 750 mg bottle is $100 retail or $60 for Master Affiliates. While the Master Affiliate prices are pretty good, you would be selling the products at the retail price.

Commission Quick View: Reliv distributors can earn between 20% and 40% commission. The amount is based on your own sales, along with the sales of your team. It takes 1,500 volume points to earn 30% commission and more than 5,000 to hit the 40% mark.

Details aren’t provided about how these volume levels convert into dollar sales, which is a shame. Unusually, most Reliv ranks are permanent and you only need to hit them once. The only non-permanent rank is Master Affiliate, which needs to be earned on a yearly basis.

While the approach sounds simple so far, the team building aspect is more complex. For one thing, members are meant to order products from their upline (and then, presumably, resell them). The idea is that you buy from whoever has the largest discount.

This style would make your profit more confusing. It could be tough to optimize your income too.

Reliv does offer generous percentages from your downline, but you need at least one Master Affiliate in your team to access them. Doing so would be pretty difficult and I imagine that most people wouldn’t achieve the goal.

Final Thoughts: The biggest advantage with Reliv is that you can increase your commission rate significantly from sales alone. You could even rely on the sales of your team to do so.

This might be useful if you were planning to promote the entire product range from Reliv. However, if you’re just interested in CBD oils, you’ve only got four products to work with. These are all pretty generic and won’t be extremely competitive in the field.

5. HB Naturals

  • Focus: Organic and nutrient-rich products
  • Minimum Cost: Free

Product Overview: HB Naturals is another company that offers many different products. Their range includes herm herbals, products for pets, superfoods, essential oils, personal care items and supplements.

While the company doesn’t exclusively focus on CBD oil, their overall approach may not be a bad thing. All of their products relate back to the idea of nutrient-rich items that are high quality. HB Naturals even suggests that they use powerful extraction techniques to ensure that all the benefits from plants remain in their products.

This can be seen in the marketing for the hemp oils for the company too. HB Naturals highlights the presence of cannabinoids, terpenes and omega fatty acids. They also focus on full spectrum oil, rather than CBD isolate.

The hemp oil selection is a little unusual too. There are different quality tiers, which vary in their pricing. Various flavors are available as well, along with some related products that contain CBD oil. HB Naturals even offers inexpensive samples, which could be a good way to get people passionate about the products.

Commission Quick View: HB Naturals provides distributors with 50% of the CV (commissionable volume) of any product that they sell, for sales made online. Despite the phrasing, this doesn’t mean you’re making 50% commission.

In practice, the CV of a product tends to be lower than the dollar value. HB Naturals gives one example on their site, where a $149.95 product has a CV of 100. The commission per sale would be $50, which is closer to 33% commission.

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The team aspect operates through a binary model. You build a team that has two distinct legs. Whenever those legs hit 200 CV each, you get a percentage of the sales from the team that has the lowest CV.

This percentage can be 4%, 8% or 1%, depending on the amount of sales that you make each month. The style means that you need both sides of your team to perform well. You also need to make consistent sales yourself.

As always, there are various bonuses that you can earn, including Binary Match Commissions, bonuses for advancing up ranks and a Fast Start Bonus. These bonuses do act as extra ways to earn money, but hitting the requirements is another story.

Final Thoughts: While HB Naturals does have appealing products and an interesting angle overall, the binary compensation plan isn’t a good sign. This type of plan can get confusing fast, especially if you’re new to the MLM field.

Anyone interested in the company would be better to stick with the sales process only. Doing so comes with less risk and you don’t need to rely on the success of your team members.

6. My Daily Choice

  • Focus: CBD products and sprays
  • Minimum Cost: $39

Product Overview: My Daily Choice offers two types of products. The first of these are sprays, which are basically an unusual style of multivitamin. The sprays are called Brain, Boost, Shield, Peak, Trim365 and Sleep.

Most of these use ingredients that you would expect, like green coffee bean extract and vitamin B12 in the energy spray. The only unusual feature is that these are sprays, not multivitamins. The dispersal mechanism may improve absorption and benefits, but the evidence for this isn’t very strong.

The rest of the products are more relevant to this list. They are all part of the brand HempWorx, which is one of the most well-known CBD brands on the market.

My Daily Choice includes typical products, like CBD skincare and tinctures (full spectrum and CBD isolate). They also have some less common examples, like products for pets, bath bombs, coffee and keto creamers. All of these include CBD as well.

Commission Quick View: My Daily Choice follows a purchase and resell model, where you start off earning around 25% commission. This can increase as you go up the ranks, up to 50%.

However, the commission is based on the BV for the products rather than the sales price. This means that the amount you earn may not be as high as the numbers suggest.

The team aspect follows a typical binary model. Once again, this means that you’re building two teams under you. You’re aiming to hit 300 Business Volume (BV) with each of those teams. Whenever you do, you earn from 8% to 20% commission on the sales of the lesser team.

The percent you earn from your team is based on your rank in the company (again). As always, the rank requirements get progressively more difficult.

There is also an ongoing requirement to earn from your team. This starts out at 40 BV each month and increases to 90 BV. That BV can include your own purchases and sales that you make, but it needs to be met every month.

