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Top 20 Cannabis YouTube Channels | Cannabis YouTube Videos

Cannabis or marijuana is such a controversial plant. While most places around the world are prohibiting its use, there are selected areas where it is legal to grow, process, buy, and use marijuana and its products. Because of more and more individuals are looking for information about cannabis cultivation, preparation, and use. There are vlog channels that offer all sort of information that everyone can access and enjoy.

List of the Top Cannabis YouTube Channels and Online Videos

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own Cannabis vlog, you can check the channels on this list. You’ll get to observe the different vlogging styles, audience approach, video length, and even the usual video uploading interval.

On RuffHouse Studios, you will learn how to make amazing cannabutter/oils and other cannabis-infused recipes on Cooking with Cannabis, or learn how to roll joints/blunts and other crucial cannabis information on their popular Cannabasics series.

When it comes to Cannabis related videos, RuffHouse Studios is working daily to push the bar and change the stereotypes of the Cannabis Culture in a positive way. On this channel, you will find, Cannabis Culture Videos including Cannabasics, Marijuana Tips & Tricks, Cooking With Marijuana, Rolling Tutorials, Stoned Trailers and more quality entertainment for cannabis enthusiasts. The channel has over 426 Thousand subscribers and over 52 Million views.

Coral fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and have enjoyed learning about this plant every day since. On her YouTube channel, she answers your cannabis questions for Stoney Sunday, share news stories on News Nug, and sneak in random videos in between.

She represents an entire movement aimed at helping mainstream cannabis consumers like her reap the benefits of this natural alternative to pills and booze. It’s a one-stop shop for all information related to cannabis, including its medicinal use, recreational consumption, and legalization. The channel has over 119 Thousand subscribers and over 10 Million views.

Paul Tokin (tokinGLX) is one of the biggest faces in the cannabis world on YouTube. He has made videos for almost seven years now, and is all about “spreading seeds of One Love, one video at a time.” Paul Tokin is a Denver native and makes videos every day of his toking adventures.

Thought-provoking and practical, their videos hosts cannabis-infused edible reviews, interviews, and tips on everything from improving weddings with weed to weathering winters in Denver. Their video series will blow your mind too. The channel has over 169 Thousand subscribers and their video viewed over 28 Thousand times.

The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection is an interactive weekly program focusing on different cannabis products and their uses, as well as many different aspects of cannabis culture. We believe that everyone should have safe access to top quality meds, and the information necessary to be able to maximize the benefits of cannabis.

They are a community dedicated to quality cannabis & concentrate reviews, as well as glass, event coverage, and weed related entertainment. On this channel, you’ll learn about different products, how to prepare for concerts and events, and how to use weed to achieve your fitness goals. The channel has over 145 Thousand subscribers and has over 19 Million views.

The Bubbleman’s world is a world of Macro photographs, cannabis education. EndoCannabinoid knowledge, growing, hash making, and everything in between.

On this channel, we are going to travel with Bubbleman thru his world. From hash making to Cannabis growing, Epic Glass, and even some amazing snowboard and snowmobile trips. Basically, we are going to follow Bubbleman through his life and check out what adventure he is on. The channel has over 11 Million views and over 77 Thousand subscribers.

Hashbar TV was based out of the Medical Kush Beach Club, and the Kush Clubhouse, the first and only Hash Bars on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Venice CA. Open since 2006, the Medical Kush Beach Club (MKBC) is California’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, with a clientele base far wider than its humble Venice Beach location.

Numerous celebrities, including Tommy Chong, Elija Wood, and Rob Van Dam have walked through the MKBC doors. The channel has over 60 Thousand subscribers and over 9 Million views.

On this channel, That High Couple, Alice & Clark, explore and discuss their passion for cannabis. Good vibes guaranteed. They’re two stoners living in Hollywood that decided to get high with the Internet. They showcase special stoners, and are building up the digital cannabis community.

Their goal is to change the stigma that comes with cannabis use and show how thousands of people — from couples like them to educators and industry leaders — use cannabis and live normal lives. The channel is subscribed by over 29 Thousand people and has over 31 Thousand views.

