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Different p. cubensis strains – different effects (the big and long comparison list)

  • Feb 10, 2018
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  • During the years I’ve noticed that a lot of P. Cubensis mushrooms have a somewhat different effect between them, as discussed numerous times on Bluelight and Shroomery. In order to help out people and myself, I’ve combined all these comments from both boards and from different users in one single list as shown below.

    I’d appreciate if anyone could add a comment of their own in order to help expand the list, that is to confirm or deny certain observations.

    Various general comments from different users:

    * At first I didn’t buy into the concept of different strain = different trip. After growing and experimenting with 13 different stains of cubes I will admit first hand that each strain offers it’s own unique trip. Mazatapec,Mexi, Ecuador are my favorite. In that order too.
    * The body buzz strains are, Thai’s, Transkei’s, Costa Rican, South American, Mexi/Palenque.
    * Visual strains were F+ aka Florida White (incredibly bad mind fuck though), Ecuador, Brazilian, Mazatapec (low potency, but great trip), PES Hawaiian (can be visual, but has a tremendous body load).
    * Different strains do give different highs some are more body buzz some are more visual some have alot of anxiety to em some have very little anxiety some have a speedy buzz and some are nice and mellow.
    * If i had two words for each of these strains in terms of my experiences of their psychology (all grown off millet):
    Treasure Coast : nasty and lazy!!
    Ecuadors : potent and mindfuck!!
    B+ : weirdness and giggles
    PF CLassics: visual and sickly
    Mazatapecs: Visual AND vibe
    Golden Teacher: potent and warm
    Tassies: heaven and hell
    PRs : total confusion.

    * Brazilians are pretty visual, but not as much as Ecuadors, and lacks the amazing body high of Transkei’s

    Transkei (South African)

    * Extremely visual and strongest.
    * experience is very intense and introspective, It is also pretty intense onthe body, your legs will be jelly
    * Amazing body high, great visual, tremendous feeling of euphoria/bliss, no mindfuck, great potency, always consistent
    * Very strong, has the best body high one could ever hope to have, totally awesome experience. Visuals are good but not overwhelming.
    * Euphoric to the most extreme levels. the most amazing experience out there. Just Amazing.
    * Really really heavy body load the entire time too. Like it felt like an intense energy or vibration in my whole body. The closed eye visuals were amazing.
    * Cuban and Transkei’s actually make you feel really good on the come up and throughout the entire trip too (consistently). The body high from them is extremely nice and I always look forward to it
    * The transkeis have been a totally other ball game. Less than a gram recently put me into a “pre-breakthrough” spice state for at least two hours. I could not believe how potent they were. There were no oevs, but I was laughing, had no body load, colors and patterns in my surroundings were extremely pronounced

    Treasure Coast

    * i feel gives a more visual trip. colors bleed together, traffic lights become hazzy as hell (every time i eat this strain)
    * The high is pleasant and christmassy. It doesnt make me too shroomed out, but it will last all day

    Thailand Koh Samui Super Strain

    * i feel is a extremely intense body buzz, with less of a visual effects. i’ve tried to follow glowstix while on these, and it’s not as fun.
    * very potent strong body high, very speedy though, decent visuals but a rather short lived trip.
    * the most visually intense trip I have ever had
    * Thai Ks out of those have the most body noise and the least visuals.
    * amazing body high, very mild visuals and are just great to rage on.
    * Thais are known to be pretty speedy, even irritating
    * All the Thai strains are on the low end for visuals, and there trips have the shortest duration. They are really speedy and mostly a body high. The KS are a very clean high/trip but they only last about 3-4 hours from beginning to end.
    * This trip was so intense/speedy. I had pretty good visuals but more of the mind trip and it almost made me lose my mind.
    * KS ws more visual more mindfucky and downright potent and awesome
    * quite strong and speedy but not really a powerful expierence in a visual sense. Don’t get me wrong you do get visuals just not real heavy eye candy.It’s mostly a body trip and They don’t last that long
    * The Thai ks are really speedy strong but not unpleasant body buzz. Mazatapecs are nice and visual with a great body high not all speedy or overwhelming.