Final Thoughts: My Daily Choice has been around for a while now and the HempWorx products do have a good reputation. These two aspects should increase the chances of making regular sales.

The products themselves aren’t too bad either. My Daily Choice has a wider range than other companies and their sprays help to broaden the audience that you can promote to.

While the compensation plan isn’t amazing, it is fairly typical for the industry. The largest issue is that the commission you earn starts low. This makes it important to carefully weigh up the work versus rewards with My Daily Choice.

7. Bocannaco

  • Focus: Nanoemulsion CBD oil
  • Minimum Cost: $99/year

Product Overview: Bocannaco is a new entry in the CBD MLM field. They take a different approach than most, by focusing on the idea of exquisite products that offer more health benefits.

The company barely talks about hemp or CBD oil at all. Their marketing focuses on ‘active driven terpenes’ instead. There are five products to choose from, including a 1,500 mg concentration of CBD oil and a 1,000 mg concentration.

The other products on offer are a hydration stick, a face mask and a gel. All three appear to contain CBD as well, but this isn’t entirely clear, as the information provided is heavily focused on hype and is somewhat vague.

As the company is so new, there aren’t many reviews for the products themselves. However, Bocannaco doesn’t provide the same proof of quality that many other companies offer. There aren’t even any certificates of analysis.

The manufacturing process used is meant to create an oil that is more bioavailable than normal. Bocannaco provides some information about how the concept works, but there is no proof given at all.

Commission Quick View: It seems that distributors for Bocannaco can earn around 15% commissions from sales. That’s a very level of commission for this industry and the rate never increases beyond 15%.

On the plus side, distributors don’t need to keep an inventory. This suggests that you would be selling the products using a replicated website rather than needing to purchase and resell.

Bocannaco’s team aspect is simple. You can earn from up to seven levels in your team. The first level is the most impressive, as you can earn 10% from your direct recruits.

Unusually, there are no ranks in Bocannaco’s plan. The number of sales that you make is all that determines how many levels deep that you can earn from. Making just five personal sales allows you to earn residual commissions at all seven levels.

Of course, you have to grow a decent team to have seven levels to earn from. There is also a first sale payout, which ranges from $3 to $20, depending on the level of the new member.

Bocannaco doesn’t provide any more details than this. While members do need to be ‘qualified and eligible’ to earn any commissions, Bocannaco doesn’t state what either process involves.

Final Thoughts: The newness of Bocannaco means that there aren’t as many distributors to compete against. While this aspect could theoretically give you an edge for making money, the company really isn’t appealing. The products don’t seem like they would be competitive and the compensation plan misses many key pieces of information.

8. Zilis

  • Focus: Full spectrum CBD oil and some non-hemp oils
  • Minimum Cost:

Product Overview: Zilis has a fairly small product range, with just three types of items. The first is a collection of full spectrum CBD oils. They’re available in berry, lemon and raw flavors. The oils all contain 500 mg of oil, with an estimated CBD content of 16.67 mg/mg.

Zilis claims that the products have “maximum bioavailability” and use “superior formulation”. While they do provide some details about this idea in their science section, there isn’t enough information to prove that the oils from Zilis are better than other companies.

Another issue is that Zilis doesn’t provide any Certificates of Analysis on their main site. This calls the quality of the products into question.

There is also a topical CBD product from Zilis. This is available in two sizes. It relies on a full spectrum extract and essential oils.

The final set of products is Ultra Boosters. These are basically liquid supplements that do not contain any hemp. They could help to promote health, but once again, there isn’t much evidence.

Commission Quick View: The compensation plan from Zilis mentions that members can earn retail commissions of “up to 100%”. What this looks like in practice is anyone’s guess. Zilis doesn’t provide details about the amount you actually earn.

The team side of the opportunity follows a binary model. Your downline is split into two teams and you can earn up to 20% income from the sales of your weaker team.

To earn from your teams, you must have a 50 PV autoship with the company or 75 PV in your own purchases or sales. These requirements jump to 100 PV autoship or 150 PV from purchases or sales if you want “accelerated binary commissions” (whatever that means).

This creates the standard pattern where you need to consistently earn or spend money every month. That design doesn’t allow for the complexities of life and can be frustrating.

There is also a Fast Start Bonus of $20, $60 or $130 for each time you recruit someone and get them to buy a product pack at the same time. Zilis has a large number of other bonuses too, with the complexity that you might expect.

Final Thoughts: There is nothing particularly unusual about Zilis and they follow a pretty typical compensation plan. While their products look interesting, I’m not convinced that they would be competitive as there are so many other products in the industry.

9. First Fitness Nutrition

  • Focus: Health and nutrition products
  • Minimum Cost: $29

Product Overview: As the company’s name suggests, the products from First Fitness Nutrition fall into a range of areas. Key sections on their site include skin and body, weight loss, wellness, herbal cleansing, sports nutrition and CBD-rich hemp oil.

The company suggests that their hemp oil is amazing, as it is pure and organically grown. It is also guaranteed to contain at least 750 mg of CBD.

The problem is that those same claims apply to many other CBD oils. 750 mg of CBD is a common concentration too, so that aspect doesn’t help to promote sales much either.

