best indoor strain for yield and potency 2020

Top 10 Productive Cannabis Strains (2020 Update)

There are a lot of high yield strains that could have ended up on this list, and we think many of them deserve it. However, we had to narrow it down, and our final line-up consists of some of the most reputable strains on the market today. Legends like Green Gelato, Purple Queen or White Widow Auto will be sure to give you spectacular harvests.

For the cannabis growing enthusiast who has spent many weeks tending to their precious plant, nothing can come close to the joy of being rewarded with a big harvest of top grade buds. With trichomes sparkling in the light from resin and an intensive aroma in the air, there won’t be any doubt about the payoff of your hard work.

On the other hand, not all cannabis strains are equal when it comes to yield and production. If you want to max out your growing efforts, no matter whether you grow indoors or outdoors, here is a list of the top 10 most productive Royal Queen Seeds strains that you can grow.



Royal Moby is a Spanish classic. This is a remarkable Sativa that will grow to a height of 2 meters indoors. Outdoors she can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions. She will grow long, stretchy branches with an abundance of fat buds.

Due to her respectable size, Royal Moby will yield up to 75g per plant or 600g per square metre under a 600W light. If you want to grow her to her full potential, it’s best when you grow her outside in a sunny climate like in Spain or Italy. Don’t be surprised because this is where she may reward you with a whopping 1000g per plant!

You won’t see much about her Indica side when you grow Royal Moby, except when it comes to one of her best qualities: Her rather short flowering time of only 9-10 weeks. This makes her an excellent choice for cash croppers who want a first-grade Sativa with impressive yields but minus the long wait.

Royal Moby has one of the highest THC content among cannabis strains, which ensures an out-of-this-world high. With those fine qualities and her massive yields, Royal Moby deserves a spot in our top 10 production list!

Royal Moby
Royal Moby
Haze x White Widow
550 – 600 gr/m2
80 – 140 cm
9 – 10 weeks
THC: 21%
Sativa 65% Indica 35%
650 – 700 gr/plant
200 – 300 cm
Late October
A combination of stoned + high


Sitting atop the indica throne, Purple Queen rules her kingdom with a calm yet powerful fist. With a genetic background of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, what else would you expect? This strain clocks in at 22% THC, meaning she can bring you down quickly. Since she’s indica-dominant, though, the soothing, relaxed sensation she brings, will make sure it’s a smooth ride to the couch. Purple Queen has a tasty citrus flavour to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, while offering a pine aroma for the nature lovers out there.

What’s more, you’ll have just as good of a time growing Purple Queen as you will smoking her. This strain is able to grow both indoors and outdoors, and can handle temperate and warmer climates alike. Strains of this tier often require extensive maintenance and time. With Purple Queen, though, you’ll be ready to harvest after just 8–9 weeks on a 12/12 light/dark cycle. For those growing outdoors, she’ll be ready by mid-September, early October. Compact yet branchy, she doesn’t usually get taller than 1 meter. You can expect a yield of around 450–500g/m² indoors, and 650–700g per plant outdoors.

Purple Queen
Purple Queen
Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
450 – 500 gr/m2
80 – 120 cm
8 – 9 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 25% Indica 75%
650 – 700 gr/plant
175 – 210 cm
Relaxed and Euphoric


If you put some actual Thin Mint cookies into a bowl of sherbet, we’re sure it would become a delicious dessert. It only makes sense that the combo of mother strains Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet created one of the tastiest strains on the market, Green Gelato. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, this tantalizing hybrid strain offers smokers a fruity flavour, while gracing the room with the aroma of freshly baked cookies. You might want to stock up on some actual cookies too, since these 25% THC nugs will surely induce the munchies. Green Gelato looks as good as she hits, with the dense nugs showing off vibrant hues of purple and orange.

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy this strain, since she’s ready for harvest after a mere 8–9 weeks of flowering indoors. Pruning and training the plant will work wonders for the yield. The ScrOG method, along with topping, mainlining, fimming, and LST are all highly recommended as well. Be sure to also note that, rather than long-running colas, the flowers of this plant form tight clusters that are small to medium in size. Lastly, if you want those purple hues to shine, cool down the growing area at night towards the end of the bloom phase.