Cannabis Review TV is a Lifestyle Brand centered around the cannabis community, dedicated to spreading knowledge & awareness. This channel brings you the best in fashion, travel, yoga, and environmental and political issues as they relate to pot and beyond. You might think the combination of topics would be overwhelming, but when you see the videos on this channel, it’s easy to see how they’re all interconnected.

This channel contains all of the information a cannabis enthusiast needs: medical information, culture, dispensaries, growing, and active legislation. This website is a good all-around resource for those looking for important cannabis news and insights. The channel has over 26 Thousand subscribers and over 3 Million views.

In 2009, Wilcox founded the independent media and community organization, the Cannabis In Canada Society, to provide a forum where like-minded cannabis patients can collaborate on instructional growing techniques, discover the latest news, events, and political debates regarding the free cannabis movement.

The Cannabis in Canada Society is Jason Wilcox’s platform to educate and advocate on behalf of all patients who have received an Authorization to Possess (ATP) from Health Canada under the MMAR (Medical Marijuana Access Regulations), which allows persons who obtain a Personal or a Designated production License (PPL/DPL) to produce cannabis for medical purposes.

The Cannabis Training University is the world’s leading online marijuana school and was developed to provide quality and comprehensive medical marijuana education to students across the globe. No longer must students live in a Medical Marijuana State to get cutting edge information and instruction on this always controversial industry. Get Certified online as a Cannabis Grower and Bud Tender.

The online Medical Marijuana Education series offered by the Cannabis Training University is the most advanced and complete offered online. The team at the Cannabis Training University includes some of the most recognized and knowledgeable members of the medical cannabis community worldwide. This channel offers a wide variety of courses and trainings. The channel has over 19 Thousand subscribers and over 2 Million views.

Cannabis Cure TV started in April when YouTuber, Andy, left the UK in search of some finer medicine. Along his journey, he used YouTube along with a video camera to keep a record of his journey and the people and plants he came into contact with. This channel is a place for HD close up of some of the best grown cannabis strain in the world and he intends to continue bringing content from all over the world.

Activists, Doctors, Scientists, patients, farmers, budtenders, hash makers and politicians share their views about cannabis on this channel and some say there isn’t anything quite like it on the internet. The channel has over 13 Thousand subscribers and over 988 Thousand views.

SoCaLs Cannabis Garden is a legal personal grow under Nevada State Law that demonstrates a way of growing cannabis for personal use. The channel owner is from San Diego now residing in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. He has such a crazy love for growing cannabis that he feels the need to share and meet other like-minded people.

He uses many different growing styles and nutrient lines and it has all come full circle to growing naturally and organically as possible. On his YouTube channel, he makes educational videos to relate to and help others. He also hosts a YouTube Grow Show called: How Grow’s It” every Sunday @ 4:20 PM PST. The channel has over 445 Thousand views and over 9 Thousand subscribers.

The US Federal government has known about the cancer fighting properties of cannabis since 1974. HHS claims cannabinoids are “useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

The team of Cannabis Saves Lives! Specifically, tracks information about medical marijuana, including state laws, dispensaries, and information about benefits and growing. For medical marijuana users, this is a solid resource — even including a medical marijuana directory and information on how to procure a medical marijuana card. The channel has over 10 Thousand subscribers and over 1.9 Million views.

Marijuana has many medicinal properties and they are all natural. The owner of the channel claims to have many allergies to pharmaceutical pain relievers and as a chronic pain sufferer, consuming cannabis has been a miraculous solution for him and for many others as well. Cannabis has been reported to treat cases such as cancer, chemo, seizure patients and many more.

However, as an ex-cigarette smoker. He does not like to inhale smoke. Edibles has been the ideal solution for him. This channel is about the many different ways you can create edibles with cannabis. The channel has over 7 Thousand subscribers and over 11 Thousand views.