There is just the single oil on sale, no other CBD products. The oil costs $99 for a 30 ml bottle or $1199 for a case of 12 bottles. That’s it. No other CBD products.

Commission Quick View: While First Fitness Nutrition only costs $29 to join, the company offers multiple Enrollment Paks upon signup. Buying one of the Business Paks (for $279) provides a 25% discount on purchases from the beginning. An Executive Pak costs $549 and increases the discount to 30%.

Finally, a Director Pak costs a whopping $1,495 and provides a 40% discount. The same discounts can be reached by hitting sales targets. Even so, the pay-to-win style is manipulative and is never encouraging.

With discounts like these, it shouldn’t be surprising that First Fitness Nutrition operates mainly through a purchase-first model. This means that you need to buy the products and then resell them.

Your profit is based on the difference between the price you pay and what you sell the product for. For First Fitness Nutrition, this means a profit of 20% to 40%.

Members do have access to a replicated website as well. This helps to decrease the risk for distributors. Even so, there does seem to be an emphasis on making sales in-person.

As is often the case, there are multiple ways to earn from your team, including binary and unilevel models. Some of these involve hitting specific sales targets, while others are focused on progressing through ranks.

Final Thoughts: Despite the company’s rhetoric, the CBD oil from First Fitness Nutrition isn’t unusual. There’s nothing to make it competitive over other companies.

It would also be better if the company had more than a single oil. Having one CBD product to promote and various unrelated items would not be a powerful way to earn.

10. Trevo

  • Focus: A wellness supplement, hemp oil and a male supplement
  • Minimum Cost: Not stated

Product Overview: The main product from Trevo is called Trevo (just to make things confusing). It is a fruit drink that acts as a nutritional supplement. The drink comes in two sizes and there is plenty of hype surrounding it.

The next product is called RP3. It is a male supplement that targets male sexual and prostate health.

Finally, Trevo offers Sync. This is a 500 mg full spectrum hemp oil that comes from organically grown hemp. Unusually, the oil comes in orange or vanilla flavor. There is no unflavored version.

Trevo does offer proof that their oil is compliant with current laws, along with lab test results. However, the results provided are more limited than what many other companies offer.

Commission Quick View: Distributors for Trevo earn 25% commission on all sales that they make. These sales can be made to customers in person or through an online store.

Trevo also offers an Elite Customer program that provides customers with significant discounts. Distributors only earn 20% commission from these sales, but Elite Customers order through recurring subscriptions, so there is the chance for ongoing income.

Trevo has an unusual approach to team commissions. They use a Single Line Matrix, which organizes people based on the date and time that they enrolled, rather than positioning people based on who enrolled them.

This creates an unusual situation where you are earning from people who you didn’t have any role in recruiting. The style takes some pressure off you but could mean that you have no potential to influence how well your team performs.

Unlike most companies, Trevo doesn’t rely on a rank system for income. The number of generations that you can earn from is based on your monthly sales instead.

Final Thoughts: While it isn’t clear whether Trevo’s unusual commission plan will earn your more or less than with other companies, the rest of their setup isn’t too encouraging. Having just a few products to promote rarely works well.

You’re also dealing with a 25% commission rate that you can’t increase. This rate is lower than many other companies.

11. 5Linx

  • Focus: A surprising variety of products and services
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: 5Linx is an unusually diverse company. They offer various health and wellness products (including CBD oils). They also have a selection of services, like energy and television.

The style gives 5Linx the ability to compete in more markets than normal. Still, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to order services like television or energy through a network marketing company.

The CBD products from 5Linx are in a line called Oxzgen. There is an unusual number of products to choose from, including CBD tinctures, nutrition sprays, coffee, pain relief, moisturizing products and more.

Certificates of Analysis are provided for all the CBD products. However, the company provides little information where the hemp comes from. The lack of details makes the products appear lower quality than competing options.

Commission Quick View: While 25% commission is earned from each sale, individual distributors can only make 10% to 20%. The rest goes to their upline. The specific amount earned is based on sales for that month.

With this style, you do have more potential to earn from your team, but the amount of income from your own sales is likely to be lower.

The team aspects follows a typical unilevel plan that provides commissions based on a pyramid-like structure. This relies on ranks, as always, with the requirements increasing as you go along. Requirements for other bonuses can get complicated too.

One interesting thing is that 5Linx has a personal and business angle. This could allow you to make more by selling to businesses, but the style doesn’t seem like it would work well in practice.

Final Thoughts: Not only does 5Linx offer many types of products and services, they also have many individual CBD products. This product range gives you the chance to promote to a broad audience. This could be a serious advantage, as many people won’t be interested in CBD oil.

Even so, I advise caution with this company. 5Linx has been getting some pretty bad press due to the previous leadership. The damage to the company’s reputation could make sales much more difficult (not to mention recruitment!).

12. Prime My Body

  • Focus: Health and wellness
  • Minimum Cost: $39

Product Overview: Prime My Body is another health company that has recently stepped into the CBD oil arena. Their product range includes skincare items, pet products, ways to hydrate and a few more areas.