    * were the best visually, about mind fucks, I don’t know, they all pretty much fuck my brain good.
    * cambos were everything
    * visuals like crazy
    * very body high
    * Cambo’s are the fucking mike tysons of the mushroom world and they will knock your ass down!
    * If your into visuals, i heard it’s a blast.
    * pretty clean. Little to no stomach discomfort. Wonderful vibes and insane visuals.
    * Hawks Eye: a very nice energetic high that tended to last quite a while. Very smooth as well without much body noise
    * a mind fuck, mass confusion and draining the day after
    * Very intense visuals very introspective. Strongest visuals I have had so far. Trip lasts about 4-5 hours. Top two strain for me.
    * more intense on all levels. when the buzz really starts to kick in and then they really catapult the mind/spirit to the outer reaches.
    * Cambodian always get me to experience “heaven within”
    * Cambo’s were slighty visual but not distractive at all and they were very calm and relaxed.
    * Cambodians had a very fast up come and felt a bit speedy to me.

    Copelandia / Hawaiian

    * VERY intense. The visuals remind me of acid hallucinations. seeing things that simply aren’t there. intense body buzz too.

    Costa Rica

    * Very intense deep trip. CEV’s were the most beautiful I have had. OEV were slight, just mostly color shifts, but the CEV’s where a journey through space and time. Trip lasted about 5 hours.

    * produces a very warm feeling body high, music iz beyond orgasmic, very strong visuals and high, very positive vibe, really potent, party type of buzz, does make you feel physically hot though, always
    * Cuban and Transkei’s actually make you feel really good on the come up and throughout the entire trip too (consistently). The body high from them is extremely nice and I always look forward to it

    Dutch King (MDK)

    * The MDKs were nice and gentle and resulted in very colorful and geometric oev patterns. They also were extremely euphoric, close to mdma with no body load. They were relatively weak though, I needed at least 2 grams to feel anything and 3 grams while quite strong did not last long. Max 5 hours including come down.

    mexi-cub(Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican, Mexican Cubensis)

    * has a super clean buzz
    * Hawks Eye: it doesnt seem to give the high anxiety a lot of mushrooms do when the first initial waves of euphoria come over on. Its a very smooth, clean vibe, with a nice heavy play
    * the visuals were intense and the body high was unlike any i’ve ever had. i felt really connected with everything around me.
    * mindblowing. a ling vividly visual deep trip. what i would expect from ayahuasca
    * Very visual, surprisingly clear, with a slight full-body numbness that freaked me out a little,
    * Mexi cubensis are nice and smooth too good visuals with a liitle less body buzz then Mazatapecs and a little less visual.

    PR (Puerto Rico)

    * stronger more intense visual experience
    * PR are everything in one I feel, mind-fuck, body high, visual high.
    * somewhat disappointed with PR.
    * Pr is not all that visual and kinda hyped up imo. non of my friends liked em.
    * Almost as potent as the Cambodians. Trip is short but good body and visuals. 4 hour trip. A little to fast come up for me though, about 10 minutes.
    * crazy trip, a fair amount of visuals but mostly mindfuck
    * not a visuals type of shrooms, thy give me a more mindfuck type of trip
    * disappointed on the visuals. Little or none at all.
    * VERY high potency but the trip wasn’t really an enjoyable trip at all. It was a very mind fuck type trip
    * Were very visual, and very much a stimulant type effect. I would find myself tapping my toes really fast and repeatedly for 20-30 minutes at a time sometimes while laying down tripping. A huge stimulant body load, similar to 2-ci in ways. The Puerto Ricans would give you vibration pulses of euphoria through out your body at the same time. I’ve never done MDMA, but everyone I knew who had done it always brought up how the Puerto Rican body effects were very similar to MDMA in ways. But I can’t express how strongly stimulant they were, to the point of tapping my feet incredibly fast with no end in sight. ( Negative) -8 of 10 on the lethargy scale – which is the same as saying +8 on the stimulant scale.
    * every single time the Peurto Rican’s had such a strong stimulant effect, I would have to tap my feet at lightning speed to release all the excess energy I had (Very few mushrooms have ever done this for me). It felt like being on 60mg of Ritalin or 24mg of 2c-i.