Green Gelato
Green Gelato
Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
500 to 700 gr/m²
80 – 120 cm
8 – 10 weeks
THC: 27%
Sativa 45% Indica 55%
800 gr/plant
150 – 200 cm
Early October
Physical, clear high


Much like the shoguns of old, our Shogun is a focused, determined and powerful warrior. With a genetic background featuring Amnesia Haze and Gorilla #4, she brings together potency, flavour and yields into a complete all-rounder. The high Shogun supplies is true to the namesake. Expect focus and unbridled strength. Weighing in with 25% THC, she can easily overwhelm novices, but if you hit the sweet spot, she will put you in the zone, ready to conquer all the day’s events. If you go too far, you can expect her balanced indica side to take hold and take you into physical relaxation as your mind continues to be uplifted.

Shogun is easy to grow, making her suitable for novices growers as well as veterans. She can thrive indoors and outdoors but also know she is a hungry plant, so you will need to make sure she is well fed to maximise results. Under the right conditions, you can yield up to as much as 600g/m² indoors after 9–11 weeks of flowering and 750/plant outdoors.

Amnesia Haze x Gorilla Glue 4
550 – 600 gr/m2
90 – 140 cm
9 – 11 weeks
THC: 25%
Sativa 70% Indica 30%
650 – 750 gr/plant
150 – 190 cm
Late October
Cerebral and relaxing



Royal Cheese Auto is one of the most popular autoflowering strains and not without several good reasons. Cannabis enthusiasts love the excellent and very strong cheesy flavour of Royal Cheese Auto, which makes her stand out among other strains. She is very easy to grow as well and delights with a short life cycle of only 10 weeks from seed to harvest, in which she’ll spend 7 weeks in bloom.

Royal Cheese Auto will stay a manageable 100cm although some plants may grow taller and others a little shorter. She will reward with respectable yields up to 160g per plant on average and 210g in optimal conditions

With her great cheesy taste and a strong effect that is very relaxing, Royal Cheese Auto is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy growing autoflower that won’t disappoint.

Royal Cheese Automatic
Royal Cheese Automatic
Cheese x Royal Critical x Ruderalis
425 – 475 gr/m2
60 – 100 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 15%
Sativa 30% Indica 50% Ruderalis 20%
160 – 210 gr/plant
60 – 120 cm
11 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Physically stoned


Like her big regular sister, White Widow Auto grows wide and dark green leaves, that are coated with tons of glistening resin. Growers will love, that she will do this in a short 75 days from seed to harvest.

White Widow Auto may grow to an unassuming height of around 50 cm with some plants reaching 100 cm. This makes White Widow Auto an ideal strain if you want a plant to grow where space is limited or for stealth grows. Where she shines, despite her size, is with some good yields for an autoflower. You can expect 190 to 240 grams per plant.

When smoked, you will notice a pleasant sweet and sour taste with nicely complementing citrus notes on top of it. Her effect is similar to the original White Widow but with a slightly more physical stone.

White Widow Automatic
White Widow Automatic
White Widow x ruderalis
400 – 450 gr/m2
40 – 80 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 14%
Sativa 40% Indica 40% Ruderalis 20%
190 – 240 gr/plant
50 – 110 cm
10 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Physically stoned


This Indica-dominant strain has become extremely popular since her first appearance back in the 1970s. Like other classic famous strains, breeders have improved Northern Lights over time. This variety is a great example where the best of old genetics is kept and blended with new qualities.

Northern Light Automatic is one of those strains that you can grow almost everywhere. She will do fine in almost any climate, and she won’t have troubles grown indoors or outdoors. What makes Northern Light Automatic unique is that she will start flowering very quickly. Despite the easiness to grow her, Northern Light Automatic is one of the best yielding autoflowering strains that is available today, and she’ll do it in a short 9-10 weeks.

She will grow to about 90-120 cm, somewhat taller than many other autoflowers, but this is one reason why she excels when it comes to yields. In optimal conditions outdoors she can produce up to 200g, although most growers will likely see around 90g per plant when they grow her indoors.

Northern Light Automatic delights with a nice sweet taste and a high that is equally pleasant and very relaxing.

Northern Light Automatic
Northern Light Automatic
Northern Light x Ruderalis
500 – 550 gr/m2
80 – 120 cm
6 – 8 weeks
THC: 14%
Sativa 0% Indica 80% Ruderalis 20%
170 – 220 gr/plant
130 – 160 cm
10 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Cerebral and uplifting


Yet another royal enters the picture, this time in the autoflowering category. Staying true to her name, this strain offers an aroma reminiscent of biscuits, along with a sweet, earthy taste and a slight minty aftertaste. Being an indica-dominant strain, she’ll have you in a state of total calm, while the 18% THC content packs just enough of a wallop to help you end your night right. Overall, these tight and resin-covered buds aren’t just a standout amongst autoflowering strains, they’re a standout, period.