In the CBD area, they have two main products. The first is Recept, which is a broad spectrum hemp extract. The marketing states that it is “delivered by sonicated nano technology”.

The nano technology angle sounds appealing and Prime My Body talks about how the process works. However, scientific evidence isn’t provided. Details about any analysis of the oil are absent too.

The other product is NOX. This is a skincare product that uses full spectrum CBD oil and nitric oxide. There aren’t many similar products on the market, which could help with sales.

Commission Quick View: Distributors for Prime My Body earn retail commission on sales. This is the difference between the wholesale price and the amount that customers pay.

While Prime My Body doesn’t specify the percentage, they do give some examples. One is hemp oil that retails for $149 and costs distributors $119 (giving a $30 profit). Another example retails for $60.50 and costs distributors $55 (giving a profit of just $5.50).

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These patterns mean that the commission rate ends up low indeed for the industry. While there are some bonuses for first orders by preferred customers and recruits, there is no way to increase the base commission level.

The team building approach follows a binary model, where distributors develop left and right team under them. Teams accumulate Reward Points based on sales. When both teams hit the target points, the system cycles and the distributor earns some income as a result.

There are also various bonuses and the chance to earn Residual Rewards (through a unilevel design). In both cases, the amount you can earn increases as you progress up through the ranks.

Final Thoughts: Prime My Body is let down by a low amount of compensation from sales, along with the limited product selection. There are only two CBD products to promote. One is typical for the industry, while the other (NOX) will only appeal to a limited audience.

13. Morinda

  • Focus: Products that contain noni juice
  • Minimum Cost: $130

Product Overview: Morinda heavily relies on the noni fruit from Tahiti. The company promotes this as an amazing superfruit, one that many people miss out on. This is why many of their products contain noni juice or compounds from the fruit.

There are three CBD oil products from Morinda. The company provides three of these: ‘Nhanced CBD Oil (for $69), ‘Nhanced CBD Body Cream (for $59) and ‘Nhanced CBD Roll-On Gel (for $62).

The CBD oil comes in a 30 ml bottle. It is full spectrum oil that contains 500 mg of CBD. Details about the source of the hemp are not provided, nor are there any details about analysis.

For that matter, it isn’t even clear why the oil is called ‘Nhanced. It is the same as oil from other companies and doesn’t even contain any compounds from the noni fruit.

Commission Quick View: Morinda takes an interesting approach to commission. Distributors are encouraged to enroll people as customers. Enrolling provides the person with a discount on purchases and the distributor earns 20% commission on sales.

This style minimizes your risk, as you don’t need to worry about buying and then reselling products. You can also earn from up to five generations of customers. Of course, that’s only if some of your customers end up recruiting other people.

For team building, Morinda follows a unilevel system. Moving up the ranks allows you to earn from more levels below you, up to a maximum of eight levels.

Morinda is a little unusual in that the residual commission increases as you go down the generations. This style is useful for people who grow large teams, as the lower levels are likely to contain more members.

Even so, the style works against beginners. You only earn 1% commission from your Level 1 members. This is a serious problem, as many people never get beyond Level 1 in their team.

Final Thoughts: Morinda might be appealing if you’re in the health and wellness field, as they do have some unusual products. While the effectiveness of noni juice is highly debatable, it at least acts as a good area to focus on with sales.

For people interested in selling CBD products, Morinda doesn’t seem like a good choice. You only have three products to promote and they’re not very unusual. There is also little indication of quality, which could hamper interest in the products.

Top Pick

From the companies featured in this list, CBD BioCare is the standout choice. There is no fee to join as a basic distributor and the chance to increase compensation from sales alone. In fact, I’ve listed them in my top CBD edibles affiliate programs too. The product selection is appealing too, as CBD BioCare has a decent range of products, along with proof of the quality of their items.

One caveat is that there is very little information about growing a team with CBD Biocare. There are also optional packages and a yearly fee. While these may offer some benefits, the costs seem to outweigh any advantages.

I recommend trying CBD BioCare out from the sales perspective only. The company is pretty decent if you just stick with promoting products through the free plan.

MLM Critic & Author: Nathaniell

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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About Nathaniell

I’ve been building profitable affiliate blogs for more than a decade, and built six-figure blogs in a wide variety of niches, including computer software, self help, and home & garden topics. I do things a bit differently, and I hope you like my perspective and my style of teaching.

A Definitive Guide to the 7 Top CBD Multi Level Marketing Companies and How to Choose the Right One

This guide to CBD multi level marketing companies will tell you everything you need to know about direct marketing, how to select the best companies for your needs, and suggest the top 7 CBD MLM companies out there right now.


You’ve heard of affiliate marketing, but what about CBD multi level marketing? With the CBD industry still growing and new products springing into existence every day, it’s no surprise many are keeping an eye out for the best CBD business opportunities out there.

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Multi level marketing companies are keen to provide ample opportunity for those of you who are interested in getting involved with the CBD market. Even if you don’t want to start a business or invest in a stock, you can still profit from CBD’s rise in popularity- especially as regulations relax on a worldwide level, opening the doors for the broader cannabis industry. Now that CBD is legal in the UK and Canada (as well as most parts of the US and EU), the market is opening up on a global level.