Channel owner, Felix, shows you everything you need to know about growing cannabis and more. Felix has been a professional grower in the industry for many years, and would love to show you his secrets. With up-to-date videos and an active community of over 10 thousand subscribers, this channel keeps you in the loop.

This channel focuses on preparations for cannabis, growing cannabis, and developing cannabis products. This includes ways on preparing cannabis butter, growing from seeds, and more. Informational videos round out the information for this blog, which is particularly valuable to legal, medical users who are in states where they are allowed to grow medical marijuana in their home. The channel has over 596 Thousand views.

Cannabis Talk 101 is one of the most highly anticipated talk shows in Orange County. The show brings out an element of open and honest conversation about one of the most popular topics today, “Marijuana”. This channel is your portal into the ever evolving world of cannabis.

With guest speakers, and industry experts, Chris “Blue” & The Pot Brothers at Law educate the community making it a must see show every week. Cannabis Talk 101 w/ Blue & The Pot Brothers at Law is the first FM Radio Show dedicated to Cannabis. Their goal is to provide positive, informative and factual education for listeners and the cannabis community in hopes of helping break the stigma. The channel has over 3 Thousand subscribers and over 579 Thousand views.

C&C is based on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. They like to experiment with all the new cannabis and cannabis related products that are now available with the legalization of marijuana at the state level. C&C covers strain reviews, introductory cannabis information, and information about local shops, legalization, and events. Run by a grower, C&C gives insight into the industry.

The channel includes resources, reviews, editorial information, a gallery, videos, podcasts — a ton of multimedia information that is designed to keep cannabis enthusiasts informed and entertained. The channel has over 4 Thousand subscribers and over 983 Thousand views.

Cannabis Club Australia established in 2013 was formed to bring about much needed cannabis news, awareness and information to Australian consumers. They believe that Australians are lacking vital cannabinoids and terpenes. They believe that there are many beneficial cannabis strains/products out there for you. They aim to prevent and alleviate human suffering with affordable and legal cannabis.

Their goal is to someday legally provide affordable, high-quality strain specific cannabis clones, seeds, flower and all related cannabis products for a variety of ailments. The channel has over 3 Thousand subscribers and over 2.6 Million views.

Medical Cannabis Spain is against cannabis for commercial purposes, but decriminalized for personal cultivation and use, and other purposes other than sale or trade. The channel is intended for viewers 18+.

They believe that every person has the right to consume a plant in his or her own body and cannabis is a medically amazing plant. It provides a safe pharmaceutical alternative for pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite-stimulation and anti-inflammation. The Medical Cannabis Spain channel is dedicated to all things cannabis. The channel has over 2 Thousand subscribers and over 620 Thousand views.

Cannabis Health Radio is a podcast with a purpose: to inform listeners of the many health benefits of medical cannabis. They do this through interviews with experts on medical cannabis, as well as by sharing powerful stories from people all over the world who have successfully dealt with health challenges by using medical cannabis. Helping people help themselves is their mission.

You will find interviews and useful resources on this channel. They feel that giving a voice to those who have transformed their health, or that of a loved one, with cannabis is an important mission. The channel has over 262 Thousand views.

How to Get Started with Your Own Cannabis Vlog

Now that you’ve seen the best cannabis vlogs, we know you’re definitely ready to start your vlogging adventure!

What are the basic requirements? Well, all you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and a strategy to create content.

After choosing a domain name, decide on a cost-effective and reliable hosting plan. For this, we highly recommend Bluehost. We have a great relationship with them, so they offer our readers a 60% discount on hosting and a free domain with their hosting plan.

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Cannabis and marijuana is growing in interest daily as it continues to be legalized across the country. Follow these top cannabis YouTube channels.

The Best Cannabis YouTube Channels

If you’re familiar with YouTube you already know what an incredible source of information and entertainment it can be.

If you’re not familiar yet, allow me to introduce you to some of the most valuable cannabis content on YouTube.

Below I assembled not only the best channels for cannabis learning and entertainment, but also the best music playlists on YouTube that were created to provide you the best high possible.