Unlike other autoflowering strains, Royal Cookies Automatic can reach impressive heights. It often grows up to 120cm indoors, and it can grow up to 140cm outdoors! Indoors, you can net an easy 450g/m² from these towering giants in a paltry 8–10 weeks. Outside, provided you’re in a hot climate, you can harvest 130–180g per plant in a mere 8 weeks.

Royal Cookies Automatic
Royal Cookies Automatic
Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis
325 – 450 gr/m2
70 – 100 cm
7 – 9 weeks
THC: 18%
Sativa 20% Indica 60% Ruderalis 20%
130 – 180 gr/plant
80 – 140 cm
10 – 12 weeks after sprouting
Relaxed and Euphoric



Medical Mass is a perfect cannabis strain for those medical cannabis users who want a manageable and easy-to-grow plant. This cross between the popular Royal Medic and Royal Highness ensures a potent strain that’s perfect for treating chronic pains and other conditions without the psychoactive effects of THC.

When you grow her, you can expect 500-550g per square meter indoors. Outdoors, in ideal conditions, she can yield about 500-550g per plant. Her rather short flowering time of only 7-8 weeks is another plus for the grower. No matter how and where you grow Medical Mass, her growing vigour will ensure some excellent yields.

Medical Mass delights with a complex and very rich flavour that combines sweet notes with flowery tones. She’s a good example for that growing a top grade CBD strain doesn’t mean having to accept any compromises.

Medical Mass
Medical Mass
Critical Mass x CBD dominant plant
500 – 550 gr/m2
60 – 100 cm
10 – 11 weeks
THC: 10%
Sativa 40% Indica 60%
500 – 550 gr/plant
120 – 150 cm
Late September
Relaxing and full of flavour


This special strain, as her name suggests, was bred to build on the healing aspect of cannabis. Painkiller XL is what’s known as a 1:1 strain, meaning she has an equal percentage of THC and CBD (9% in this case). With this even combo, the strain not only provides the physical healing many smokers need, but offers a mentally calming and therapeutic sensation as well. While strains with more CBD offer a greater healing factor, the combination of mental euphoria with physical benefits is what makes this strain top choice for patients around the world.

The bloom period lasts around eight weeks with this plant, and yields are around 500–550g/m², whether you grow indoors or out. The difference, however, comes with her height. The plant will hit somewhere around 80cm indoors, while it can stretch up to 135cm outdoors. If you’re growing outdoors, you should expect to collect your harvest around the end of September.

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The best indoor strain for yield and potency

Finding a strain of cannabis that offers high yields, good potency and does well indoors is the holy grail of weed cultivators. But at weedseedexpress we can help you remove the guesswork and get started on amazing strains that reliably deliver great results. Without further ado, here you find our top five with the best indoor strains for for yield and potency

Top 5 – Best indoor strains when it comes to yield and potency

  1. Big Bud
  2. Power Plant
  3. Super Silver Haze
  4. Blue Dream
  5. Green Crack

1. Big Bud

Big Bud is a strain of weed which, as its name suggests, produces fatty buds. But it’s not the only quality that has made this cannabis genetics famous since it comes from a lineage of champions. The strain is also the parent of one of the most famous varieties of today, Critical, one of the most highly prized herbs in Europe.

It is a very easy-to-grow strain, it has a hybrid vigour that allows it to withstand many of the situations that cause stress to other plants. Its morphology is of hybrid Sativa tendency, with not very thick stems, the distance between the nodes is rather broad, the rapid development and the leaves of medium leaflets pulling at end.

Its Indica genetics can be seen in the flowering phase when it develops of extraordinary size and fairly quick maturation time.

These cannabis seeds are among the most recommended for people who are starting their journey in growing cannabis. Its hybrid vigour gives it such strength that it can tolerate beginners’ mistakes. It adapts perfectly to the SOG technique and the SCROG method and it should be noted that the Big Bud variety generates an extreme odour when grown indoors, so we recommend the use of carbon filters and extractor fans.

Big Bud also has very powerful effects, starting with a stimulating and almost exclusively cerebral hit. However, after a while, you’ll notice an increasingly strong relaxation of the body, inviting you to lie on the sofa. Don’t worry though, Big Bud is not a weed that will knock you out too much though; it can be consumed daily in moderation, especially if you have a certain tolerance for cannabis.

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2. Power Plant

Power Plant is a strain that lives up to its name and delivers in terms of both strength and yield. The plant delivers very good results if you look after it properly and is full of flavour and abundance.