In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of multi level marketing (MLM), and fill you in when it comes to the best CBD MLM companies out there. We will address the stigma surrounding both CBD and multi level marketing strategies, and show you how to avoid scam companies- yes, they are out there!

What is Multi Level Marketing?

Let’s clear one thing up: what is multi level marketing, and is it the same thing as a pyramid scheme?

While the comparisons to many fraudsters may seem valid at first, multi level marketing (also known as direct or network marketing) is actually a perfectly legitimate way to make money in its own right.

Essentially, MLM works when a direct sales company encourages existing distributors (that’s you) to recruit new distributors to sell their products. When you recruit a new distributor who makes a sale, you are paid a percentage of that sale. If the people you recruit don’t make a sale, neither do you. If they make a sale, everyone profits- you, the recruit, and the MLM company you’re working with.

As a distributor, you can also sell goods directly to consumers, a-la a classic business style. The main draw of MLM is the commission you earn when someone you’ve recruited makes a sale, since you aren’t involved in that transaction directly but can still profit from it.

MLM strategies can appear to be pyramid schemes, and many companies are under investigation for questionable practices- particularly in cases where there are thousands of recruits involved in the scheme, but precious few manage to turn a profit. Before becoming a distributor at any CBD multi level marketing company, you should always do your research and speak to their representatives to ensure they are a legitimate company.

The Difference Between Multi Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes

While MLMs are often considered controversial, they aren’t pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes will take money from new recruits to pay managers, rather than those at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ who are actually doing the work. There’s often a greater focus on bringing more people into the pyramid scheme than there is on actually selling products, while a legitimate MLM company will focus on the latter.

Many MLM companies are investigated for pyramid scheme-like practices, so it’s essential to research any company’s history and associated controversies. You may also wish to talk to the distributors who will be making a profit alongside you before you make up your mind about any CBD MLM company.

While multi level marketing companies will still place an emphasis on recruiting more distributors. However, they will primarily focus on selling products directly to the consumer- so you should make a profit too! As an MLM marketer, you should be given the tools and training you need to successfully sell products directly to consumers.

What You Need to Know About MLM and CBD

In a world where more and more people are gaining an online audience, it makes sense that multi level marketing is likewise expanding, allowing people to capitalise on their social media following.

Many direct sales companies have taken note of the CBD industry’s rapid expansion, and offer the opportunity to sell CBD products as part of their marketing schemes. Many CBD brands offer affiliate marketing opportunities, and multi-level marketing is a very similar marketing strategy (with the addition of sellers recruiting more sellers, which suits brands and sellers alike).

Before diving headfirst into any CBD MLM schemes, you should:

  • Take the time to understand how multi level marketing works, particularly in the niche of selling CBD.
  • Garner a large audience (online or otherwise) who are likely to have their needs met by CBD (this is perhaps the most critical part of any marketing strategy- people rarely buy supplements they don’t need!)
  • Research each and every company you wish to do business with, and preferably talk to their representatives directly before working with them- but make sure a bulk of your research is done independently of the company. In
    particular, your research should focus on their leadership practices, product quality, history, and independent testimonials.

Many people who engage in CBD MLM or affiliate marketing are those who are interested in the CBD market, but who don’t have the time, energy, or resources to open their own store or buy CBD stocks themselves. By working with premium CBD MLM companies, you outsource the product growth, creation, and branding to outside sources, and get to focus on the fun parts of any CBD business- marketing and directly selling to the customers!

While the CBD industry is constantly growing, it is also increasingly competitive, meaning there is often increased risk for first-time business owners. Fortunately, while many CBD multi level marketing companies will charge a sort of ‘entrance fee’, this start-up cost is minimal compared to other business opportunities within the industry. Not only this, but, if you are working with a reputable MLM company, their products will be all-but-guaranteed to sell well, as their other sellers and distributors will already be turning a profit with proven marketing techniques.

Drawbacks of CBD MLM Marketing

As with any CBD business, there are many regulations to consider- both when advertising your product and in terms of where you can sell it. You should always ensure the product you’re selling is legal where you live, as well as safe for consumption. The best CBD brands will sell products with proof of third-party lab testing, a complete list of ingredients, and other relevant certifications (such as certified organic products).

Why People Love CBD

Before you sell CBD, you should be aware of why people love it! Many consumers use CBD for symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain (chronic and otherwise)
  • Inflammation
  • Sexual issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Skin issues (such as acne)
  • Post-exercise soreness (also known as DOMS)

And a host of other common issues that can impact your overall wellness. For those who value natural supplements, CBD can present a promising addition to their daily routines. Younger generations between 21 and 30 tend to enjoy CBD for their mental health, while older generations use hemp-based products for the pain symptoms associated with arthritis.

CBD’s wide-ranging potential benefits can enchant an audience of any age, regardless of the restrictions put on CBD marketers (which we will discuss soon). As such, it’s no surprise that many CBD MLM companies have sprung up in recent years- 12 of which we will be examining in-depth today.