    * calmer, easier effects but still very visual

    * short and high body buzz
    * predominately physical
    * Few visuals, highly euphoric, trails.
    * IME are a very visual strain OEV and CEV (open/closed eye visuals).
    * epeaditly have relaxed visuals everytime
    * more laughter and isn’t the greatest for visuals.
    * make you laugh, but not very potent.
    * visuals from B+’s seem very flowing and ‘big. Euphoria from B+’s is awesome
    * not a ‘tripping balls’, but transparent, easygoing, energetic, spiritual, meditative, anxiety free,reflective strain. they feel ‘clean’ and are a gentle teaching tool
    * Great all around trip, although the body for me was very very intense. Great calm visuals that are very pleasing to the eyes, but a very strong body buzz that does not stop the entire trip. LONG LASTING. 6 hours of visuals 8 hours of body buzz. So far the best.
    * a very mild low visual trip
    * all body high with no visuals
    * B has this certain kind of relaxation
    * The b+’s aren’t as strong as other mushrooms but they will do their job.
    * recommand if you want to have a nice and easy trip (growkit)
    * the trips were good but not like the mexi/cub/mexi. they lacked the magical feeling significantly. visuals were there but not nearly as intense and never seemed to last past the 4 hr mark
    * undoubtedly best mushroom experiences I’ve ever had, and the most visually amazing.
    * gave me a very anxious and uneasy feeling compared to other strains.
    * My B+ whipped my ass, heavy visual very mindfckd.
    * I liked the B+ sooooooooo much. They gave an ecstasy of colors and such a grrrrreat feeling. Pure joy of life.
    * This was your typical or the most common mushroom experiences I’ve had. A 3 of 10 on the lethargic scale, with decent thoughts and ok visuals.. You can have great trips on B+, no doubt about that. But it did not have the stimulant effect (bodyload) wise at all. Completely non-existent and even a little bit over to the lethargic or overly relaxed sensation.

    Golden Teacher

    * good strong body buzz, head buzz and nice visuals
    * more of a mind trip. no visuals but crazy thought. i didn’t like them.
    * Very few visuals, mostly physical and euphoric.
    * little low on visuals. high on the mindfuck
    * very visual mind high
    * intense, body wise
    * Most Mellow strain I have taken. Little to no visuals. Medium body. Short trip, 2-4 hours total. Not my favorite.
    * comfort and an almost x-ray vision of clarity
    * I love. Great visuals, especially in the wutchumackallems the geometric shapes and colors
    * a great balance of visuals and body high but can also give a decent mind fuck as well
    * GT’s gave me hell within, by far the most horrendous trip I have ever had.
    * somewhat less visual of other types I have had, but on the other hand, they give me a lot of nice psychological effects that can lead to new insights.

    * Very potent great body vibe, layed back not overly speedy like ks, strong visuals/ very visual!
    * a little more visual at a lower dose but are a tad to “Mindfucky”
    * always more intense
    * have very defined visuals, my mind feels very sharp
    * pure fun, low open eye visuals imo.
    * Hawks Eye: the euphoric sensation it creates is a very dreamy, relaxing, and can be quite visual.
    * All my strains are about the same except for the Ecuadorians I had. Ecuadorians were MAD and freaked them out.
    * Very warm feeling to the trip. tracers and color saturations everywhere on higher doses. nice visual trip.
    * These are the ones i eat when i want to “see god” its like whoa.
    * Mazatapec or Ecuador are great for visuals and have nice body vibes
    * has great visuals, but is strong, and can be overwhelming at higher doses. probably the best visuals
    * They always seem to have given me a nasty body load
    * Very visual, it hits you fast, very colorful. Nice body load.
    * 1.Anxiety that arises when it hits you, my friend calls these the “fast and furious”. 2. Obsessive thinking, my god these shrooms make me think like no other, delusional thinking is not the greatest in the world, all my friends who have taken these have had the delusional thinking (nothing insightful at all). 3. Confusion occurs when you are going up, the trip is not a very clear one when compares to PF classic, PESA, K. Samui, or PESH. I dislike these mushrooms greatly
    * it can be a real trip to hell and it can take a long time to recover.. It was also very unpleasant for the body
    * You can have good visuals with these, somewhat strong body high
    * Ecuadorian, the only other strain I’ve grown, packs a very strong punch, and you have to be careful not to take too many. This strain has a very dark side to it if not properly respected. Make sure to keep yourself at home.?But if you dose right, it can be a very beautiful trip.
    * Ecuadorian, the only other strain I’ve grown, packs a very strong punch, and you have to be careful not to take too many.
    * Ecuadors nice and potent great visuals and kind of a silly feeling a liitle to strong for me though.

