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Hey! LMS YOU’VE GOT MY PAYMENT INFO. REFUND ME. YOUR ON THE CLOCK . SIR I need you all to know about because they’re actually the best I have ever visited and order online its came without any worries.

Excellent experience Im not able to…

Excellent experience Im not able to tell if seeds pop up as I’m a collector very professional packaging and they come with nice stickers I will be buying of you again
They answer the email as soon they can but they will be in the spam folder

Just wondering if you guys could reply…

Just wondering if you guys could reply to my email please

What you guys are doing is not good…

What you guys are doing is not good .stop scamming people . thieves .is either you send my money back or 🤐🤐 because I already have a new company ( they are good and straight forward . thanks

Excellent customer service

Made an order. got it delivered the next day. was so impressed by these guys I made another order 5 minutes after getting my delivery and even that order is on its way to me

Fast shipping to Brisbane and packaging…

Fast shipping to Brisbane and packaging is better than I expected 🤩👌. Easy website and even got freebies . Will definitely be buying from them again

Stop scamming you’re guys are fake I…

Stop scamming you’re guys are fake I never received any information after you got my money buy now from cuz I had my order delivered in 2 working days thanks

Good experience with this company

Good experience with this company. Good news is seeds are legal in New Orleans :)) I recommend the bannana hammocked strain. Functional but also deep enough to relax and feel stress free.

I’ve wanted to try abb for ages but I…

I’ve wanted to try abb for ages but I found the web site a bit slow and being really impatient I never bought until last week ,I couldn’t be happier with the fast friendly service ,the top shelf genetics they have on offer are pure quality and just received my first parcel it was well packed the freebies were great genetics and the guys at abb were very generous thanks heaps ,guys if you find the web a bit slow just persist I wish I had of a couple of years ago it’s so well worth it ,top shelf service and genetics thanks again

Aussie baked beans are the benchmark in…

Aussie baked beans are the benchmark in Australian seed banks. Simple website to use, great service and feedback. High quality seeds and germination. Highly recommended.

Haven’t received anything

Haven’t received anything. But emails. Bad wasn’t a choice i wanted to choose just seemed most reasonable. I apologize if clicking bad hurt your rating.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service! Super fast shipping! I mailed cash no worries. Highly recommended! I’m not even going to tell you about the sour diesel freebies I received! YOU GUYS ROCK!

I received my order yesterday on…

I received my order yesterday on Friday. Thank you very much for the free gifts included. You guys Rock. Have an awesome weekend. Peace and Love

Fast Shipping!

Easy checkout. Super fast shipping. Discrete with protective packaging. Freebies!

Haven’t popped these beans yet, but they look promising!

can not go wrong with purchase with them

have purchased 4 times with no problems / would like more payment options / no issues or complaints keep up good work

This is a five start type seed bank

This is a five start type seed bank, always satisfied, great resource in canna community highly recommend

10/10 will buy again

Rookie,1st timer.

Well I’m probably like everyone else didn’t know where to get seed didn’t know what to do so what do you do talk to Google Assistant baked beans came up several others came up i responded with multiple companies or people if you want to call them people companies whatever didn’t want to deal with Bitcoins don’t even know what that means didn’t want to deal with foreign countries so we searched a little more and found out about baked beans and to my understanding there in the United States well I started looking at their online catalog research tomorrow can I hear research? So I placed an order I was confused about what I was doing that I got cold feet and forgot about it well Josh and tester personally got back to me and explained what to do so over all my whole experience about buying seeds online was scary and they made it easy I don’t know why you’d go and deal with anyone else I ordered these sent out the cash nine days ago I live in Buffalo New York and got everything today in the coolest packet I’ve ever seen comes in a CD case couple really cool stickers I think three stickers really cool long Rolling Papers I’ll let you know how those work out and about 60 days and just a really nice packaging job the seeds were vacuum packed and really nice you know professional looking logo you no identifiable packets really nice very sterile but you couldn’t ask for a better product I not only grow cannabis but actually being a first-time grower I also ordered Tomato Seed basil seeds Etc from all over the internet and usually you get them in an envelope in the mail you know what size little packet this was professionally packed and really really nice I’m looking at all the stickers right now and researching a little bit how to sow seeds and stardom I just got all my vivosun equipment from Amazon I got my viparspectra grow light ventilation all kinds of stuff so I’m just in heaven right now anybody read these things these guys are great take it from me many of you have been in my position they made it easy and whoever owns this company Barney or who it is I don’t care make sure that Josh and tester get a $10,000 a year raise I want to take this with you anymore bartender in New York has spoken by their damn seeds I’ll let you know if the darn things gruel grow!

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