Any top-notch MLM strategy will focus on the potential benefits of CBD, how CBD can be incorporated into the customer’s life, and how selling CBD may help any young recruits reach their goals. After you’ve figured out a strategy to begin marketing, all you need is:

  • A phone or laptop with a solid wifi connection
  • A solid online audience
  • An affiliation with one of the best CBD MLM companies (such as one from our list below)

Many value a career (or at least a side-hustle) via an MLM company due to the freedom such work can provide- you can market a product from anywhere in the world, and potentially make something of a passive income- very similar to how affiliate marketing works.

Multi level marketing in the CBD sector is unlikely to go away anytime soon, even in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, which has negatively impacted almost every industry. According to insights from the Brightfield Group, 13% of CBD consumers bought their products via MLM marketers despite the pandemic. Combine this with the fact that 42% – almost half- of those who bought CBD did so because they heard about it from someone in their immediate social circle. In the world of CBD and hemp-based health, multi level marketing seems like a safer alternative than starting your own brand or opening a brick-and-mortar store.

As a CBD marketer working via an MLM company, you’ll be reliant on:

  • Word of mouth
  • Your own social circle and mobility
  • Social media skills
  • Marketing insights
  • The quality of the products you’re selling


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CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil Sativa is a high-quality CBD product containing full-spectrum CBD diluted in organic hemp seed oil.

Raw CBD Oil 30mg CBD/ml (medium) represents a full-spectrum formula with 300mg of CBD+CBDa per bottle.

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The 7 Best MLM Companies for CBD Products

Now that we’ve covered the basics of CBD and MLM marketing, let’s take a look at your best options before you get started. Each of the companies we’ve selected has an excellent industry reputation for supporting MLM marketers and selling quality CBD products.

1. Kannaway

Kannaway is probably the oldest CBD oil MLM companies on this list, begun in 2009 when the CBD industry was still in its infancy. According to most sources, their MLM operations really started closer to 2014.

They specialise in all-natural European hemp oil products for daily use, classing their products as supplements. As a widely accredited CBD MLM, Kannaway stands a head above their competitors by:

  • Allowing you (and your customers) to enjoy a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oil, tinctures, salves, capsules, gummies, vape products, and many more.
  • Giving you a chance to earn a decent amount of money.
  • Formulating every CBD product from high-quality hemp free from GMOs, and ensuring every batch of CBD comes triple-lab tested throughout the manufacturing process. They use only top-notch CO2 extraction methods to
    formulate their products. As such, their products are considered to be consistently safe and of
    premium quality, free from any unwanted ingredients.

Many of their cannabis-infused products go the extra mile when compared to traditional CBD oils, such as their skincare range, nutritional powders, and essential oils. While some may consider their products to be expensive, many consider them a worthy investment, given the trust and experience that comes with their brand name. With a decent commission rate (compared to many affiliate marketing schemes in the industry), Kannaway represents an excellent CBD MLM opportunity.

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You may choose to buy Kannaway products from the company to resell, or to open a website (copied from other Brand Ambassadors) acting as a sort of online franchisee on their behalf. Your earnings depend on the program through which you join the company, as well as when you make your first sale. Brand ambassadors are also separated into several ranks, with the benefits and requirements varying between each rank.

Kannaway brand ambassadors also receive a good amount of support when it comes to building their own distribution business (all affiliated with the company, of course). While there are ambassador fees to pay before you can start and you must maintain a minimum PBV (personal business volume) in order to continue on in your role, if you have the necessary knack for multi level marketing this should be more of a challenge than a problem.

Benefits of MLM with Kannaway include: They’re a well-known brand with clearly established marketing strategies and a functional business hierarchy. Their long history within the CBD industry is a strong selling point when pitching products to new customers.

Drawbacks of MLM with Kannaway include: Their products are expensive, which can be a hard sell when the CBD industry is increasingly about compromising between affordability and quality. Despite being well-established, their marketing strategies have something of a reputation for being outdated. At the same time, their internal hierarchy and operations can be hard to understand when you first begin working with them.

2. Hempworx / My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice (often abbreviated to MDC) is also an MLM CBD veteran, with the motto that a person’s daily choices create their lifestyle. Indeed, the choice to try their CBD may lead to enhanced wellbeing, as well as all the other potential benefits of CBD.

Their primary products include CBD spray, supplements (also functioning as multivitamins), CBD for pets, as well as a CBD oil line under the name ‘Hempworx’. All their products are made with all-natural ingredients, creating a truly premium product. Despite this, My Daily Choice is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a relatively affordable MLM opportunity within the CBD sector.

With years of industry experience under their belt, you have the opportunity to join MDC’s team of consultants, marketers, and industry experts to further the world of CBD in your own way – with the benefit of experience behind you.

My Daily Choice has carefully created their affiliate program to give you the best possible chance of success as you work with them- whether you’re experienced in the world of multi level marketing or not. Your background isn’t as important a factor for your MDC experience as much as your dedication to the program and your skill for learning how to use their marketing and business tools to the best of your ability.

As with Kannaway, their MLM system is ranked, with commissions gradually increasing-you can earn up to 50% on each successful sale. While progressing through these ranks is far from simple, it is certainly worthwhile for those of you who are willing to dedicate yourselves to the MLM process.

