bc northern lights grow box for sale

Bc northern lights grow box for sale

Brought to us by the innovators over at BC Northern Lights, The Producer is a 100% proven hydroponics grow box that produces monster yields time and time again. BC Northern Lights bring us some of the finest growing equipment available and a quick look at The Producer shows us that it’s business as usual here. Made from premium powder coated aluminum, The Producer is a quality growing appliance which can flower up to 18 plants for sticky yields all of which will blow your mind. Plus, the Producer grow box features self contained watering, air circulation and CO2 distribution which really takes the guess work out of the growing indoors experience.

Grow Boxes UK – Features of The Producer

  • Combines with a MotherShip: To shorten growing cycles
  • Vegetation upgrade available: Includes cloning shelf, clone dome, 125W CFL and MH bulbs
  • 18-plant flowering chamber: Powered by a dual air-cooled, 400W lighting system with 3 feet of growing height
  • 2 x digital ballasts: For low power consumption out of MH or HPS bulbs
  • Lumen output: Puts out more lumens of light than your plants can even absorb per square foot.
  • Five fans: Work symbiotically to extract and filter air.
  • Constant CO2: Maintained at 1600PPM
  • T-5 upgrade
  • Internal Air Mover
  • Odor control: Unmatched odor control using our coco carbon filter

Using the Producer Grow Box:

The Producer grow house will grow 18 plants to harvest. A decent yield by anyone’s standard. It is all depending on the strain that you’re growing, you can expect anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds of yield.

When using the Producer Grow Box your ambient room temperature should be 68-72 degrees with HID lights and 72-78 with LED. Humidity is optimal at 60-80% for early vegetation, 50-60% for later vegetation, and 40% for flowering. also keep in mind that these are optimal conditions and your plants will put up with a wide variance.

The Producer is made to handle vegetation or flowering in a single chamber. Each stage of growth requires different light cycles and wavelengths. Vegetative growth requires 18 hours of light in the blue wavelength. Flowering requires 12 hours of light in the red wavelength.

What’s included with the Producer Grow Box?

  • The Producer Grow Box
  • 3-cycle supply of Silver Nutrients
  • 2 HID bulbs (Metal Halide or HPS)
  • Rockwool grow medium
  • CO2 hookup and hoses
  • Carbon filter odour control
  • Airstones
  • Air pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Hydro tub
  • Industrial casters
  • Two 400 watt ballasts
  • Grow and tech manuals

Note: Do not plug in the Producer Grow Box until fully assembled. Also do not plug the water pumps into the top of the Producer unless there is water in the reservoirs.

Grow Box by BC Northern Lights is a 100% proven hydroponics grow box that produces monster yields time and time again. New and AVAILABLE NOW!


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