    * Great body vibe nothing compares so sweet, very visual and an excellent strain my fav!
    * preforms great and gives off awsome visuals and a smooth happy vibe trip last a decent while too.
    * trips heavy in spiritual wisdom and self-knowledge
    * by far the best visuals visuals. tracers.. colors etc. Less body high. racier. speedier
    * Hawks Eye: mushrooms from Mexico tend to deliver a very powerfull spiritual journey
    * not as visual but MUCH more powerful than the F+, scary shit.. like body distortions and shit
    * awsome visuals and a smooth happy vibe
    * Strong visuals, tracers, colors etc. Less body high. A little racier, speedier than most IMHO.
    * Mazatapec or Ecuador are great for visuals and have nice body vibes
    * weak potency always, but awesome trip, just have to up the dose, very mellow and subdued experience
    * Nothing even compares with the trip of these. awesome beyond description.
    * lots of wonderful visuals and a usually rather pervasive “happy” or “giddy” feeling.
    * much more physical, as in, your body starts shaking and you’re very aware of taste and smell. The visuals not really there. Unlike other varieties, this will not make your thoughts jump into lightspeed (growkit)
    * give a spiritual benevolent trip.
    * I could always tell the Mazatapecs by the visuals – very grainy and non fluid – really easy for me to identify.
    * Mazas are weaker always, Cambodians are a speedy type buzz, they are stronger than mazas. I am not a huge fan of Cambos or Thai’s, I like Mazatapcs a lot, but need to up the dosage on them by about a gram over the normal.
    * Mazatapecs are rather weak in all my experiences with them.
    * mazatapecs are my favorite trip. Mellow and visual. Great vibe can’t be beat.
    * Mazatapec has long been among my very top favorite strains, specifically because of lots of wonderful visuals and a usually rather pervasive “happy” or “giddy” feeling.?
    * mazatapec are very gently on the body, no freezing, no teeth grinding as with some other strains.
    * very visual, amazing body/ mindfeeling with them too
    * Anyways, OZZ you mentioned Maze spirituality and Cambodian “entities” – So, I called my friend who supplied me the last 6-7 times – the first couple were very spiritually charged and reminded me a lot of my DMT experience(s) while the last few were very roller coaster-ish and some weird visual stuff. Turns on he confirmed what you said because the first few he grew/gave me were Mazatapec and the latter were Cambodian.
    * a little weak for me. A friend of mine who is allways in panic of a bad trip likes them very much.
    * Maza’s are potent and my favorite mush. The trip is very very nice and quite visual. Not as strong as Thai’s or Ecuadors but the buzz is awesome. Ecuadors are more potent and Thai ks are more speedy. I think maza’s are better.
    * mazas are about the same as b+ for potency – not the most potent cubie, but not that bad, great vibe and great visuals at high doses.
    * To me, the mazas are the “peacebringers”, but they didn’ t blow my mind.
    * best visuals ever, they truly are a gift, and I feel that they are very spiritual.
    * Mazatapecs are nice and visual with a great body high not all speedy or overwhelming.
    * they make me feel real happy Really uplifted and they have awesome visual to go along with the Supremely peaceful vibe.
    * always pleasant for me – visual and very warm/fuzzy for me and my clan
    * lots of wonderful visuals and a usually rather pervasive “happy” or “giddy” feeling.?

    Mexi/ Palenque

    * A little speedy very clean vibe with noce visuals Costa Ricans
    * great visuals and was more layed back

    PESA Hawaiian

    * very laid back with mild visuals
    * almost intirely a body buzz with minor or no visuals and is very social.
    * a body buzz just like Extacey.. no visuals
    * Hawaiians, Creepers and Puerto Ricans are able to propel me into a very visual trip with an extreme body buzz.
    * PES Hawaiians are strong, but have an extreme body high, and terrible mind fuck.
    * visual, heavy body load, mindfucky, awful comedown
    * they came pretty fuckin fast, and the visuals were awsome
    * One of the best trips, you feel great and laugh a lot, there are good visuals, but nothing overwhelming. They are also extremely relaxing or sedating
    * I had good visuals and not really a body trip or mind trip.

    * Hawks Eye: vibe lasts a long, long time. It does not come on in “waves” as most cubensis do. It is very smooth, and clean and easy on the body.
    * will kick your ass, mentally and visually.


    * happy, but intense up high, a little mind fuck, intensely visual, green really stands out in every trip with them

    India Arisa

    * This mushroom was an intense, 7 of 10 on the lethargic scale and about equally as psychedelically potent as the B+. But these felt like smoking a strong indica.
    * The India Arisas were extremely sedative, every-time. I would go an hour into a PR trip and take some India arisas and as soon as they kicked in ‘the jittery – need to release energy from my body with no end in sight feeling’ would fade away. If I took the India arisas by it self I would never tap by feet once, but feel in a “chill” relaxed trip state – smooth not jittery.