Benefits of MLM with My Daily Choice include: personal training and support from company experts when it comes to organising your online platform, a high commission compared to other CBD multi level marketing companies, and generally excellent quality throughout your experience as an affiliate.

Drawbacks of MLM with My Daily Choice include: In addition to a low commission rate (at least when you start out), MDC have something of a reputation for being harsh when it comes to any potential violations of CBD advertising laws- which can be a good thing, but can also make your job as a direct marketer unnecessarily hard. To succeed within their program, you’ll have to do your research when it comes to what you can and can’t say when marketing CBD.

3. Isodiol

Isodiol’s CBD MLM strategy is relatively far-reaching. With headquarters in Vancouver, offices in the United States, and distribution to Canada, the US, UK, and Mexico, Isodiol is an excellent choice for those looking to work with a company who harnesses their extensive reach for maximum industry

With more than twenty years of experience within the CBD industry, Isodiol shows nothing less than expertise when it comes to commercial CBD- whether that’s as a therapeutic or cosmetic supplement. They specialise in CBD isolate (in powdered or crystalline form) derived from the highest-quality hemp and formulated using the best nanotechnology available in the modern CBD market.

Benefits of MLM with Isodiol include: Working with a wide range of high-quality hemp products with essentially worldwide distribution in place. Their organic products are also free from pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and other unwanted additives.

Drawbacks of MLM with Isodiol include: As they have offices in many countries, the legalities involved with multi level marketing their CBD products can be complicated, depending on where you live, where the bulk of your purchases will be shipped to, and a host of other factors. They are also not as well-known as many other direct sales companies on this list, meaning that they still have a bit of growing to do in comparison to big-name MLM businesses like Kannaway and My Daily Choice.

4. Dose of Nature / Thinqnano

Dose of Nature is a US-based company with origins in Utah. Their products are considered extremely potent and potentially medical-grade in some cases. Many of their products are water-soluble for fast absorption and full of potentially hydrating effects using nanotechnology. This means that a lower dose of their products may provide a similar outcome to a larger dose of competing products. This is a significant selling point for them, as it means their products come with the extra potential to save your customers some money!

With core values including sustainability and effectiveness, Dose of Nature’s direct sales program is an excellent choice for those of you with online audiences already interested in environmentalism, sustainability, and finding their wellbeing with CBD.

Benefits of MLM with Dose of Nature include: A wide range of products and brands under their umbrella, known as ‘Thinqnano’. Their 20% commission on every sale may be lower than other CBD MLM companies on this list. However, your customers will also receive a coupon code for 20% off their purchases via your website- so you have an edge on the competition and are more likely to make a sale.

Drawbacks of MLM with Dose of Nature include: Some have voiced scepticism over a lack of information about their company and products given on their website. However, if their brand resonates with you it is simple enough to get in touch via their affiliate program .

5. Prime My Body

Prime My Body focuses on wellness, health, and clean living. Like Dose of Nature, they make good use of nanotechnology for easy absorption and premium-quality hemp supplements. Adding to their reputation is the fact that all their products are free from GMOs, soy, cGMP, and gluten.

Their range of products is wide, encapsulating CBD for pets, hydrating skincare, and many more options to suit their affiliates.

Benefits of MLM with Prime My Body include: Access to their digital marketing tools, specialised app, individualised business centre facilities, and a personal website for you to sell their products through. While you must pay an annual fee to join their affiliate program, Prime My Body doesn’t insist you buy their products yourself. You can earn 10-30% commissions on sales you make, and 25% on sales made by affiliates you’ve recruited into their program.

Drawbacks of MLM with Prime My Body include: Their business seems to be focused on the United States more than anywhere else, and as such, may not be suitable for those of you looking for CBD multi level marketing opportunities outside of the US. However, the company may expand in the future into international waters. Some have also been quick to point out that their commissions may be considered relatively low for what can be quite expensive CBD products.

6. Chew the Fat Off / Change the Future Outcome (CTFO)

While they are new to the CBD market, that’s no reason to write off CTFO before looking into their brand. Change the Future Outcome (formerly known as Chew the Fat Off) provides affiliates and consumers alike with affordable CBD products, with affiliates earning roughly 20% commissions via replicated websites (or by simply buying and reselling the products).

Benefits of MLM with CTFO CBD include: CBFO offers a range of business plans at different prices to suit a range of affiliates. In terms of products, CBD cosmetics, skincare, haircare, pain symptom management, and CBD for pets are all fine examples of their product diversity.

Drawbacks of MLM with CTFO CBD include: While their somewhat tiered business plans provide a good amount of choice for potential affiliates, some may consider the pricier plans something of a paywall to success in their affiliate program. In addition, their internal systems can make it harder to recruit more affiliates into their program- which can hurt your chances of turning a profit.

7. Vasayo

If you’re looking for top CBD direct sales companies, there’s no better business to wrap up this list than Vasayo . With a solidified reputation within the CBD industry, a controlled range of products, and excellent prospects for their affiliates, they’re certainly worth exploring as an option for those of you looking to become a multi level marketer within the CBD niche.