The alliance between Indica and Sativa is revealed in its taste, a fresh pine mixed with aromas of coffee with sweet and fruity notes that give it an original and unusual taste. The haze is thick and you can taste it in your mouth during the exhale.

Effects can best be described as a powerful Indica high which increases the physical sensations which gently fade into relaxation. Power Plant is a good strain to relieve pain while making you smile. Perfect for winter, it allows you to keep busy at home with fruity flavours reminiscent of summer.

Power Plant grows well indoors thanks to its reasonable maturation time and its XXL yield. It is the ideal choice for novices and experts alike.

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3. Super Silver Haze

Since two brothers started growing Sativa cannabis plants around the world in the 1970s, cannabis smokers have been truly grateful for the existence of a strain called Haze. Originally, it was the culminating variety after years of selecting thousands of seeds from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and South India. Eventually, Haze genetics would arrive in the Netherlands for further hybridization, thus constituting the pinnacle of modern Sativa cannabis strains.

There, along with now-classic strains like Skunk strains, this super hybrid would capture the sweet taste and the distinctive high of a Haze. However, what makes it exceptional is that it retains the short flowering period of an Indica. By combining the genes of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights, one of these producers ended up creating one of the first Haze classics, Super Silver Haze, a practically mythical and expensive cannabis strain, and one of the most sought-after of all time.

The smoke from Silver Haze is simply fantastic. Smokers love the instant high that accompanies each puff of a joint or bong. Super Silver Haze provides an experience of intense calm without couch-lock and allows you to go about your day-to-day tasks. Effects heads straight to your brain and puts you in a real contemplative feeling very typical of a Haze. The taste of the smoke is just as pleasant, with a very sweet flavour that thrills the taste buds and sends notes of lemon, sandalwood and incense very stimulating.

This strain is a bit difficult to grow for beginners. You will need to provide your Super Silver Haze plants with a healthy indoor environment. This variety thrives best in hydroponic environments, making it a variety best cultivated by experts or those with at least experience in growing cannabis.

4. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid cannabis strain that develops into a potent Sativa-dominant plant. Its genetics combine Blueberry Indica and Haze to a stunning effect leading to an impressive strain famous for its vigour, its pleasant head high and its ability to treat a range of medical conditions.

Blue Dream starts its journey with a mild cerebral high which gently develops into a feeling of intense relaxation. Blue Dream offers the soothing effects of weed whilst enabling you to stay relative alert and functional. Some users experience varying effects; this depends according to the proportion of Indica or Sativa contained in the specific phenotype.

The flavours and aromas of the Blue Dream evoke its lineage of which it is a worthy heir. Think of the powerful blueberry aromas of the Blueberry, associated with the sweet and remarkable nuances of the Haze. Some users also say they perceive certain nuances of pine, even slightly herbaceous nuances.

Blue Dream is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. This cannabis strain generates huge yields, producing more than 600 gr per m² indoors. During its relatively short flowering period (9-10 weeks), each plant is loaded with huge buds. It is not uncommon to see them tint light blue during their development, the colour from which this plant takes its name.

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5. Green Crack

Green Crack comes from the cross between 2 great classics: a Skunk # 1 from 1989 from Super Sativa Seed Club and a clone from Afghanistan. Stable genetics at a thousand possible points, thanks to which our Green Crack will hold its resistance to all types of mould, making it exceptionally easy to grow outdoors.

The structure of the plant is packed, although it is dominated by the Sativa, the Green Crack with this peculiarity coming from its Indica side. Do not get me wrong, if it is grown in the ground its development can reach up to 2.50m. If the growing conditions are optimal, it will be able to produce up to 600gr / m2 indoors or 1 to 3 kilos outdoors, that’s enough to have enough consumption for a whole year! Its flowering does not exceed 60 to 65 days, you can harvest it from mid-October to the end of October.

Its culture is suitable for beginners as well as experts and promises an easy output outdoors both indoors and outdoors. Do you dream of having a beautiful tree at the bottom of your garden? Get the supremacy of its lateral buds loaded with resins up to the top of the plant!

Terrible taste of exotic wood, which can remind incense leaves room for an aftertaste of mango and pineapple for the pleasure of the most greedy. Its complex and lasting effect stimulates the mind and creativity, pleasant to consume throughout the day you will feel yourself walking on clouds. Its euphoric side can be quickly destroyed if you harvest it more mature. Its effect will then be much more stoned, controlling anxiety and restoring a smile when anyone dares to taste it.

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So, what are the best indoor strain for yield and potency? Check this top 5! Buy your seeds at Weedseedsexpress and get 20% FREE seeds + FREE shipping