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Benefits of azomite, glacial rock dust etc & their properties

  • Apr 5, 2018
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  • bobrown14
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    Alfalfa pellets work. the binding agent in the pellets breaks down with the first watering. Get some and put a handful in a bucket of water.. watch and stir then pour in. that easy.

    For Azomite.. reason you cant get it. It’s a proprietary product mined in a single location in the US. Its rock dust plain and simple. nothing different that other rock dusts so why you cant get it in the UK – it’s going to be too expensive after ship cost.

    There’s plenty of granite in the UK .. LOTS of it actually so no way anyone would import something that is of little value. What you want is granite dust or Basalt rock dust – these are paramagnetic rocks. The Azomite is a sea bed so more clay that paramagnetic. This comes into play when you start looking at your soils cation exchange capacity.

    Trust me folks in the UK are on this . there’s places that do soil science as relating to growing plants and animals.. Science test stations or something like that.. its been a thing over there for a very long time.

    Google “Kelp Meal in the UK” and your eyes will widen . there’s some real good things going on .

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