What They Do:

What She Does:

  • Health & Medical Information Related To CBD & Cannabis

Why I like the Dr. Rachna Patel YouTube Channel:

Cannabis YouTuber Dr. Patel addresses a host of different topics as they relate to CBD and Cannabis. It’s great to be able to receive professional information for free and in video form. Talk about cutting down your medical expenses!

What He Does:

  • Growing Tips
  • Entertainment / Consumes Weed

Why I like the Jorge Cervantes YouTube Channel:

If you don’t already know him, Jorge Cervantes is an OG and a legend in the cannabis industry. His whole career has been around cannabis, long before it was legal in many places.

Jorge’s channel is comprised of visiting huge grow operations, talking about all aspects of growing, as well as several mini-episodes.

What They Do:

  • Cooking Recipies
  • Home Growing Tips
  • Strain Reviews

Why I like the Cannabis Lifestyle TV YouTube Channel:

Cannabis Lifestyle TV is a valuable cannabis YouTube channel that creates unique videos ranging from THC infused Chex Mix to How to flush your cannabis plants.

The hosts Trey and Rob not only provide great information, but they add their personal growing experiences into the mix too.

What They Do:

  • Product Reviews
  • Cooking Recipies
  • Entertainment

Why I like the RuffHouse Studios YouTube Channel:

This channel is full of interesting recipes like ganja ghanoush, but the one thing that stands out about RuffHouse Studios is the various mini-episodes like “Rolling/ Smoking a 99.9% THC Crystalline Coated Wax Blunt.” This is a nice channel for entertainment.

What He Does:

  • Entertainment / Consumes Weed
  • Dispensary visits
  • Product Reviews

Why I like the CustomGrow420 YouTube Channel:

He’s the most mainstream cannabis YouTuber by far – with 1.7 million subscribers and counting. CustomGrow420’s videos are simple, but his personality makes them entertaining.

This is a good cannabis themed channel to watch if you’re bored and not trying to discover or learn anything in specific.

What He Does:

  • Cannabis Strain Reviews

Why I like the Canadian Cannabis YouTube Channel:

This cannabis YouTuber makes short and straightforward videos for every cannabis strain you can imagine. He highlights the bud in front of the camera in high definition, and then consumes it.

Great channel if you’re looking for a second opinion on a particular strain, or if you’d like to learn about a strain you don’t know much about without purchasing it.

What They Do:

  • Product Reviews
  • Cannabis Strain Reviews
  • Mini-Episodes

Why I like the Leafly YouTube Channel:

Leafly is a popular online cannabis magazine, so this channel has a lot of what you’d expect from a magazine – product reviews, strain reviews, and a few mini episodes about various subtopics in the cannabis industry.

Overall a good channel if you have some leisure time to do some viewing.

Best YouTube Music Playlists To Listen To While High:

Hip-Hop Playlists:

What’s in this playlist:

  • DJ Noize gets you high with Hip Hop’s Best Weed Songs. The ‘420 Smoker’s Mix’ includes 90s old school rap classics as well as some 2010s stoner hits.

Why I like this YouTube Playlist:

If you like hip hop and weed you’re guaranteed to love the lineup on this 420 themed playlist. Give a listen to some of the most well known artists rapping about weed:

Snoop Dogg, Method Man & Redman, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Styles P, Ludacris, Devin The Dude, Scarface, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and more.

Dubstep Playlist:

What’s in this playlist:

  • Dubstep songs to listen to while high

Why I like this YouTube Playlist:

If you’re into dubstep, there are some pretty dope remixes in this weed themed dubstep playlist. Give it a listen.

Classic Rock:

What’s in this playlist:

  • Music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that’ll give you a great high.

Why I like this YouTube Playlist:

If you’re into music from this time period, this playlist features the greats. Allow Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Journey, The Doors, Bob Dylan, and more artists to provide you a great high.


What’s in this playlist:

  • Over 80 weed themed Reggae songs

Why I like this YouTube Playlist:

If you’re into Reggae, this weed themed playlist has the best reggae music to sample while high. Rasta!

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