    During the years I've noticed that a lot of P. Cubensis mushrooms have a somewhat different effect between them, as discussed numerous times on Bluelight…

    What Are the Differences Between Magic Mushroom Strains and Their Trips?

    Magic mushrooms, also called psilocybin mushrooms or simply shrooms, are certain types of mushroom plants with hallucinogenic effects. The chemical psilocybin is responsible for the psychedelic effects that cause mind-altering effects on the user.

    There are health claims that magic mushrooms can help in the treatment of mental illnesses. They are famous for their recreational use. Despite the close similarity, there are more than 180 strains of psilocybin mushrooms with different features for distinguished trips.

    Psilocybe cubensis is by far the most popular magic mushroom. It has more than 40 psilocybe strains. Here is a close look at the most common cubensis strains; their outstanding features, and their trips.

    1. B+ Cubensis

    B+ cubensis is one of the most common magic mushrooms. The strain was named B+ because of its outstanding beauty and tallness. It’s easy to grow, and it’s a highly productive shroom for beginners and popular among mycologists.

    It’s a great choice for first-time trippers looking forward to a fantastic psychedelic experience. The mushroom has both psilocin and psilocybin, which offers moderate experience characterized by a positive trip and mild visual trips.

    Beginners like it because of its lighter trips, which are more relaxed and tolerable at low doses. High doses over 3.5 grams can cause sensual and acute visual hallucinations.

    Although you might experience slight nausea, generally, it’s a highly creative and positive strain that does well in cold places. It quickly adapts to different substrates, conditions, and temperatures.

    2. Mazatapec

    Mazatapec is a magic mushroom strain that originates from Mexico. It was discovered in the 1950s by American researchers. Its early users, Mazatec indigenous people, used this strain for spiritual practices.

    This mushroom is popular for its powerful spiritual journey, making it suitable for mushroom induced spiritual experience. It gives the user a gentle spiritual trip and causes various psychoactive experiences with a mild impact on your body.

    When you take this mushroom, the effects kick in within 15 minutes. You may experience a deeper connection with nature, visual hallucinations, euphoria, creativity, and cognitive enhancement.

    3. Golden Teacher

    Golden Teacher has a distinct look with wide caps and long, winding stems. It’s a favorite among philosophers and cultivators because it’s easy to grow. Although it’s not the fastest-growing strain, it thrives well in moderate conditions with good yields.

    The strain has mild potency with various effects. It can be insightful and revelatory. It is named the ‘Golden Teacher’ because of its powerful lessons that last beyond the experience. The trips include visual distortions, lightness, enhanced colors, and enhanced emotions. It might also make you perceptive, spiritually in-tune, and euphoric.

    4. PES Amazonian

    This strain is believed to originate from the Amazonian forest. It is known to grow tall and in between six and twelve inches. It is one of the best stains for novice growers because of its easy adaptability.

    PES Amazonian is among the highly potent P. cubensis strains that can make you trip hard. At smaller doses, it’s ideal for intense visual trips during a party with your friends. It tends to trigger feelings of joy and makes you want to get up and dance.

    5. McKennaii Psilocybe

    McKennaii is attracting more attention lately. Although it might be a relatively new strain, this strain is one of the most powerful psilocybe cubensis. It’s believed to be named after Terrence McKenna, the popular American writer, lecturer, researcher, psychonaut, and philosopher.

    The mushroom is somehow hard to grow. Unlike other cubensis, this mushroom grows in different cap shapes and sizes. It grows well and faster on the BRF substrate to become one of the potent P. cubensis strains.

    It gives an intense philosophical trip and strong visuals not ideal for beginners. It is the best strain if you’re after deep self-exploratory trips. It’s popular among philosophers due to its positive effects on self-awareness. It stimulates your brain, enhancing your thinking capacity and creativity.

    What are the Phases of a Magic Mushroom Trip

    Each trip comes in four stages; absorption, onset, climax, and come down. Each stage a set of hallucinations. It takes a couple of minutes to hours before you reach the climax after consuming a magic mushroom. The peak is characterized by psychological shifts and intense sensory.

    To stay in control, keep in mind that the effects are temporary. Although bad trips happen from time to time, it’s important to be prepared to manage the risks.


    Magic mushrooms strain options are unlimited. It takes a little trial and error to find the right one. But these five strains are some of the best that you should try right away.

    However, factors such as your body chemistry, mindset, setting, and dose influence the psilocybin experience. That means each user’s reaction is unique depending on place and time, and it’s impossible to predict the effects. Good knowledge of the strains’ trips and the common effects will help you to maximize the experience.

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