They offer a wide range of products for beauty and wellness. While not all of their products include CBD as a primary ingredient, there is a decent selection of hemp-based, all-natural serums.

Benefits of MLM with CTFO CBD include: Their CBD products are formulated using the latest technology, with a good range of non-CBD choices if you’re looking to widen your niche beyond hemp-based products.

Drawbacks of MLM with CTFO CBD include: While their products generally have a good reputation, there simply isn’t as much to choose from when compared to businesses like Prime My Body. Their CBD products are mainly relegated to the skincare niche, which may limit the options of many affiliates in comparison to other CBD multi level marketing opportunities.

Joining a CBD Multi Level Marketing Company

When joining any of the companies listed above (or other direct sales companies you’ve independently researched), you will be registered as a part of their sales team. As part of registration, you should be given training and resources to help you sell products, recruit new istributors/sellers, and broaden your personal horizons. While there is usually a start-up package or entrance fee involved in the beginning, this is a small price to pay for what is essentially starting your own CBD business (albeit on behalf of a larger MLM CBD company)!

The benefits of CBD multi level marketing include:

  • Low start-up costs (typically under £1,000)
  • The opportunity to expand your social network
  • Having a personal stake in the CBD industry
  • Any investment you make via a CBD MLM is low-risk
  • You’ll be working with a proven business model
  • Training and mentorship- you won’t be left to figure CBD marketing out on your own!

Top CBD MLM Tips

So, after you’ve done all your research, how do you choose the best CBD MLM company for your business ambitions? We have a handy set of things to look out for:

Have they experienced controversy in the past, and (if they have) how did they recover?

Legitimate companies can go through controversy and make mistakes. However, they should still have positive testimonials and reviews readily available online, as well as a decent explanation for any investigations they’ve undergone in the past.

Of course, a company which is free of legal disputes is often preferable, particularly if you aren’t yet experienced in the world of multi level marketing.

You may also wish to consider:

  • Is the company growing? Does it have the potential to expand in the future?
  • What products does the company offer, and are you enthusiastic about selling them?
  • Does their brand align with your online audience, as well as industry trends?

Do they fit into your budget?

Each CBD MLM company will have a different cost- some may be free to join as an affiliate, however most will charge a fee. In contrast, others may only expect you to pay for the cost of the products you’re selling (which you should make back with a profit if you are a successful marketer).

Are you really ready to get involved with CBD and multi level marketing?

While not related to the best CBD MLM companies, this question is still worth asking before you create a shortlist of which businesses you’d like to work with. You should have a very thorough think about whether you want to start a business of this type, whether your online audience is likely to buy CBD, and how you may effectively sell it to them.

There’s no shame if multi level marketing isn’t for you- there are plenty of other CBD business opportunities out there, after all! However, if you are interested and willing to do the research required for success, it may present a way to earn a passive income and (in a way) begin working for yourself as your own boss.

Come up with criteria to create a longlist and shortlist of the top CBD MLM companies you’d like to work with

Just as we’ve listed our top picks for the best CBD multi level marketing companies out there at the moment, you should create a list of who you want to work with. This list should be based on rigorous research and educated standards you set for yourself (as well as those followed by industry professionals. These standards will likely be unique to your needs as a marketer. However, some will be universal:

  • The company should be financially stable, if not on a path of growth
  • The MLM should allow you to sell premium CBD products you believe in, which come with third-party lab-testing and excellent reviews from current customers
  • They should focus on helping you sell directly to customers, rather than helping you recruit more distributors. Their
    affiliates/distributors should also have a good track record of making a profit from their partnership with the company.
  • Any affiliate program should come with a structure and MLM strategy that makes sense to you, and should offer you the support you need to succeed as part of their company in your own right. This can be marketing advice or help setting up your own replicated website, etc.

Ensure you know what you can and can’t say according to CBD advertising laws

Any good MLM company selling CBD should be able to help you understand the regulations around CBD marketing language. However, it pays to research this independently as well. In the UK, the MHRA’s CBD guidelines dictate what companies can and can’t say about their CBD products.

When posting on social media, always observe relevant CBD advertising laws, as well as the guidelines of the individual platform you’re using (for example, Facebook and Instagram forbid the use of paid advertisements when it comes to most CBD products).

Final Thoughts

To round things off, we would like to remind you never to sign on to any CBD MLM company (or other multi level marketing programme) without doing your own research first. The network marketing industry is as vast and diverse as the CBD industry itself, and as such, there’s bound to be some scams out there you’ll want to steer clear of. Likewise, you may find yourself in a happy and profitable partnership if you choose one of the top CBD direct sales companies, like those we’ve listed here.

Remember that success takes time, especially when it comes to direct marketing. If you have no previous experience in the CBD industry, you may have more of a learning curve when you first start out in the world of multi level marketing. Make sure you stay on track by:

  • Only promoting products and working with companies you believe in. If you wouldn’t buy these products yourself, how can you expect your audience to want them?
  • Do your research about more than just the company- what are the best MLM strategies at the moment? If you continue learning the best ways to sell your products, you’re more likely to find success in your niche.

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