Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds

Official Distributor. Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds offers high quality cannabis seeds that had won a lot of awards and competitions throughout the years; including the famous Sweet Tooth: The winners of the Cannabis Cup 2001 were: Blue Cheese, Violator Kush, G13 Haze. Barneys Farm Seeds | Feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds | Only the best quality ✅ for optimal THC yield ✅ & high yields ✅ ➤ Linda-Seeds Shop Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds, due to their strain stability and great end results, are our consistent bestsellers. Buy Barneys Farm marijuana seeds now!


Barney’s Farm are a group of experienced breeders that have spent the last 30 years collecting landrace genetics as well as breeding some of the most popular cup winning strains that we’ve ever seen. Some of Barney’s Farm most well-known cannabis seeds are G13 Haze, Tangerine Dream, Liberty Haze, Top Dawg, LSD and the list goes on and on. Barney’s Farm are now known for being a fantastic seed bank as well as owning and operating their chain of coffeeshops in Amsterdam that we have all known for years. Barney’s Farm say that it is their primary goal to provide the world’s cannabis seed collectors with the finest genetics, both old and new. The Barney’s Farm range of cannabis seeds is almost exclusively made up of feminised cannabis seeds and they have recently brought out a brand new range of feminised autoflowering strains, which are proving to be extremely popular.

Barneys Farm

The team from Barney´s Farm cannabis seedbank has been selecting marijuana genetics worldwide since the 80’s, allowing Barneys Farm Research Lab to create crossings available to very few banks, so they can offer their customers new and succulent crossings.

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Barneys Farm stands for the highest quality

Notice that in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup they won the first prize for Best Sativa with the Utopia Haze strain, Sativa Cup category, and second prize for best variety of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Also at 2009 Cannabis Cup, they obtained the second prize for the best cannabis strain with Vanilla Kush. Buy cup-winner cannabis seeds from Barney´s Farm!

Barney’s Farm

Unless you’re new to cannabis cultivation, or you’ve been living under a rock for the last 40 years, Barney’s Farm is one of the most legendary seedbanks today.

True North Seedbank is proud to offer over 70 high-quality cannabis seeds brought to you by Barney’s Farm.

Derry is the owner. He traveled around the globe and gathered some of the best landrace cannabis genetics from Thailand, Tibet, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, China and Vietnam decades ago.

After his traveling ventures, he stayed in the Himalayas for three years and surrounded himself with talented and like-minded breeders to cultivate and cross-breed these genetics.

In 1992 his return to Amsterdam brought invaluable genetics and a serious collection of premium cannabis seeds.

The phenotypes chosen by Barney’s Farm have impressive THC (cannabinoid) content, potent effects, and amazing flavour and aromas.

Purchase Barney’s Farm seeds at True North Seedbank now!